How to add a third party dependency in osgi Liferay DXP

I am working with Liferay DXP and I have created a service-builder module. In this module, I have to use the "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" class because I have developed a FinderImpl in order to add a method. This method calls a procedure wh

Liferay 7 - Obtaining Comments on ADT Property

I'm trying to get the comments of an entry in an ADT. I tried this: <#assign MBMessageLocalServiceUtil = serviceLocator.findService("com.liferay.message.boards.kernel.service.MBMessageLocalServiceUtil")> <@getCommentCount resourcePrimKe

Defining a simple servlet in the Liferay server

I've got a Liferay 6 server, in a Tomcat server. Thing is, I am editing one of my public pages (the welcome one), so the JavaScript is read from the admin console. It simply puts a script in the end of the page with whatever you want. This is working

Portlet Liferay: Parameter Url custom friendly liferay

Can someone help me? I have custom parameter, "statusparam" for example. And I want to do something like this: actionResponse.sendRedirect(redirect + "&statusparam=error"); But the problem is that custom parameter is non-friendly t

running maven project i'm getting this error

while running this command mvn clean package liferay:depoy in maven project i am getting this error. [INFO] Scanning for projects... Downloading: ta.xml Downloading: https://repo.mav

CMS integration with Spring MVC application

I have a Spring MVC based application and there is a need to implement Blog with tags in it. I searched for various ways to integrate CMS with Spring MVC application, I come up with Open CMS, Mangolina CMS. But the way how they integrate with Spring

how to inherit a custom theme in liferay

For example, Firstly, I created a customized theme which inherits from '_style', this is called 'theme1'. then I would like to create another theme which inherits from 'theme1'. Is that possible? if so, how it works behind the scene? thanks in advanc

JSP Is Not Displayed in the Liferay Portlet

To begin, I am very new to Liferay, and may not have a clue what I'm doing even after reading the docs. I'm trying to set up a custom jsp page inside of a Liferay portlet. The structure of my jsp is as follows: <%@ taglib uri="

Auto Refresh Portlet Liferay 6.0 (Periodic update)

I want To create Portlet For Monitoring Something, so it need like automatically refresh portlet page every interval of time, how i can achieve this? I've been trying with normal method like using Javascript but its didn't work... Thanks, please give

Liferay extends the session using jquery ajax calls

I want to call the liferay extendSession function inside every success call back. Can i write this at a one place as in overriding the success call back to first call the extendSession function and then return to execute the rest of the code written

How to add a custom portlet in the Control Panel section

How can I add a custom portlet to the Portal section of the Control Panel, as shown in the following figure: Here is how to do it: In your portlet's liferay-portlet.xml (you can check the DTD of this xml for more information on other tags) include tw

Liferay: Remove / web / from all community sites

I can't seem to figure out how to do a url rewrite so that I can remove the /web/ from all of my community sites:

How to hide empty sections in a WebContent portlet

We are creating a site in 3 languages. We have some Web content display in boxes, use "Look and feel/Advanced Styling" to provide a border. The portlet title is defined in the look and feel of the portlet. When there is no text in one language,

Map in Java and Javascript

I need to pass a HashMap object from backing bean (JSF) to JavaScript and iterate it. When I get the object in javascript, I checked it is not null but can't iterate. Is there any kind of Map that can be used in my scenario? or, How can I convert my

Can each user have a different layout in Liferay?

I am new to Liferay and currently I (as an admin) set the visible portlets and their position on the page. Firstly, only I can change the layout. Secondly, all users see the same layout. That's not exactly what I want. Is it possible in Liferay 6.1.0

Get the current user in Liferay using java code

How can I get the current Liferay user in java: I found this: How can I get the current user in Liferay? and this: Get the current user Liferay using a simple Java code But anyone tells how to initialize a "request" even this document http://www

load any static site into the liferay portal

I am new to Liferay, checking out what all kind of features it provides. Can we just load any static content website, just by passing its URL to a liferay portal. It will be something like if portal can behave like a browser, except that it always ha

actionResponse.sendRedirect (url) does not work

I have one portlet which has a commandLink. On the actionListner of commandLink I called the backingBean. The backing bean has the following code. ActionResponse actionResponse = (ActionResponse) LiferayFacesContext.getInstance(). getExternalContext(

Hibernate's initial SessionFactory creation failed

I'm trying to use hibernate to fill my jsf selectonemenu in ApplicationBean (in Liferay). The problem is that I got Initial SessionFactory creation failed problem. Before putting my functions in the applicationbean I was setting them in sessionbean a

Liferay Portal: What's the difference with Websphere Portal?

I have worked with Websphere Portal 6.0,6.1 and developed portal applications usign JSR 168,JSR 286 Portlets. Now I am moving to project where I will be working with Liferay portal server and JSR 168,JSR 286. I know that as per programming interface