Launcher Activity Issue Android

I created a splash screen for my android application. In my AndroidManifest I set the SplashScreen Activity as Launcher and action as MAIN. After that I changed the HomeActivity's intentfilter. Here is my android manifest file: <application android:a

Open the link using VLC on OSX

I've seen that applications like Steam, Spotify, and others, are able to launch native applications from inside Chrome, after the user allows the invocation in the pop up box. How can I do this from my own website, for VLC, or failing that, the defau

Log in to MineCraft using C #

I'm trying to create a simple custom minecraft launcher for myself and some friends. I don't need the code to start minecraft, just the actual line of code to login. For example, to my knowledge, you used to be able to use: string netResponse = httpG

Launch the application using the package name

I am trying to launch an application from my own application in Android. What i have done is get all the package names of the apps installed into the device and stored them into a String Array. Then with a list view i try to launch every app selected

Android custom launcher that launches the default launcher

As my first Android app, I'm programming a kiosk for a working use. This app is set as default launcher and full-screen, so, when the tablet boot, the kiosk is already started and the user can't open other apps or escape from the kiosk app. The last

How to write a program that runs another GUI program inside

I am not sure how to ask the question so here is a picture of some idea that came to mind So for example, when you run my "custom launcher" it displays a window with a couple buttons on the side which you can assign values to. When you click on

How to set icon packs programmatically

Is it possible to set launcher icons programatically ? There are many Icon packs available but is it possible to create my icon pack and to set it programatically from my code ?It depend on the Laucher. You should contact the developer of the Launche

How does Launcher decide which app icon to put in the launcher?

I have a very naive question. I've written a program which lists down all the installed applications in my Android OS [I've got total 339 in my case]. But in the Launcher [In my case TouchWiz Home] only 148 application Icons are shown. My Question is

No launcher activity found

I can't find any problem but it keep giving me the error "No Launcher activity found!" and "The launch will only sync the application package on the device!" can anyone solve this problem??? This is my Maniest <application android:a

A small mistake in the Android launcher

I install my launcher on my device. If I press home button and select my launcher always without opening my application, everything's OK. However, when firstly I start my application, then press home and select my launcher, it opens my application ag

Hidden Android application

Possible Duplicate: Application without app icon I want to create security - app. I want to hide the icon of app on launcher (user can't see them) after configuration. I tried to use service, but this isn't good solution, because I see still icon . I

The Unity Launcher icon is not defined by the Qt application

I'm trying to get my Qt application to display an icon in the Unity Launcher but it's not working. In code, I'm simply using: qApp->setWindowIcon(QIcon("path/to/icon.png")); but it's not doing anything. I've also tried setting the icon direct

Android home screen launcher

First of all let me tell you guys that I am completely newbie to Android app development. I want to know how to launch home screen and then application home screen. i.e whenever you click on some app, first it will show some logo screen and then auto

How to start / run an application on Android startup

I would like to launch my app when my tablet starts, so that the main activity of my app is the first thing that the user see when they start the tablet. I've read about LauncherActivity but I don't understand how to use it. Can anyone help me with s

open clean Android launcher from my app

hi Its been 2 days looking for this simple problem. I want to launch Android own launcher from my application EVEN if its not set as default. final PackageManager packageManager=getPackageManager(); Intent intent = packageManager.getLaunchIntentForPa

How to check if my application is the default launcher

I am developing a buissness-application that is essentially a Home-screen, and is supposed to be used as a Default Homescreen (being a "kiosk"-application). Is there any way of checking if my Launcher is the default Launcher? Thanks! Ps. Similar

How to programmatically launch a specific homepage in Android

I want to be able to launch a specific page of the home screen in my app, is there any way to do this? Below is the typical method to launch the home screen, but I don't see anything about add a screen page or index value. Intent startMain = new Inte

No 'server' JVM at '& hellip;'

I'm running a java application that we distribute as a server-side system. I'm trying to write a launcher ("write" is somewhat of an overstatement here, I'm basically just copying the Java.exe file so that we can get the desired name in the proc

How to uninstall a Home application (Launcher)?

If you were to install a Home Screen application that does not give you access to the System Settings screen (to go to Manage Applications), and also does not let you launch Apps (such as the Market App or 3rd party install/unistallers), is there ANY

How to make a launcher

I have been developing for quite a time and I am now trying to make an app that will replace the original home (e.g. HTC sense). I need the app to open when the the user hits the home button on their phone. So basically it is a home replacement. Does

Android: How to create a launcher

I've never developed for Android before, so please consider me 100% dumb when you answer :) I would like to create an application launcher that will open the default web browser to a given url. In other words, I want to make an icon with my website l

Why does my app appear 4 times on my device?

When I install my application onto a device or emulator it appears multiple times in the apps menu, in my case I get 4 icons showing my application name. It seems that each icon is representing an activity, and since my application contains 3 tabs(wi

Security exception when calling bindAppWidgetId

While developing a Launcher (Homescreen) application for Android, I've come into a security exception I don't understand. When calling the [bindAppWidgetId()][1] method from within my Launcher Activity, I get this security exception : 08-19 11:30:11.