Java getName (string name)

I am extremely new to Java programming only been at it a few weeks and I have this question of traversing a linked list to find a dog with a matching name. I have made an attempt at what I need but I am struggling to understand the traversal. Note: I

Using linked lists in javascript

Are there any adventage of using linked lists in javascript? Its main adventage over arrays (for example) is that we can insert element at random index without moving every element and that they are not limited to size as arrays. However, arrays in J

If the statement in the linked list does not work as expected

So currently i have an if statement in the GetNth function that im trying to test. but when i inserted a printf function, it made me notice that it goes through the if statement even if the condition is not met, however, when i remove the printf stat

Deleting items in the linked list until I find a word

I have problem with deleting elements from list #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #define MAX 30 typedef struct elem{ char name[MAX]; int statistic; int price; struct elem *next; struct elem *prev; } shop; I crea

Why the property of length O (n) for the linked list

According to this really wonderful book, "size, on the other hand, will always require n steps since there is no way to know how many nodes are in the linked list without traversing from head to end. Therefore, length is O(n).". I was wondering

LinkedList with unwanted zeros

Ive looked around and I'm not sure if it has been posted or not, but I am trying to create two linked lists in C. When they are supposed to be 'empty' there are zeros. I am not sure where these zeros are coming from and its confusing the hell out of

Linked List, continues to get NullPointerException

I am trying to add Point into a linked list, in order to keep track of the frequency of each data entry. Everytime I run this code it gives me a NullPointerException. I don;t understand why, to me it seems as if after it adds the frequency it creates

Problem with structures and strings

I made a linked list whose nodes hold 4 string values. When I call the newNode function, an error says 'Node has no member named familyName', as well as the other members. My code: I am really confused with how strings work in structs.Your immediate

Linked list Java NullPointerException

In LinkedList we normally assign null value to last node and also use this condition to check for the last node. I am checking for the last node with the same condition either its "next" node link is null or not. But I'm unable to handle NullPoi

Insert in a doubly linked list

I am trying to insert into a doubly linked list. I am then trying to print the list in both forward and reverse direction. I have created a head node and I am trying to insert another one, but I am unable to do so. The program shows a runtime error.

Linked list on C returning NULL

I've been trying to make a program that creates a list of lists (the list Groups contains two lists: transform and obj. All the code is done, but when I try to print the elements of the list, I get a NULL. I suppose the problem is in the link between

Add nodes in the linked C list and list them

I'm practicing with linked lists in c, I want to make a program that reads entries from keyboard and lists the contents of the linked list after adding each node, but the output is always the first node, i can't figure out why, could someone please p

Recursive insertion and deletion of a custom list

The insert code seems to be working perfectly until the last insertion, where it doesn't add it in order instead it place it at the end of the list. public void insert(Comparable item) { if ( this.first == null || item.compareTo( <= 0

No print output from the linked list

This is the code I have written for a linked list. Basically it just takes input and print it. At compile time it gives no error but also it gives no output. I am not getting what is wrong with this code? Help me out. #include<stdio.h> struct list {

C non-secure global table?

We had a school project, any information system using C. To keep a dynamic-sized list of student records, I went for a linked list data structure. This morning my friend let me see his system. I was surprised with his list of records: #include <stdio

How to use enum in C

Basically we have to implement a queue (linked list) for a restaurant waiting queue. We get extra points for using enum but I've never used it before. I'm wondering does this look right how I am using it? I have looked it up but haven't seen any exam

Add a node to a C-linked list stack

So I've got this code already: And I've got these typedefs in a .h file: I need my push function to add a node to my_stack by allocating memory for the node, storing the data (new element) in

Java / Printing a linked list node containing a table

public static void main(String[] args) { LinkedList test = new LinkedList(); int[] numberPair; numberPair = new int[2]; numberPair[0] = 1; numberPair[1] = 2; test.add(numberPair); } How would I go about accessing the array in the first node of this l

Java: Strange OutOfBoundsException

do{ System.out.println("inside do"); for (int i = 0; i < i2; i++) { String s2 = m_area.m_items.get(i).returnName(); if (s2.contains(s)) { itemexist_check = true; player.addItem(m_area.m_items.get(i)); m_area.m_items.remove(i); } else { //do n

Fantasy Football C ++ draft program - Add players to teams

I am working on making a C++ program that will simulate a fantasy football draft.. I have used a linked list to create a list of team names, for each person participating in the draft. Now, I would like to know which way I should go about adding the