How to correctly integrate a curve in C?

I am reading data from a gyroscope (MPU6050). It gives me the angular velocity. I am trying to integrate this data in order to know the angle of the gyroscope. The way I do this is by multiplying the read data with the elapsed time and continuously a

Implementation of addition using multiplication

I've been familiar with the famous question of implementing multiplication using addition, or exponentiation using multiplication, using algorithms of looping or bit-shifting and adding shifted bit groups combos. Now, I wondered if there is any way t

Math.floor VS Math.trunc JavaScript

Background I am making a function that receives a positive number and then rounds the number to the closest integer bellow it. I have been using Math.floor, but recently I discovered Math.trunc. I am aware that both will return the same value, given

How to round correctly with NET Math.Round (decimal & gt;

In .NET, why does System.Math.Round(27.2351, 2, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero) yield 27.24 instead of 27.23? Third digit is 5 so we check for 4th digit that is 1 less than 5 so result should be 27.23 Is there any way to get this result. See My proble

max number vs max amax vs

numpy has three different functions which seem like they can be used for the same things --- except that numpy.maximum can only be used element-wise, while numpy.max and numpy.amax can be used on particular axes, or all elements. Why is there more th

What mathematical operation comes after the exponentiation (^)?

Let's give expressions some names: x+3 = x+1+1+1 // lvl 1 x*3 = x+x+x // lvl 2 x^3 = x*x*x // lvl 3 What would be the mathematical term / real name / topic for lvls after 3? Like: x (lvl 4 operation) 3 = x^x^x x (lvl 5 operation) 3 = x(lvl 4 operatio

Division of an array and storage in the matrix

I have an array nMean_2 (1-by-16320), I want to divide it into 255 equal parts and store it in matrix (64-by-255) mean2Electro = zeros(64,255); r=1; for z=1:64 mean2Electro(z,:)= nMean_2(r:((z*256)-1)) r= z*256; end But, I am getting an error: ??? Su

Why is sinf () so slow when compiling my code in Linux / ARMv7?

The same C code with the math sin() function runs much slower when I compile my program on ARMv7 compared to what I get on Windows. I'm compiling with -O2 -Wall -Wextra -mfpu=neon -mtune=cortex-a9 -march=armv7 -std=c++11 and my gcc is gcc (Ubuntu/Lin

Errors multiplying the big doubles

I've made a BOMDAS calculator in C++ that uses doubles. Whenever I input an expression like 1000000000000000000000*1000000000000000000000 I get a result like 1000000000000000000004341624882808674582528.000000. I suspect it has something to do with fl

Get the least amount of a combination of matrix elements

Yesterday one of my friend came with a problem, asking me to find the solution. The problem I have a matrix(n x m). I need to find out the least sum what I can produce from those matrix element. The condition is : Counting should only start from the

How does math.min work?

I understand that all of the math functions in java are built in. But I was wondering out of curiosity how Math.min() actually works? I checked the java documentation and couldn't find anything to help me. I'm quite new to public static int

JS how to find the biggest common divider

I would like to find the greatest common divisor using JavaScript. Anyone done that before and willing to share?Here is a recursive solution. var gcd = function(a, b) { if ( ! b) { return a; } return gcd(b, a % b); }; Our base case is when b is equal

Study for my finale: Asymptotic notation

I am currently studying for my final in algorithms. This is not a homework problem and comes from an old final exam. Show that f(n) = 4logn + log log n is big theta of logn. It is obvious that log log n is considerably smaller than log n and thus ins

Floating point arithmetic rounded to nearest

I am a little confused about rounding to nearest in floating point arithmetic. Let a, b, and c be normalized double precision floating point numbers. Is it true that a+b=b+a where + is correctly rounded to nearest floating point addition? My initial

Estimate a cubic polynomial that matches x and set y

I have a (sampled) set of uncalibrated values (x) coming from a device and a set of what they should be (y). I'm looking to find/estimate the cubic polynomial y=ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d that maps any x to y. So I think what I need to do is Polynomial Reg

Solve the recurrence T (n) = T (n / 2) + lg n?

I am having some issues on how to solve recurrence relations. T(n) = T(n/2) + log2(n), T(1) = 1, where n is a power of 2 This is a homework problem, so don't just give me the answer. I was just wondering how to start the problem. In class we went ove

Simultaneous application of several percentages

I have a source value that I need to apply multiple percentages, but at the same time, and the percentages have to take into account the other percentages. Take for instance: Value = 100 Percentage1 = 10% Percentage2 = 15% Percentage3 = 17% I need to

Convert decimal to fraction (rational number) in Objective C?

As part of a calculator app, I am trying to implement uses with sigma notation. However, the result it prints out is always a decimal, and the rest isn't important. I simply want to change the decimal to a fraction. I already have the reduce function

Make smooth orbits in pygamus

How can i make a smooth circular orbit at a constant speed using pygame? How would i calculate x, y on a circle?Rotating about the 2d point center with the given radius and speed. The parameter t is the time in units of seconds. def circular_orbit(ce

floating point accuracy

I have a program written in C# and some parts are writing in native C/C++. I use doubles to calculate some values and sometimes the result is wrong because of too small precision. After some investigation i figured out that someone is setting the flo