Kentico - Displaying child elements through transformations

I've a situation where there is a conditional case where the editor can pick the layout of the child items. As can be seen from the image above, NewsItems is of type NewsContainer which provides the option for the layout of the child items of type Ne

.NET Form with Bootstrap 3.3.5

I am working on integrating Bootsrap forms into Kentico CMS which is powered by .NET. In doing so I noticed that the "form" tag is being stripped from my form. I received the following from Kentico Support - I'm afraid that custom form tags are

get related data from ms dynamic crm using XRM SDK

I'm trying to retrieve data from crm in a .net application, using the SDK. I've managed to do simple queries to retrieve lists, but I would now like to get the related entities with items, rather than the ids. I have tried things like QueryExpression

Kentico CMS support for native iOS & amp; Android

We are planning to use the existing Kentico CMS environment for development of native mobile apps for iOS & Android. Does Kentico CMS support native mobile apps development? Does it have any supported SDKs in-place?In addition to option Roman mention

Application by Akamai CDN

I need confirmation regarding the CDN approach that I am going to implement for a Content management website I have following areas into consideration Implementing CDN for Assets like images,fonts,vedios, hopefully i need to replace asset url links w

Kentico 9 macro for the visibility of the form field

I have a custom page type, and the editor will have the option to enter the following Image (from media library) Video (from media library) YouTube video ID The field names are as follows SlideImage SlideVideo YouTubeVideoID So, if an editor ads a Sl

CMS.DataEngine.LicenseException in Kentico

I am working on E-commerce project using Kentico 9, we used only Administration part of Kentico and designed our own front-end, we installed Kentico on our server and deployed our webservice that extracting data like product details and so on using K

Kentico 9 - Display language selector inside the transformation

I am trying to display a language selector inside a transformation. It works if I add the web parts to a page but defining them inside a transformation doesn't work. This is what I have currently inside my transformation but the repeater just display

Kentico, how to update objects via REST?

I'm working with Kentico 9's REST capabilities. I can create a user object by submitting a POST to the following URL pattern: POST <host>/rest/cms.user/site/<sitename> But I also need to update a user. According to their documentation, you sho

Kentico Inline CSS

Not sure the best way to accomplish the following: Currently we have header/billboard graphics setup to be background images to be used for a few templates. The issue is now allowing the user to change those background images in the Kentico CMS witho

Kentico 8.2 Media Library Permissions

I have set up a user and assigned him to a role. While I am able to permit or deny access to different pages in the site, assigning access restrictions in Media Library -> Security seems to have no effect. Any idea what I'm missing?You have to assign

Why will not my Kentico v9.0 site appear in Chrome or Firefox?

I've recently upgraded from Kentico v8.2 to Kentico v9.0. In Kentico v8.2 I was able to view the site in IE11, Firefox and Chrome. Since the upgrade to Kentico v9.0 I can only view the website in IE11. In Chrome and Firefox I get the message "The web

Kentico 8.2 content locking

We have a situation where the 'Check Out', 'Check In' and 'Save' buttons have disappeared from Admin: Pages -> Page/Design/Forms tabs. Users trying to access this all have admin rights and Settings -> Content -> Content Management -> 'Use chec

Kentico V8 Custom Slider Web Part

I don't have a very strong dotNet background, as i'm primary a JS/CSS guy. I want to use slick.js as a slider plugin, but i'm lost one how. I'm wondering if i'm on the right track here. Ideally, an editor would be able to create a new page based on a

Redirect the user if he is not connected to Kentico

I am very new to Kentico CMS and started implementing the basics. I have Login button webpart which redirect me to page say 'Welcome.aspx'. Now, what I am struggling with is if directly open 'Welcome.aspx' without login, it should redirect to another

How to use DreamWeaver with a dynamic site or a CMS

A client I'm working with has a large CMS installed (Kentico) that they use for various sites. For their intranet they want to downsize to a simpler web system. The site involves authentication (Active Directory), groups, and potentially some server- user control changes are not picked up

I have made some changes inside the user control, to both the code behind and aspx. When i run my local development or the dev site (posted the changes to dev site). I don't see my changes. I recycled the app pools and restarted the dev site as well.

Skip workflow steps for Kentico Administrator

I have created a workflow which lets Admin publish document. It's a basic workflow. What I want is to bypass process for Admin, currently what is happening is that Administrator have to create/approve/publish , Administrator can publish changes direc

cascade drop-down list for the custom field in cms kentico

I have added two new custom field in CMS_USER table. Both filed is integer type and Form control is Drop-Down list type. currently both dropdown list is filled by SQL query in Editing control settings. I want to implement functionality as when user s

Custom table in Uniselector at Kentico

I have been using Kentico without issue for a while until today, here is my issue I want to use Custom table in uniselector. How I came into the issue was, I need to use Custom Form Controls, like in SiteManager->Users Advanced filter. We have Add Ro

Do search robots not to crawl a deleted page?

Currently we are using a Kentico CMS for out web site and we used to have a page called pages/page1.aspx. We removed that page but every day the google, bing and yahoo sarch robot tries to read that page. Because the page doesn't exist the CMS throws