Liferay's first starter does not open

I had an old Liferay 6.2 environment that is no longer working well, so I decided to download and run a fresh new environment, so I downloaded the Liferay studio, unzipped it and started the executable, I was expecting to see the First Start wizard t

Creating the liferay plug-in project 7

I am trying to create an liferay 7 plugin project using Ant and I am always recieving the below error, can someone help ? it seems that the server is down [Console output redirected to file:/Users/yjradeh/foo/java/workspace/.m

Incorporating Microsoft Power BI into Liferay

I am currently doing a computer science degree. As part of my industry project for my university, I am developing a BI solution for a client. Having gone though the project I'd like to develop it using Liferay. Does anyone know whether it is possible

Liferay maven's dependency could not be resolved

I am using liferay enterprise edition with maven.while deploying it with maven clean package commad I got below error. The following artifacts could not be resolved: com.liferay.portal:portal-service:jar:, com.liferay.portal:util-bri

Liferay new portlet vs plugin project difference

I'm using Eclipse and have the Liferay plugin installed and trying to create a new portlet. I want the Liferay IDE to pre-generate as much code as possible Does anyone know what the main differences are between creating a new Liferay Portlet and a Li

How to remove the liferay portal login feature

How to remove sign in functionality, which will display on right top corner of the Liferay portal guest page? I tried to delete the #sign-in from custom.css file of classic theme wich is the default theme for Liferay, but it did not worked.Instead of

When is the Edit method called in liferay?

Can anybody tell me how can we call doEdit method? Is it used to edit entire portlet or Elements of portlet. If possible try to give me demo application. Thanks.doEdit method gets called when you open Preferences screen of portlet. If you use edit mo

How to get OrganizationId after login -Liferay

I am using liferay6.I deployed my web application inside liferay.After Login,it is redirecting to one page.In that jsp page,i want to set organization id of logged in user in a javascript variable.How can i do this.Can anyone pls explain.You can get

How to use collections for life

Hi I am using Liferay SKD for Java and Liferay 6.1(Tomcat). I have created custom database as follows: <entity name="PCustomer" local-service="true" remote-service="false"> <!-- PK fields --> <column name="

Two portlets with the same database

I am developing Liferay portal and I have one portlet which handles the administrator side of the portal and one the client side. The thing is that the clients cannot see the administrator page (including the portlet). Also I have created custom Data

Liferay with multiple server instances

I'm working with multiple Liferay Projects (different Portal, plugins, user and usergroups etc ) in the same time, and often have to switch between them. This switch requires lots of steps like Editing the (to change the Liferay

Creating a build job for the liferay portlet in jenkins

I want to develope a simple liferay portlet, deploy it using maven and build job in CI (Jenkins). But I come to know that Liferay doesn't support Maven and they are still working on it. Can anyone suggest me how can I create a build job for my lifera

How do I convert the spring project into liferay?

I developped an application (spring, hibernate) and i must convert it to liferay Project how i can do it? please could you help me thank you.A solution would be to build your application using Spring Portlet MVC, the Portlet version of Spring MVC. Th

How to deploy a portlet to Liferay from Eclipse

I've made a portlet in Eclipse and now I'd like to deploy it to a running Liferay-6.1 instance and debug it. I guess this should be described in documentation, but I was only able to found how to create the portlet, but not how to deploy it.Here is a

Liferay IDE - impossible to install Eclipse

I'm trying to install liferay IDE (from tutorial: The problem appears after I checked the Liferay IDE checkbox and press Next. Error popup appears telling me this: