Configure HSQLDB with maven

I'm developing a Spring application where everything is configured with maven (in pom.xml). My application uses a PostgreSQL database, but unit tests use an in-memory HSQLDB database. I just run into an issue with TEXT columns because they are not su

Convert an SVG image to a JPEG image using Apache Batik

I'm trying to convert a SVG image into JPEG as shown in example. Here is the code: public void saveAsjpeg() throws Exception { // Create a JPEG transcoder JPEGTranscoder t = new J

Nexus Proxy Repository at FAILED

I'm trying to create a Nexus Proxy Repository to, but we have only problems!!!! When I try buid my maven project, my Nexus does not find the DynamicJasper:4.0.2 artfact and the bellow error happens: [ER

JavaFx application with Maven in Eclipse

I want to ask if there is any method to add Java Fx into Maven Archetype list in Eclipse or any plugin to use Maven to build JavaFx Application.There is the javafx-maven-plugin which is available for maven. When developing with Java 8 you just put th

Can not use biojava in a Maven Netbeans application

I have a problem getting BioJava to work in a Netbeans RCP application, built using Maven. I've created a Maven module as a wrapper, including org.biojava.* and org.forester.* packages as public in the POM. Then, from another module I set the wrapper

How to add an external file in maven pom.xml?

Is there any tag name available to do this? I tried using include tag in pom.xml for including a file in local. However, while building a jar it didn't work.I think what you are looking for is a part of maven-jar-plugin, unless you mean additional ja

How to convert a maven project to a java web project

I have converted my java web project to maven project using m2e plugin in eclipse. Now i need to convert it back to java web project. So now how it is possible to change it back to java web project.Please try the following: Open context menu on the m

Is it possible to delete the stored central maven libraries?

I am little bit curious on how gradle handles libraries linking in Android studio.I know all these libraries are stored in maven central but lots of people asked me what if those gets deleted or owner deletes his own library from there or may be a pa

@Override does not work in the Maven project

I have several override methods like this: @Override public int compareTo(Property p) { return getText().compareTo(p.getText()); } As a Java project, it works fine, but as a Maven project, it returns the following error: The method compareTo(Property

Make a version of an already published version with CVS

I'm trying to put in place a way to permit to developers to be able to sometimes apply a patch on an already delivered version of an application. before any delivery to a pre-production env we've to release our app. code versioning system is CVS here

Store the Nexus / Maven artifact without a version number

I need to store an artifact in Maven/Nexus but when it's pulled down it must not have a version number at the end. Before you berate me, point your scowl at Oracle. I have comm.jar (Oracle comm port driver). I've put this in my nexus server & it come

Infrastructure - Maven + Nexus

I've installed a sonatype nexus to be my maven repo. The nexus instalation is using the Active Directory to authenticate users, and the annonymous login is off. Every user that uploads an artifact to my repo must be identifyed with a unique username,

Is it possible to run the maven plugin of the java class?

Need to run maven jaxb2 plugin from my app, at run-time. Is it possible?Maybe i have done something that could help you: /** * @author swoeste * */ public class MavenExecutor { private final File configuration; private final ClassWorld classWorld; /*

Problem with the PlayN Getting Started Tutorial

I am new to Java+Maven and PlayN. Please help me regarding following error. Getting following error for playn-showcase project build: Failed to execute goal on project playn-showcase-java: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.googlecode.pla

How to use tomcat folder with .jar extension as jar files?

I have in Eclipse web application project that depends from other projects. When I run debug on embedded Tomcat in lib folder that Eclipse copied not jars, but folders with names like: dependent_lib1.jar dependent_lib2.jar dependent_lib3.jar ........

JPA Hibernate Maven test - & gt; unknown class

I'm trying to run a simple dataImport class which is using JPA and Hibernate. If I run my class, i always have the following error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown entity: ch.itartis.relman.entities.code.Re

Best practices for formatting code on large projects

I maintain the build for a large Java EE/Maven/Hudson/Perforce project with about 20 developers spread across the world. The solution in-place for code formatting is to format the codebase using Jalopy when the developer runs the build, thereby ensur