Uninstalling multiple ports with the same prefix in Macports

I have installed a lot of Haskell related packages through MacPorts but due to problems related to update of some of those packages, I decided to move away Haskell package management from MacPorts. I have 34 ports installed that start with the name h

How to do a clean reinstallation with macports?

How can one do a complete clean reinstall of a port and at the same time a complete clean reinstall of all its dependenceis?From the MacPorts wiki (migration): https://trac.macports.org/wiki/Migration After having saved a list of installed ports usin

How to get all the installation options available for a port?

Basically I'd like to install opencv so that it makes use of tbb and boost with the complete source code. However I think I will need to know how to display all the available install options for a port. (Install options I mean "+sth" after a por

CV open, Mac OS X image loading problem

I think my question is pretty basic. I was trying to get Open CV to install on my OSX Lion. I had followed all the steps recommended on this link http://tilomitra.com/opencv-on-mac-osx/ However, when I run the C++ code recommended on the website in X

How to use AVX / pclmulqdq on Mac OS X

I am trying to compile a program that uses the pclmulqdq instruction present in new Intel processors. I've installed GCC 4.6 using macports but when I compile my program (which uses the intrinsic _mm_clmulepi64_si128), I get /var/folders/ps/sfjmtgx57

How to use the gcc installed in macports?

I installed gcc 4.6. from macports (for support of C++0x). But when I check the 'gcc --version` it is showing older version. How to use the newer gcc installed by macports?I remember it being something like g++-mp-4.6. I believe it's enough to set th

How to patch a port in macports?

I'm totally new to Mac OS X (running Lion), and I'm trying to use macports to run python2.7 and selenium. I have the ports installed, but the selenium port is very out of date (2.0rc3, whereas 2.11 is current). A patch exists to update the selenium p

Installing scipy via macports fail after selfupdate

I am having some trouble getting py27-scipy to build & install after upgrading to the latest version of macports (MacPorts base version 2.0.3 installed). The exact build error is:- :info:build In file included from scipy/integrate/_quadpackmodule.c:6

os x lion macport problem

I'm trying to install tomcat6 on OS X Lion using via macport 2.0. However, there is problem during the installation of one of the dependencies "commons-dbcp" The messages are as follows ---> Building commons-dbcp Error: Target org.macports.bu

Pip using the python osx system

I installed python26 using macports, so the correct python on my system is /opt/local/bin/python However, when I do sudo pip install <packagename> It gives me sudo pip install <somepackage> Exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File &q

One way to check the integrity of installed Perl modules?

I have MacPorts and CPAN installed and I've only just found out that it's sort of bad to be using them both at the same time. I recently installed perl 5.13.9 via CPAN as it had some updated modules that a program wanted. That perl is installed in /u

Moved to macports and having problems with database.yml

I moved to macports and trying to run rake db:migrate, but getting $ rake db:migrate(in /Users/me/work/myproject) rake aborted! Mysql::Error: Table 'myproject_development.users' doesn't exist: SHOW FIELDS FROM `users` I think it might be my database.

Install GCC on Mac OS X Leopard without installing Xcode

I'd like to install gcc to Mac OS X Leopard, and compile some software from source using MacPorts. As http://www.macports.org/install.php has suggested, I've registered as an Apple developer. Now I have to download the Xcode developer tools, but it s

Adding variants in Mac ports

I was wondering how you can append a variant to a port if you have already installed the port. For example I installed the 'vim' port and would like to go back and add the python25 variant. Do I need to delete vim and reinstall it? This is just an ex

I installed PostgreSQL via MacPorts, but I can not access it

As I said in title, I've installed PostgreSQL usind MacPorts, but cannot access it. The installation process was $ sudo port install postgresql83-server $ sudo mkdir -p /opt/local/var/db/postgresql83/webcraft $ sudo chown postgres:postgres /opt/local

Mac Ports Python 2.6.6 and Tkinter

I apologize if this has been asked but does Tkinter work in Python 2.6.6 when installed with Mac Ports? Or do I need to pass the no_tkinter variant? Thanks for any help!As of MacPorts python26 @2.6.6_0 and tk @8.5.8_0, Tkinter appears to only work if

Find the right Python framework with cmake

I am using the macports version of python on a Snow Leopard computer, and using cmake to build a cross-platform extension to it. I search for the python interpreter and libraries on the system using the following commands in CMakeLists.txt include(Fi

Any new Mac, should I use Macports?

got a new mac, need to have it setup ready for development. I heard great things about macports, should i use it? Is it really easier than manually download and compile? anyone has any problems using it? It is for typical ruby web development stuff.

How to avoid installing unnecessary dependencies with MacPorts?

I've tried to get postgresql 8.4 via MacPorts (on Snow Leopard) but it seems that the dependencies are endless - including getting older version of stuff that is already available in Snow Leopard, kitchen-sink and who knows if eventually I end up wit