removes the slash from $ location.url () in angular

I need to get the GET params from url and pass it in the links to view in angular I got from location.url() => "/?x=1&b=2" but I need to get = > "?x=1&b=2" without slash I tried to do that like the following: var str = $l

Proximity alert for saved locations on the server

I did some search but could not find a suitable answer. My App should compare with multiple locations for proximity. This means I will not be able to save all the locations into my app to confirm the proximity using locationManager. I want the proxim

How can I locate a batch file

So I am writing a little program in batch, and I am hoping it will be able to run it on other's computers. My cd is to C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\,\thing, but that is not where other people may store it. How can I locate where it is and do a cd to i

Android - get the location after a while

I can get location using LocationManager taking minDistance and minTime. But how can I get location every 15 secs, for example? (even if an user didn't move) if (Utils.hasProvider(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER)) { mLocationManager.requestLocationUpdat

LatLng return 0.0

I am trying to create an app that shows my current location I have all the permisson neccessary, I have another class name GPS tracker to get my gps locations Heres my code : GPSTracker gpsTracker = new GPSTracker(this); LocationManager lm = (Locatio

Do location services use data?

Now I understand this question may belong on Ask Different but I think it is appropriate for here because it pertains specifically to application development. I'm downloading some GPS locations from a server which I know uses data but then I turn on

Get speed with the Google Play Location API

I am using fused location provider from the new GooglePlay API(LocationClient class). But the method Location.GetSpeed() is not returning correct speed (shows 0). I read that I have to use LocationManager class to get the speed, but when I tried Loca

Get the shortest distance from a point

I have this table in sqlite Locations ID Lat ( latitude) Lon ( longitude) Type Name City I have for example 100 records what I need is to get (using my own coordinates) the nearest point in my table. What I did is to get the shortest distance between

didUpdateLocations and didUpdateToLocation

Supporting both iOS 5 and 6, one should call didUpdateLocations from didUpdateToLocation. How do you make the call and build the Locations array? Any code sample, please? Thank you.You don't call those routines. The system, CoreLocation specifically,

Inaccurate data using CLLocationManager

I am developing an ios app which uses location services. I get the latitude & longitude data using CLLocationManager. When i analyzed the data, I found that it is not the exact location i went. Rather than road coordinates it sometimes returns me the

C # & ldquo; new & rdquo; order

I got a question, when I try to relocate a panel e.g. named pPan, I got 2 different ways to do that: Inside a click event of a button I write pPan.Location = new Point ( pPan.Location.X +10 , pPan.Location.Y ); Or I can write: pPan.Location.X += 10;

Get the current latitude and longitude of the user in Java

I see this question asked a lot here for Java, but every single one I see seems to be Android-centered: I need a way of getting the user's current latitude and longitude when they call is coming from a computer, not a mobile device. I know that this

Can I stop JS location.href without popup?

I want to build a JS external script ( tag) which stops code (which usually isn't mine) like location.href from happening without the use of a popup. I tried things like: $(window).bind('beforeunload', function() { window.stop(); event.stopImmediateP

How to get Status of LocationProvider in android

I have written the below code for getting the best provider available. private static String provider; public static String setCriteria(LocationManager locationManager) { Criteria criteria = new Criteria(); criteria.setAccuracy(Criteria.ACCURACY_FINE

iphone-Mapkit: alert if a user enters a specific region

I want to locate if I/friend have entered in a certain region on map using mapkit. this region could be a town or city or a place of any radius. i have not found any help regarding, any help or even a way towards the goal would be highly appreciated.

Failed when calling variable of another class. (JAVA)

I am newbie for java programming. I met some problem here, can anyone give some comment? When I check in the onLocationChanged(). There is desired value for lngpoint and latpoint. But when I called it to another method, loadcoordinate(), loc.latpoint

What data source to use for the ip conversion to the location?

Problem : I have the IP address of the user, I want to find out his location based on his IP Address Now, Possible Solution : Above sites provide the IP to location lookup service for Free. And there are some paid provider

Google Maps + Geo-localization with SQL

I have a script that displays a bunch of addresses in a SQL database (They're all geocoded) and places them onto a google map. I can't seem to figure out how to have the map center on the user's location using their mobile device GPS. I have a script

ZIP code search API?

I need an API to give me the zip code of a location when someone enters a location like Los Angeles, California. I have seen many APIs that give you the details by the zip code, but I need the reverse.USPS has an address information api. You give it

How to center a form horizontally and vertically?

I have a form within the body. And I'm trying to replace the form at the middle/center of the screen. Is there a proper way to do that in CSS? ----------------------- - - - - - - - M - - - - - - - ----------------------- Edit: (snipped previous code,

Redirect to a web server based on location with nginx

Im working on a web site that has to be reachable from many countries under the same domain. Id like to know how can I receive a request with nginx (or any other static file server), and send it to different web servers depending on IP's location. I