How to convert a 2x2 card into a list of lists?

Python How do I turn a grid of: x,x x,x to a list of lists?: [['x', 'x'], ['x', 'x']] It's as simple as: with open(...) as f: list_of_lists = [line.strip().split(",") for line in f] # use list_of_lists

Card with combination of enums as keys

I was wondering if there exists any Map<K, V> implementation that takes a combination of 2 or more enums for its key. I'll provide a simplified example. Say I have two enums DiceEyes and CardSuit: public enum DiceEyes { ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE,

android - opening a map causes the application to crash

I've an app that opens a map when I click on a image. i made some changes to the layout of the activity and the map stopped to work. I've no idea of what is the error, I haven't changed the map class and the manifest should be ok too. here's my setOn

unordered_map without hashing

I'd like to use a structure just like std::map but without ordering, I don't need ordering and my key is pretty huge, so it's "less than" comparision takes time. So, I saw unordered_map but it has a hash template argument, so, how to use unorder

The image card does not work in Firefox

I'm trying to get an image map to work, currently its working in Chrome/IE but not Firefox. The image map works in all three browsers when it is not used on a WordPress Page <img id="Image-Maps_4201308071445592" src="/images/layout/Gatew

Iteration of the Java card

I'd like to iterate over several entries in a map... In wizard(), I put 4 mappings in map, and then send the map along with two inputs cancer and test to be calcuated... public int wizard() { Map<String, String> map = new HashMap<String, String&g

Assigning Arrays as Keys and Values ​​on a Map

I have two arrays of Type String: String [] a; String [] b; and then a map Map<String, String> mapNumeric = new HashMap<String, String>(); I want a to be the keys and b the value. So it will look like this: elementOfA = elementOfB otherElement

How to add to a linked list inside a HashMap?

Given is the following construct import scala.collection.mutable.HashMap import scala.collection.mutable.LinkedList private var log = new HashMap[String, LinkedList[String]] How do I append to the linked list? If I use log.get("some key").get :+

Is a for loop faster than the card in some cases?

The question is really what the title says. The reason for the question: The map func is slower than the for loop in the code below. Is it because of some problem in my code, or is there something else?? Code: import timeit setup = ''' def translate(

Failed to loop the map in JSP

Possible Duplicate: How do I iterate over each Entry in a Map? I'm following this solution to no effect: I am trying to output this Map: //protected Map<String,String> getImageTagAttributes() Image image =

The output directory is not defined in JobConf

I am mentioning below the driver code of a simple mapR program import org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path; import; import; import org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobClient; import org.apache.hadoop.mapred.Job

Why can a Map object be created without applying-method?

C:\Users\John>scala Welcome to Scala version 2.9.2 (Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM, Java 1.6.0_32). Type in expressions to have them evaluated. Type :help for more information. scala> import scala.collection.mutable.Map import scala.collection.mutable.M

Get a field from an STL map iterator

I have a map container to store certain objects, together with their name and type: typedef std::map<std::string, std::pair<ObjType, ObjBase*> > ObjContainer; However, in many parts of the code, there are constructions like this: ObjContainer:

Filtering keys when iterating on a map

What's the best way to iterate through a map, and filter out certain keys? The pseudocode might be something like map.foreach(tuple where !list.contains(tuple._1) => { }) Thanks Bruce val m = Map(1 -> "a", 2 -> "b", 4 -> &q

Android find a position on a map

Here is my scenario: I have an image which is a map. I use it as a background image. The image is not square in shape. Its more like a trapezium. I have the geo coordinates of each of the four corners of the image and the width and height of the imag

Find anagram of entry on all the channels ..?

Given a set of strings (large set), and an input string, you need to find all the anagrams of the input string efficiently. What data structure will you use. And using that, how will you find the anagrams? Things that I have thought of are these: Usi

A card with two keys

Possible Duplicate: How to implement a Map with multiple keys? Multiple Keys to Single Value Map Java I have to get the value of an enum based on two incoming string attributes. I have been doing this as map for single values. Now I am faced with mak

iOS Dev: map shift in China

I made a very simple APP in which I can throw a pin right onto the location I am standing at (just a beginner's practice). But I found a problem. I swear neither I was moving nor the device thought I was moving. And I directly use the geolocation to

Jquery: mouseover event on the image map area

I'm trying to do actions on mouseover of an image map area. Here is my HTML: <img src="img/denisanddavid-bkgd.jpg" alt="Denis and David - web development and solution" width="1024" height="1299" border="0&qu

Google Javascript map

I want to display map with just map border and country name in that country without any extra information like sub-areas of that country.I just want to display country name and want assign one click handler to country name using Javascript. Is this p

Define operations on the map

How can one perform set operations on a HashMap, such as Collections.addAll()?Based on you comments to the questions asked I think what you really need is a Set not a Map. Try Set<String> mySet = new HashSet<String>(); mySet.addAll(...); Use m

C ++ problem with push_back vector

UPDATE: The following code gives me an error Graph.cpp: In function 'std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, const Graph&)': Graph.cpp:43: error: passing 'const std::map >, std::less, std::allocator > > > >' as 'this' argu

How to serialize a map of a map with GSON?

I want to serialize my Example class below into JSON using GSON. import; import; import java.util.LinkedHashMap; public class Example { private LinkedHashMap<String,Object> General; private static fin

Any possible way to develop a 3D Earth map app for iPhone?

I need to develop an iPhone 3d map application similar to virtual earth or google earth. The application will have images overlay above the 3d map, like clouds or location pin. Anyone has any ideas on that? Regards Edit: Try to make the phrase not va

std :: assigning the card read-only

I have a static std::map<std::string, CreateGUIFunc> in a class that basically holds strings identifying gui types, and CreateGUIFunc is a reference to a factory function. In my constructor I have if ( m_factoryRef.size() == 0 ) { m_factoryRef["

How to map the CAPS LOCK key in VIM?

I'm using GVIM under Windows. And want to map CAPSLOCK to Ctrl+^ Any way to do this? Btw, I see tons of samples over the web how to swap CAPS and Esc using registry hack, but none of them use VIM map command, instead external tools and registry chang

complex search operation map

I want to do the following: Define a map between a string and any kind of object (may be a list, integer - anything). The keys to the map can be as follow (the values are, again, not important): "AAA/123" ==> 1 "AAA/" ==> 2 "