Jackson json to the mapping of java objects

If I pass a JSON like `{ "entity":{ "name":"xyz", "age":21 } }` Then , is it compulsory that my POJO should have both "name" and "age" instance variables. I mean, if I have only "name"

JSGrid - Load JSON data - & ldquo; Not found & rdquo;

I have a problem populating a jsgrid from with JSON data and I have scaled down the code to a very minimal implementation but it is still not working. I can see in the Chrome debugger that the REST call returns data on this format {data: [{ "Name&quo

1 Android ListView of 2 different JSONObjects

I have a JSON file and it looks something like this. I was wondering if it is possible to create 1 single view for my admin users in the android app to view the full list of sms logs(fromSMS and toSMS) in just 1 page and arrange it accordingly in the

How to use asynchronous methods (JSON Restful services) in iOS?

I have an iOS application that sync data from a JSON restful web service. This method is called from an external class (not UI controller). This class has a sync method and It sends and retrieves data without any problem. My problem is how do I pause

Python coding unicode & lt; & gt; utf-8

So I am getting lost somewhere in converting unicode to utf-8. I am trying to define some JSON containing unicode characters, and writing them to file. When printing to the terminal the character is represented as '\u2606'. When having a look at the

ajax json error analysis

json : {"status" : 0, "err_msg": "", "list":[{"id":100, "username":"la", num:"0100000"}]} <script> $.ajax({ type : "POST", url : "myAPI", data: "

Fabric.js going directly from JSON to PNG

I need to create PNG thumbnails of saved stringified JSON from fabric.js I have a database I am saving the JSON data from the canvas to, but I need to create a PNG thumbnail gallery from this saved JSON data. Rather than creating a bunch of canvases

expected = JSONException.class does not catch

I made a Test where I send an invalid JSON, and it should catch me a JSONException. When I run the test, it fails and shows me a JSONException, Why doesn't test catch it? @Test (expected = JSONException.class) public void testExtraFieldsJsonException

How to save value in each cycle?

I have foreach cycle in PHP. It is going trough json items, and for every item I have value that changes. I set my cycle to run every 20min. I need my value to be saved and next time foreach runs for that item I need to assign at the beginning old va

JSON Tapi Terraria Modding, Crafts with custom objects

I am creating a mod for terraria with json files and have encountered that my jsons cannot find other items or tiles. here is an item I made: { "displayName" : "Unknown Refined Crystal", "texture" : "Items/refinedCrystal

Mongodb Search () Powershell Query

For the following Json file, I have a mongodb query to select "Car" part of document only: db.collection.find({_item:"Home"}, {"Car":1, "_id":0}) How do I write this query in Powershell? { "_id" : 1, "

JSON parsing fails when there are regular expressions

I am trying to parse a mongodb query in json to dictionary and the JObject.Parse throws exception. The JSON string is something like below { vendor: "xyx", product: { $in : [ /prod1/i, /prod2/i, /prod3/i ] } } The exception is message is Error p

How can I loop this JSON?

I have the following JSON returned from a PHP script var data ={ "first thing" :["1","2"], "second thing" :["5","7"], "third thing" :["8","2"] }; I know that I can a

Build a json object using javascript

I am facing issues while constructing an object using javascript. I want this: { "p_id": "2", "p_name": "weblogic", "ip_list": [ { "ip_id": 2690 }, { "ip_id": 2692 }, { "ip_id"

Get the data in my json file?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around json and getting access to the data. Here's my json format, which I hope is logical for the type of data I'm using... {"round1": [ { "category" : "north", "match1": [ { "

Convert the HTML table to JSON

I've created a sample application which converts html table into JSON. The problem is that the JSON is not having duplicate values also i want to remove the last two columns from the JSON. My JSON which has been generated is given below [ { "Person N

Analyze the JSON array: 'paste' for bash variables?

At first, I parsed an array JSON file with a loop using jshon, but it takes too long. To speed things up, I thought I could return every value of id from every index, repeat with word another type, put these into variables, and finally join them toge

php thin (explanation of & quot request body & documentation)

I am working with Slim PHP for the first time and I am trying to understand one of the concepts. In the slim PHP documentation, it states: Request Body Use the request object's getBody() method to fetch the raw HTTP request body sent by the HTTP clie

Returns the JSON node on a click that matches the link text

The JS below returns a list of movie titles for me after parsing JSON. Each movie title node has more attributes and values not be displayed yet. When the user clicks the movie title in the list I want it to return the other values in that node match

Using POST in Goal c

I'm having trouble in actually using POST to save/change information on my database. Could someone please help me? NSDictionary *newDatasetInfo = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:un, @"username", n, @"name", pn, @"phonen

View an object with Ruby on Rails

I have some JSON that looks like this. I have it stored and read into an object, @items. [ { { "id": "A", "description": "a_description" }, { "id": "B", "description": "b_descripti

Ajax error while running jQuery getJSON

I'm running this getJSON async call in jQuery to get the data back into and then out of my Java code. For whatever reason I continually get the error: "Ajax Error: Error invoking generateSearchQuery([object Object])" I've debugged both the jQuer

Why is this object suddenly undefined?

here is my JavaScript code: var Model = { get: function(id) { return this.data[id]; }, data: {}, init: function() { var self = this; $.getJSON(urlToServer, function(data) { $.each(data, function(i, object) { self.data[object.id] = object; console.log

Are JSON and XML comparable?

I heard someone state that "JSON is the same as XML." Are JSON and XML comparable? What are the major similarities and differences of each? There are a few StackOverflow Q&As which touch on comparing JSON and XML [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7],

Javascript - assign dynamic values ​​without eval ()

So, I have 3 variables being passed in: stats (JSON object, shown below) place_type (string, either "US" or "State") factor (string) I have another variable, answer, whose value depends on the other variables. For example, if place_typ