Exception FileSystemWatcher.Path for shared network drive

im using FileSystemWatcher object to retreive files from a folder. The code works good for local machine drives/folders but throws exception when i use a NETWORK Path. For some reason the code do not throw an exception if i start the service in debug

Batch Scripting - Waiting for the network to be established

I have logon.bat script that runs each time a user logs into their workstation of an Active Directory domain. This script maps some network drives with commands like this: net use x: \\\share1 net use y: \\\share2 net use z: \\1

Powershell / Batch Network Mapped Drive

I want a powershell/batch script that map a drive on a free letter. Or test letters then map on a free one. I'm sure there is something easier than this. $tab = @() $tab = @('A:', 'B:', 'C:', 'D:', 'E:', 'F:', 'G:', 'H:', 'I:', 'J:', 'K:', 'L:', 'M:'

ASP.NET - Copy the files to the mapped network drive

I am trying to copy a file from a location on the C drive to a mapped network drive (Z) which is \address\content\ However I am getting the following error message: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '\\\content\2-B

Determine the domain and username used to map a network drive

Using Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1, but I'm hoping to get a generic answer that would apply to Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7. From a DOS prompt, I execute a net use command to map the Z: drive to a share on another computer, but I don't use my curren

Deployment Project Fails to Install with Error MSI 1305

I have a deployment project built with Visual Studio 2008 that fails to install. It's using the default GUI. The error occurs when it transitions to the Progress page. The GUI error message is: Error reading from file F:\Packages\Test\Release\Test.ms

CAS Does Not Work for VS2010 Mapped Drive

I have a project using subsonic that I developed in Visual Studio 2008 on C: drive. No problem there. I've just upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 (and as my computer coincidentally died, I'm now running Windows XP virtualised with VirtualBox). The proje

How to map a folder to a table in SQL Server 2008?

I am using SQL Server 2008. I have a table (TBL_FILE) that stores user uploaded files in binary column. However users do not want to open our system to access the file. They want to have a folder (network drive, Web folder, local drive, local folder.

Accessing mapped drives when impersonating in ASP.NET

Short version: Is it possible or not to use impersonation in ASP.NET to access mapped drives? Long Version: I'm currently using impersonation in ASP.NET to gain access to network files. This is working perfectly for any network file using a UNC path,