TinyMCE: retrieves values ​​from a list in a modal window

I'm creating a TinyMCE Plugin for Wordpress. It has a textbox and a listbox field, both staying in a modal window. Code below: (function () { tinymce.create('tinymce.plugins.windowdata', { init : function(ed, url) { ed.addButton('showModal', { title:

Wpf ListItem SelectedValue object is always null

I have a simple ListBox and a TextBox as under.I want to display the selectedvalue property of Listbox in the textbox,but my ViewModel's selected object is always null. What am i missing here? My XAML <StackPanel> <Canvas> <TextBox x:Name=&

Get the selected items from the checkbox in a list - C # WPF

I built a simple view model that populates an observable collection and displays list in the form of checkbox. I would like to get the list of items that are "checked" and of course to be removed from the list if unchecked. Debugging shows the o

How to get elements of the json c # array element

How do i get items from array element json c# ? I want to get multiple artist names from my call, and put them in a listbox. I can get the first artist like this etc.: string url = @"http://api.musixmatch.com/ws/1.1/artist.search?apikey=key&q_art

ASP.Net MVC 5 Selecting multiple items in a supported list

Wrapping my head around MVC. I have a list of items. I need to load the screen with some of these selected by default. Loading the items is one thing, trying to select some by default isn't working for me. Any idea where I am going wrong? I know ther

Try to write a method to create a list of tables

I'm using Netbeans/GUI to make a fantasy basketball game program. I'm trying to create methods that create arraylists, that way I can call the method for the array every time I need it for one of my button events, rather than recode the array under e

tListBox Using AutoComplete Navigation From Other ListBoxes

Is there a way to use native tListBox AutoComplete navigation system but based on the items of other ListBox? So when ListBox1 focused when i type some chars items should be selected according to data from ListBox2. Both of them have same amount of i

Get a single item selected in ListBox

I am working with Listbox in wpf.My problem is I am getting only one selected item from listbox.I want to get all the item which is selected but don't know how to implement ? please help! Here is my code : <ListBox ItemsSource="{Binding Markets}&q

Scroll to the first item in the list in the view

I maintain a legacy application and have a request to add a feature.I have a listbox showing some items. When the Itemssource is changed, I want the listbox to scroll to the top. To do this I have subscriped to the event: private bool handlerAdded =

focus on mvvm ListBox

I have a ListBox populated with values, a Grid with a couple of TextBox and a Button. When an element is selected in the ListBox, the corresponding values ​​fill the TextBox in the Grid. The Button is used to clean the TextBox. So, my problem is: whe

How to use DirectoryInfo to fill a list box

I am currently trying to look through a directory to find .jpg files and display the findings in a listbox. Then when I have done that I would like to select an image and have it displayed in a picturebox. This is the code I have: private void Form1_

c # listbox multiselect, selectedItems winforms

I saw many examples of getting the values from selectedItems, but in my case I would like to somehow separate these values. What I mean is, for example if I have in my list options like work home forrest car, I would like to be able after choosing wo

How to keep an item at the top of a ListBox

I have some headers with some items underneath in a list box, however when my user scrolls down the list box I would like the headers to stay at the top of the list box until a new header comes along and pushes it down. My header is in the form of a

Problem dividing the ListBox line into 3 values

I had three values (Name, Course and Average) which were assigned to 3 arrays. I had to combine them and put them in a listbox. Now, I need to be able to select the same line and break it back up into the 3 variables. My listbox output looks like thi

Using ListBox to store multiple data items

I'm making a todo list program using windows forms for one of my university assignments. I've learnt how to add and delete items form a list box, so i understand the basic of it but what i want to do is to be able to add a task to a list box like : "

How to handle OutOfMemoryException when a list gets too big?

My application has two lists public ObservableCollection<StreamItemViewModel> SearchStreamItems { get; private set; } public ObservableCollection<StreamItemViewModel> MyStreamItems { get; private set; } And each are the DataSource of one ListB

WP7 Items ListBox to fill the width of the ListBox

I am trying to get the Items in a ListBox to span the entire width of the ListBox. I have found several posts dealing with HorizontalContentAlignment="Stretch" but I have not been able to get it to work in my WP7 app. Here is my ListBox: <Lis

WPF data binding with the constructor

(For this example) ListBox l is bound to CustomObjectCollection c. Does l call c's Constructor? What if c is a Generic Object? **In XAML (1)** <ListBox Content={Binding CustomObjectCollection}/> **In Codebehind** CustomObjectCollection<MyClass>

List update problem

I have a ListBox of constant size 4 I can Add n number of ListBoxItems,Once size exceeds 4 I have enabled scroll bar, Problem:when scroll is enabled(more than 4 items), whenever i delete last item, there is a white patch in place of deleted Item. Pat

Link question WPF Listbox Image (again)!

This is killing me, I can't get an image to display as a list box item: here is my code: WPF: // listbox called lstWidgets <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <StackPanel> <TextBlock Name="txtTitle" Margin="2,5,5,2&qu