How to exclude wordpress from the root of magento

I have a magento store running on Now I am considering to install wordpress for blogging. Since I would like to integrate magento + wordpress as a fully integrate system (maybe with magento fishpig extension), i would like to knwo how

Magento jQuery conflict Swipebox

I am pulling my hair out as I have two website that are using the same code and the jquery is working on one of them but not on the other. My issue and question is why is this website:

Magento: What is the URL of the confirmation page?

I've been added some affiliate tracking code to my website. In order for the tracking to work I need to supply the affiliate company with the confirmation paage url. I'm using Magento, I'm unsure of the version but its not been updated in a few years

Magento Newsletters takes more than 24 hours to send

I have a little under 7000 newsletter subscribers. I run an online shop and would like to send out daily newsletters for my Deal Of The Day. This is currently impossible as it takes at least an entire day for my newsletter to get to all of its subscr

Magento using HTTPS on all pages

I have got a SSL on my site I only want checkout pages to require https, at present i get a 500 Internal Server Error on every page that uses the unsecure base url (http). I think my .htaccess is forcing every page to have the htt

Support for the Magento API

I wonder if Magento provide API for following. Product Search. Add to Wishlist. View wishlist. Add to cart. If it does provides API for above, Can any one share useful resource for it. ThanksProduct Search - NO. Add to Wishlist - NO. View wishlist -

How to edit the magento topmenu

i was to the topmenu.phtml to edit the topmenu magento, but the code found: <?php $_menu = $this->getHtml('level-top') ?> <?php if($_menu): ?> <div class="nav-container"> <ul id="nav"> <?php echo $_menu ?&

Manage content in multilingual Magento stores

This might be a basic question, I'm still relatively new to Magento. I have 2 store views in a magento project. 1 for English (default) and 1 for Japanese. While working with both store views, I noticed how if for example I switch to the Japanese sto

Magento incoming price included

I have a problem with included tax prices. Example like this I have a product included tax price $100 I want to enter this price from admin as $100. But if shipping adress location is X country, it must be 5.26% tax. If location is Y country, there i

How to do mysql_fetch_array in Magento

I want to create a drop down option using Magento module that populate the data from the database I created. Previously, I have this code in My IndexController.php which is work. This is the first code. public function dropdownAction() { if (file_exi

magento add the last connection to the customer's grid

I am new to Magento. I am trying to add a last login value displaying on customer grid. it returns a null value. I have read other tutorials, but it does not help much. The Magento version is 1.7. Here is my code: $customer = Mage::getSingleton('cust

Get the way to the skin in Magento?

I have a few custom PHP functions for my Magento store that I stored in myfunc.php and I need to require it from in a few different .phtml files. How do I do that? I mean I can use an absolute path but that would be dirty and probably problematic whe

Magento Go - jQuery only works on the product details page

I added some custom jQuery to the footer static block as documented on Magento Go website: (function($) { alert("lol"); })(jQuery); And this only works on product page. On every other page on the website I get jQuery is not defined [Break On Thi

Add a custom field to order in magento

I am new to Magento, All I need is add a custom field to order in back-end, and print that value on the PDF. I want a save a sales person name with order when orders are added from back-end, and print the sales person name on PDF. Any Idea? any bette

Disable / delete products in Magento

I need to disable products in Magento as they are currently not available from my manufacturers but I know they will come back next year. If I disable these products, will it create 404 errors? How do I delete products without creating 404 errors?Why

Magento adminhtml custom module, it shows the grid twice

i am new to magento by following this guide Custom Module with Custom Database Table i have implemented my already existed module to the backend adminhtml. i am taking stuff from the database and sjowing ot on the adminhtml page. Everything works ok

How to replace the default search in Magento?

I am working on a Magento site, and i would like to edit the default search result. Editing search result is not editing the appearance of search result but the actual search results generated. The idea is, if the Magento search does not return any v

A Magento module validator exists?

I'm writing a module and for the life of me I can't get it to work. I've made several modules in the past so I'm guessing I have some stupid mistake somewhere. Does anyone know if there's a Magento module validator out there to point out problems wit

Custom Magento attribute results in an empty order number

I created a simple custom attribute on the sales/order entity. Now, for new orders, order number is null. I looked at the sales_order table, and sure enough, increment_id is null... can anyone help me out, I am stumped? This is my setup.php: `public