How to change the click event of the button

I'm trying to change click event of button. It is possible or not. I want to check button text it text is "Save" then save event call else if text is "Update" then update event call. Here JSFIDDLE View <input type="button"

Call the function when the user hits with KnockoutJS

I have below code for the register form and when user inputs their data and hits enter, the RegisterFunction should fire but in the below case its not happening instead of clicking manually on the anchor tag. Any idea? <form id="Register">

Not able to get the last index inside knockout.js

I am not able to get the last of observableArray index inside foreach in gsp page as below <!-- ko foreach: $data.audienceInformation.IndivisualUsers --> <span data-bind="html:$index()"></span> //Here index is coming correctly

Knockout js unrelated values

I have my code as follows: Html: <select name="data3" size="1" id="data3" data-bind="options: datalist, value: profile()[2].Value()"> </select> JavaScript: $(function() { clientviewmodel = vie

Knockout JS option linking special symbols

i have array self.CompareSignArray = ko.observableArray(["&gt", "&le"]); and select option <select data-bind="options: $root.CompareSignArray,value: Sign" ></select> but in dropdown i see &gt &le,

How to link static data using Knockout in MVC

I am Using Knockout With MVC for the first time. I am trying to show the Name and Surname which will be static and will be shown as they are defined in the Controller Class. I had tried my level best to show the Data but it's Output is not as I had e

Dynamic column and lines with knockoutjs

My input parameter for the code below is just a tablename, I was able to query the data return in json format, however, i am not able to display my rows item of data. any idea what did i do wrong? <script> var invtype = "@ViewBag.invtype";

Show text when the button is clicked

Creating my first ASP.NET MVC Knockout MVC. I've added a model setting 3 dates. The controller assigns 3 dates. Then they are displayed on screen using the view: <p>First Date: @ko.Html.TextBox(m => m.FirstDate)</p> <p>Second Date: @k

knockoutMvc - HelloWorld Tutorial

I am attempting a tutorial on KnockoutMVC (see below) I have downloaded .nuget extension and made reference to it in my Using the above tutorial in VS. When I add the 'model' I am getting an error wi

Knockout JS - Unhandled hyperlink in Selenium webdriver

unable to click the Hyperlink using Selenium wbedriver, because they (Developers) used Knockout JS with MVC, so please give an steps how to handle in Automate for these type of JS for example <a href="#" data-bind="click: $root.lnkAdd&qu

How can I link a ko.observableArray of strings?

I'm trying to bind a ko.observableArray of strings to a template, but I'm unable to get the template to pick up changes in the strings inside the array. If I bind a set of objects instead of a set of strings, I get updates to the JSON, but they don't

Using two Knockout view templates for a page

I'm setting up two view models in knockout. $.getJSON("/api/administrators", function (data) { var AccessViewModel = { administrators: ko.observableArray(data) }; ko.applyBindings(AccessViewModel); }); $.getJSON("/api/roles", function

Drop-down menu knockoutjs with server value

I am working on a drop down menu within a TR .. I have true, false or none as the value that I receive from server and I want that to change the drop down option as in example below. The first one is working but I want the second one to function as t

Knockoutjs about foreach child parent

I have a model that contains 2 arrays of type and name address and so on as follows: var model = [{"bstype":1},{"bstype":2},{"bstype":3},{"bstype":4}], [{"bstype":1, "name":"John","

MVC knockout 4 calculated values

I have the following viewModel var viewModel = new myViewModel([{ Name: "Name", price: 32, tax: 22, }, { Name: "Name", price: 32, tax: 22, }]); I have a data-bind to <tbody data-bind='foreach: personInfo'> and input: <td> &

Slaughtered by a nested editor 3 levels or more in depth

When trying to extend the live example for a nested editor provided on the KO site ( ) to change the layout and add deeper levels, I've not been able to tackle two issues. although I was able to get to this stage

Knockout JS having models inside multiple partial views

I am loading 4 partial views in a page. The main page that contains all the partial views in separate divs and each partial view has its own knockout model. The issue that I am having is that the individual knockout models cannot bind values for text