MKMapView crashes with MKAnnotation with a custom icon

I'm trying to add a MKAnnotation with an icon to a map using this code for the annotation: #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import <MapKit/MapKit.h> #import <CoreLocation/CoreLocation.h> @interface MapItem : NSObject<MKAnnotation>

Mapkit, MKDirections, voice narration,

I am working on an iOS 7 app that uses mapkit, and I can route and pot directions for users. I am trying to recreate the exact same way the apple maps app works when starting a trip, with the voice coming up and narrating the steps, and the camera mo

How to clear the mkmapview cache

In my app.I have a one textfield and one search button.when it user click on search button after fill up the address on textfield my app shows the result and place a pin on mapview. I am using google maps api for it. I have also added the functionali

CLLocationManager changes in iOS 7

in an app we are developing we are using GPS in the iPhone to monitor location changes of the user (when driving) and using them to calculate used energy, power, etc. This has been working fairly exact up to iOS 7 but ever since these values are quit

The mkannotation collection of Monotouch mapkit gives errors

New to monotouch aka xamarin ios. Trying to get a robust mapkit working that can take a number of pins. Experimenting with a basic example that I've cobbled together from a variety of sources that I could find. Getting a sporadic SIGSEGV error. Seems

Using CLGeocoder instead of the private API in map mode

I was using google API to obtain the geo co-ordinates. The code I have been using till now is as below -(CLLocationCoordinate2D) getLocationFromAddressString:(NSString*) addressStr { NSString *urlStr = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"

How to integrate the new Google Maps app with the ios app

Google Map is now available in Appstore for IOS 6. I have a application which utilises MAPKIT and WebView to show Driving direction using Google webservices. For showing Route in Native Apple MAP app, i use codes similar to this.. MKMapItem *mapItem

counting map pins

i have a map application that inserts map pins when the user moves to certain locations, my question is how do i count the number of times the user has passed or has been on that same place. Has in the following example: User has been on place A with

Unable to set title on MKPinAnnotationView

I have followed this tutorial: but I can't add a title and description (see my code here are trying to set name and description as properties o

How to get a URL for the current location in Mapkit?

I have a view controller which loads a map, I have set the current location as default when the map loads, the question I have is, how do I get a url for this location, so that I can store it in a nsstring and use it at some other place, to add it to

Use UISegmentedControl to switch to MKMapView and UITableView

I'm making an app and i have a view controller with a UISegmentedControl, and a want to switch between a MKMapView and a UITableView. In the MKMapView i want to display a map with the users current location, and in the TableView i want to list some d

Defining the annotation properties of the map view

I am working on display a map with annotation on it. What I have so far is Annotation.h #import <MapKit/MKAnnotation.h> #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> @interface Annotation : NSObject <MKAnnotation> @end MapViewController.m Annotation

iphone-Mapkit: alert if a user enters a specific region

I want to locate if I/friend have entered in a certain region on map using mapkit. this region could be a town or city or a place of any radius. i have not found any help regarding, any help or even a way towards the goal would be highly appreciated.

View a specific region using MapKit

I want to know is it possible to show only specific region on map not the full world map using Map Kit. Like if i want to show Asia map in my application then map kit hides remaining part of the map.To handle the "map kit hides remaining part of the

Warning in iPhone Custom Map Annotations

I am using a custom map annotation class for map view in iPhone. Whenever I pop my map view from navigation bar stack I usually see some warnings in console. MapAnnotation was deallocated while key value observers were still registered with it. Obser

iPad MapKit - Reselect a pin does not work

I have the following problem: I have a number of pins on my map. After touching one, a custom popup opens and displays information. This works perfect. My problem is, that if you select the same pin twice, the popups does not open, you have to touch

Drag a custom pin to a map

I've managed to create a custom image for the pin which is dropped on a map, using MKAnnotationView... My question is how do I make this custom image draggable on the map? So I can move the image to other parts of the map?Have a look at the MKAnnotat

Problem with Map Annotation and MKMapView in iOS 4.2?

I have a map view with pins that when the user selects a pin it goes to a detail screen for that pin. I also have a table view that when the user selects an item it goes to the same type detail view. Here's the problem ... It seems to work fine in ev

Z-Command of MKAnnotationView

I'm getting fairly frustrated with the limitations of MKMapKit. My current problem has to do with the z-ordering of annotation views, particularly as it relates to touches. If you accept the default z-order the mapkit gives you: The order appears ran