Android Studio Library Project Error

I have imported a module into my project. When i rebuilt the project , AS gave me an error saying Warning:Dependency Lib:unspecified on project app resolves to an APK archive which is not supported as a compilation dependency. I searched and changed

How to reuse the .cs file from other projects

I have been working on Android app Development and now have switched to windows. 1) I have a scenario where i need to create a child project and library project, we have done this Android as given in the link -

Import module for project gradle on Android studio 0.4.0v

I need to import a library project as a module to an existing project. Please Note! There are answers to questions like that, All answers regarding older versions of Android-Studio. In older versions you could follow these steps: Open a project in Ec

How to use a library project in Android studio

Hi I have been trying to add this library project to my existing project in Android studio. Its the first time I am going to use a library project and I am having tough time. looked around for may ways from tutorials and posts around but couldn't get

How to change your library projects to eclipse?

I have following problem: I am working on many different apps more or less at the same time (switching between apps every couple of hours). Each of them is using its own packaged (git submodule) action bar sherlock. In order to compile and run each a

ActionBarSherlock does not import

I have a problem with actionbarsherlock that it drives me crazy! I have a new workspace, I imported my project and the library projects. There is also actionbarsherlock library project. My project doesn't generate R file, I suppose because there isn'

Use of library project activities

I have a Library project set up and a project which depends on this library project - Everything compiles fine and I've had the Dependent project running fine however; I'm have an intermittent problem however while using an Activity from the Library

Replace the Android library project with the JAR library?

In my project, there are many library project (more than 10). It takes long time to build. So I want to replace some of these library projects by JAR libraries. According to this question: How to Convert an Android Library Project to an External JAR?

Managing a basic project and multiple derivatives in Android

I've searched around SO for this and found a few things, but I'm still not sure I fully understand, so I ask you for clarifications. Here is what I need: Have a project that has specific function: interrogate web service, display results in different

Update SDK and ADT tools to 17 and obtain VerifyErrors

I have a project that references two library projects. After upgrading the ADT and SDK tools to version 17, the app crashes as soon as it hits a reference to a class defined in one of the Library projects. Errors such as: Unable to resolve superclass

Maintaining an Android application for several markets (on Git)

I have my App published as a free and pro version to the android market. All sourcecode is stored in one git repository. I now want to publish the app to another app market. Since only a few files will change (Android Licensing) I'm thinking about wh

Objectives and disadvantages of an Android library project

At the moment I have two versions of my App: normal and plus When I puplish a new relese I export it and then change the packet name and export it a second time. The plus version has some additional features which get unlocked by the package name.. I


after a long search I couldn't find any appropriate solution. I have a Android-Library Project with nearly all code for the application. From the main activity in the library project I start an Intent to en explicit Activity A. In my derived Project,

Unable to find Library.apk!

I managed to restructure my application pretty nicely so that, except for a few methods in a derived Activity class, everything is in a Library Project. It works beautifully, except that Eclipse's Console (not LogCat!) issues the following error mess

After extracting the code in the widget lib no longer works

I had a perfectly working widget as part of my project. Then I decided to extract common code (including the widget) into the library project. After doing this everything works except the widget. It appears in the list of widgets available for additi