Percentage CSS layout going far.

I have css problem. I dont knnow why its happening. This is picture about website css. This is what is going on. My english not very good. Can any one help me?Width of You content area is 100% and that width is inherited from the body. I think you sh

Adding ScrollView to my layout messes up my overview

Here is the code to my activity_main.xml. For some apparent reason, adding a ScrollView complete messes up my Android Preview screen. However when I run the app, everything looks fine like how it should look. <?xml version="1.0" encoding=&quo

How to use the Android Percent Support Library with ImageViews?

Not sure how to use the Percent Support Library properly. I successfully compiled it in gradle on version 23.0.0. I keep trying to use percents with ImageView but I keep getting the message: layout_height must be defined. I was under the impression t

Shift div up to fill the empty space in the Bootstrap layout 3

I have a Bootstrap layout that reorders itself the way I want it to when it goes to 1-column at the smallest media query size of xs: [A] [B] [IMG] [C] [D] [E] At higher screen sizes, I want it to look like this: [A][IMG] [B][E] [C] [D] Instead, it cu

SlidingMenu (jfeinstein10): setMenu does not work

I'm using SlidingMenu (jfeinstein10) for my android application, but setMenu function raises errors. My code is here: // configure the SlidingMenu menu = new SlidingMenu(this); menu.setMode(SlidingMenu.LEFT); menu.setMenu(R.layout.sliding_menu); menu

swift - Adding constraints to a modal view

On my storyboard I have 2 viewControllers, one with a background image and one with blur effect an a label I would like to present the second view on top of the first one. I'm using the following code: override func viewDidAppear(animated: Bool) { va

Align vertically with each element of a new line in JPanel

I have a JPanel with a set of other JPanels(each containing a JLabel) in the panel. How do I setup the panel such that the inner JPanels align vertically to the top of the JPanel, and each inner panel go into a new line. Like: InnerPanel 1 InnerPanel

Footer misplaced because of important content

This is the problem I'm having: (cant directly post due to no rep) I've managed to get my wrapper (the overall border) to expand with the large amount of words on this page, but now my footer has gone all weird. Here is

Refresh the current activity without delay

I am new to android development.So I want to refresh the current activity when Radio button clicked.When I clicked the radio button I want to change the language and refresh the current Activity without any delay.Now I click the button the current la

Dynamic layout based on dynamic data in Android

i need to get some json data from a server and then create elements to show that data. due the data is into an array of objects, i need to put this code into a loop. example: name - address save button name - address save button name - address save b

Center a layout on higher resolutions

I'm working on a site which has some big images etc to show. On my screen, at 1024 x 768 resolution, it fits the screen completely, going from left to right. However on my client's screen, who has a bigger resolution, he sees the right part of the sc

simple layout android

I want make 2 button take half of the screen width, but what ever i tru only one button came in screen and take full screenwidth. I wanted it for all resolution so dont want to make fix width. one button will take left half and other will take right

How to make navigation links sensitive to browser resizing

I am trying to make a website I am developing responsive, so far the elements that I want to make responsive to change in the the browser window are working well, except for the navigation text size and position... The HTML make up for the web page l

Android layout_weight does not work on the device

I'm getting two differents behavior for a ListActivity row. Eclipse Graphical Layout show the right behavior, but at runtime, on the device, the layout:weight doesn't seem to work properly and the Textview is resized to the minimum width, depending o

How to add Spinner dynamically to tablerow in Android?

i want to add spinner dynamically inside table like this image and how to specify its width and height also : Any help will be appreciated.Take a TableLayout form xml and inflate the xml to your code. Now you can add new TableRows to the tableLayout

Left, center, right in the header

I'm trying to create a left, center, right alignment in a header ... with objectives being: Top level DIV that holds the toolbar should size to it's content. The Left and Right div have fixed sizes but the middle should take up the remaining space. M

The text box does not stretch to fill the view area

I want the font size of my labels and textboxes in my LOB form to grow and shrink with window resize or resolution change. To achieve this I've placed my labels and textboxes within viewboxes. The labels and custom radio buttons behave as I expect, b

body box being generated only for half of the page

In the html page here: box for body tag is being generated only till the pink boxes in the middle and the float boxes in the bottom are being left out. This I checked using Firebug and Chrome web inspector. Th

Disable the scroll bar

If you go to, you will notice that there is a disabled scrollbar. On my site, to avoid annoying the user with page shifting, I want a scrollbar on every page. But, if the page truly does not need to scroll have the scrollbar disable

How to implement this layout in Flex 4?

I'm pretty new in Flex development. Now I'm learning layouts in Flex. I try to make the following layout. alt text The red arrow means when enlarge the window, the red arrow widget w

Latex: up to a certain width

I'm currently doing something like: a\hfill{}b which puts 'a' at the far left, and 'b' at the far right of the page. However, I'd like 'b' to be exactly half way. Is there a \hfill equivalent where I can say \hfill{0.5\textwidth}? I don't know the wi