How to properly add custom log filters in Python modules

I'm running the following snippet in Python 2.7.12 under macOS Sierra but I get KeyErrors: import logging from PIL import Image class TaskAddingFilter(logging.Filter): def __init__(self): logging.Filter.__init__(self) def filter(self, record): record

How to work with simultaneous logs at golang?

I've searched for it and only found here and here, but it not solves my problem. How can I using a standard way identify the log separating the concurrent logs like JAVA does with thread ID?. Because if I have a concurrent method they logs will be pr

Regex - Get all the text after C # log pattern

I have the following log file that I'd like to parse in C#. I've gone down the route of using a RegEx to get most of it split. I've tested this in RegExr with MultiLine (m) flag checked. Log 5376:0084 2015-08-07 13:51:29.103 Error ### Error Message #

Why choose a class name when using a recorder in .NET?

I have seen many people write this lines of code. var logger = log4net.LogManager.GetLogger(typeof(ServiceRequestController)); But, why should we hard-code the controller name. It is better to simply write, var logger = log4net.LogManager.GetLogger(t

How to save data from a Java (FX) application?

What is the best way to log data of a Java (also using JavaFX) application for later reviewing? A few other people and I are working on a project, with a client/server model, and we want to log all data in the server for reviewing it later and possib

Log4j Configured with a Properties File Does Not Create a File

I am new configuring log4j for a project, I have used it several times, but it´s the first time i have to configure it. I am configuring my Log4j, I have imported the log4j-1.2.17.jar library, and I have created a properties that look like this: log4

pom.xml shows several errors on including log4j dependency

I have just created a new java project and configured it as a 'maven project' in eclipse. pom.xml file is autogenerated. It has no error at this point. I've added the log4j dependency in the auto generated pom.xml file and it shows a few errors that

The python log unexpectedly prints the indentation

The code is as below: self.class_logg('\ option=ajax&nologin=1&a=vmware_migrate_2&\ original_server_ip=%s&target_server_ip=%s&\ vmware_name=%s' % (self.ip, dest_node.ip, Because this string is so

Save the output of the time command in a log file

I have a script hex.bat that has: #!/bin/bash HEX_ROOT=. HEX_COLOURS=./data HEX_PDB=. HEX_MACROS=. HEX_CACHE=./data time ./hex6i.x64 -kill -nogui -ncpu 1 -ngpu 1 -e dock.mac -l job.log All the output goes to job.log, except the time. I want to save i

Log files for collection and management of the system?

My app is now in the beta phase, and when my app catches an unexpected exception, I pop a message, asking the user to nicely send the log file via email manually. Now, I want the user to click the button, and the log file will be send automatically,

Does derefrencing ptr while the logging error is wrong?

while going over some old code that I didnt wrote I noticed something like this(simplified) //switch case on a msg received from a queue,... //... get_function returns msgtype and ptr switch(msgtype) //... default: { MYLOGGER<< "Unknown message

stacktrace is not connected by Nlog

My NLog is configured as follows <nlog xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""> <targets> <target name="file" xsi:type="File" fileNam

the best approaches for logging localization using c ++

I am working on a multinational project where target audience for logs might be from two nationalities. Therefore it is becoming important to log in more than one language , I am thinking about writing to 2 different log folders based on language eve

Has anyone seen a & ldquo; IDE platform & rdquo;

Not sure what to call it, but a combined solution for starting servers/logging/consoles/development would be really nice. Here's our situation: Mongo database driven by a Scala/Akka backend server controlled by a Ruby/Rails front-end client using a P

Why and when to use the Android Log class?

Why and when should I use the android Logging? Should it be used only for debugging purposes? It seems to me that if kept in a production application, it would slow it down considerably. One key part of my question, is WHEN it should be wha

Apache Grep big log file

I need to parse Apache log file to look for specific suspicious patterns (like SQL injections). For example I'm looking for id='%20or%201=1; I am using grep to check the log file for this pattern (and others) and because these logs are huge it takes

How to monitor MySQL queries

Say I browse a php page, how do I know what database queries are run? I think if I can log all the queries to a .txt file that would solve my problem. I tried to log, but failed. I just want to know the queries (sql strings) sent to it. I'm using Win

Saving SQL queries in Android

I am using the query functions in order to build the SQL queries for my tables. Is there a way to see the actual query that is run? For instance log it somewhere? So far the best I could do was to have a look at the cursor's member mQuery using a bre

crash connect the device

I need help to understand the crash log. The app works fine on my simulator but it crashes in device. my simulator is run with:-iPhone Simulator 225, iPhone OS 4.1 (iPhone 4/8B5091b) this is my device crash log:- Incident Identifier: CD0E8B93-5CF9-40

simultaneous recording in php

I have a question. I have a script that's fired by a GET trigger. I'm trying to log the executions of the script using fwrite and append, but what I have happening is that if an instance is called while another instane is still writing the file, it w

JPA Registration in WebLogic 11g (10.3.1)

How do you enable debug logging for OpenJPA when running an application in WebLogic 11g? I tried the steps given by Logging JPA SQL with Weblogic 10.3, but no OpenJPA log statements appear in the server log. I have also poured over the WebLogic docum