Adding a gauge to the location search class in j2me

I am working on a j2me application which contain a class to find the location of mobile using GPS.I need to include gauge while the location provider API is called and it finds the location.I am new to j2me so still not clear with all the concepts.I

Maximum number of elements in a J2ME list

I'm working on j2me project that involves getting a list of users from an online database, I then intend to populate a list with the names of the users and the number can be very large. my question is - are there limits to the number of items you can

try / catch does not do anything in Java ME

So I have the following code: public class Minesweeper extends MIDlet implements CommandListener { public static String error = ""; public void startApp() throws MIDletStateChangeException { Display display = Display.getDisplay(this); canvas = n

Insert a form with gauge in Canvas J2ME

I want to know if it is possible to somehow show a gauge in a canvas? I want to make a custom alert with a spinner. But I want to reduce the height of the form to let's say 1/4th of the screen size. Could anyone tell me if its possible?If you want so

How to set the height and width of the image in j2me (java)

i have created an image from the image url(lcdui image) HttpConnection c = (HttpConnection); int len = (int)c.getLength(); if (len > 0) { is = c.openDataInputStream(); byte[] data = new byte[len]; is.readFully(data); img = Im

JME: How to get the full screen in WHITE without buttons, etc.

Please have a look at the following code First, Please note I am a 100% newbie to Java Mobile. In here, I am making the light on and vibrate on when user click the button. However, I really wanted to create a SOS application which turn the whole scre

J2ME TextBox not editable

Is there any way to get a TextBox in j2me not editable? Because I want to fill a lot of lines but I don't want the user to edit it.For Textbox, this can be achieved by setting TextField.UNEDITABLE constraint (TextField is not a typo): Indicates that

J2ME No display when the application is running

I am a .Net Developer and currently migrating to java. What am I missing here? There is no display when I run the program? import javax.microedition.lcdui.*; import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet; import java.util.Date; import java.util.TimeZone; p

How to set a background color of a list in j2me

I'm new in J2ME and I'd like to know how to make the background of my list to a color like grey and text into a color like black? The tutorials I'm getting are too complex for a beginner, I was wondering whether you guys might care to help. Here is m

in j2me canvas, how to reduce the size of the image?

I am doing project in j2me for Nokia s60 devices This project has lot of PNG images and Sprite images there. All images are unique, so my project jar size is near 10MB. If I compress image, image does not look good, so I want to put actual image in t

how to dynamically create TextFields in j2me?

we are developing Mobile application in j2me.In my application, we are using TextField and some other controls in Form.Here, my problem is i want to dynamically create TextField based on User's Credentials.For Example, If Manager is entered,then i wa

Switch between the LWUIT form and the LCDUI form

I have built a LWUIT UI class which contains the Midlet. I am basically using a theme from this midlet. But I need to jump to another LCDUI form which contains some LCDUI controls and I need to set display that LCDUI form. So is it possible to jump f

Choice.IMPLICIT and Choice.EXCLUSIVE in J2ME

Why we can't use Choice.IMPLICIT with in a Form while we can use Choice.EXCLUSIVE. When I use Choice.IMPLICIT, it gives me a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException ChoiceGroup msgChoGrp = new ChoiceGroup("", Choice.EXCLUSIVE); The way you use (mis-u

CustomItem checking in j2me throughal or not support

Checking the CustomItem in j2me support traversal or not? How should I check the CustomItem in j2me support traversal or not?Shiva, I think there is some gap in your understanding of what traversal is about. Let me explain. You can add any number of

LWUIT in a J2ME enterprise application?

We are developing a J2ME application and sometimes we face constraints while working with the default lcdui library. Whenever we want some extra in the UI, the only option is to work with canvas which is not so easy. Now we are thinking to use LWUIT

Box of text on canvas in j2me

I am going to make application on j2me using canvas. I want to take textbox or textfield on my canvas.You can draw a basic textbox and display a string , and when it receives focus, you can switch the view to that particular textbox ,something like t

J2ME user interface on the Samsung Bada platform

When a J2ME application runs on Samsung phone with Samsung Bada an OS that supports TouchWhiz (GT-S5320, in my case),a virtual keypad is shown on the screen by default and always! This virtual keypad consists of the following keys - LEFT,RIGHT,UP,DOW

J2ME: Convert a Transparent PNG Image to Grayscale

is there any possiblity in J2ME to convert an image (loaded from a png file with alpha) to a new transparent grayscale image? Until now I only got the rgb values, but not the alpha. Thanks. Edit: yes, it should be 32 bit grayscale.I found the solutio

Java ME - Multiple shapes, switching from one screen to another

I am using Java Micro Edition and I am trying to create a simple login form with a record store. When the user enters the details I'd like to check them against the ones stored and then move onto another screen like a welcome area. I have a feeling i

Getting Pressed Keys in J2ME with GameCanvas

I would like to get whether (for example) the 3 key is pressed (KEY_NUM3). I have tried getKeyStates but it only detects the game action keys. How could I get the states of non-game action keys? (I have overridden the keyPressed and keyReleased funct

launch j2me midlet as a leading process

I have got a problem with my MIDlet application. Whenever I execute this MIDlet the emulator shows the error: 'This application does not use the screen, and runs in background'. So far I know that we have to give the reference of the screen to the in

How to create a transparent mutable image in Java ME?

Is there any way of creating transparent mutable images in JavaME (CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0) ? public static Image createImage(int width, int height) Creates mutable image but not transparent one (at least not on Nokia phones!) Any other Image.create* crea

J2ME TextField Exception

When I instantiate a textField, I have a number in it that I want to be the default text. The problem is, I can't seem to be able to place that value into the textfield without getting an error. The strange thing about it is that the same TextField i

Multiple instances of the midlet j2me problem

I have a j2me midlet running on a cell phone. The code works fine, but the issue that comes up is that the program seems to be running more than one instance of itself. I have code at the beginning of the application inside the appStart() method that

No default radio buttons selected (J2ME, Java)

Currently working on a mobile app in J2ME and have questions with ChoiceGroup radio button answer options. Any suggestion on how to make it so that no default answer is selected? We've tried: cg8.setSelectedIndex( -1, true ); But get an out of bounds

Determining the index of an item on a form (J2ME)

Given an Item that has been appended to a Form, whats the best way to find out what index that item is at on the Form? Form.append(Item) will give me the index its initially added at, but if I later insert items before that the index will be out of s

flickering of the screen when switching between the webs

I'm writing a mobile phone game using j2me. In this game, I am using multiple Canvas objects. For example, the game menu is a Canvas object, and the actual game is a Canvas object too. I've noticed that, on some devices, when I switch from one Canvas