PrimeFaces: export the graphic as a picture

I'm trying to export my PF chart as picture following the showcase: enter link description here <h:form id="form1"> <p:chart type="line" value="#{chartView.lineModel1}" style="width:500px;height:300px" widg

Correct way to use CRUD in JSF

I need advice on a few design principles regarding CRUD operations in my JSF project. A very simple example: I have a basic screen with a form that get submitted. In my bean I declare a database connection in my method and a string object which I pop

How to keep open the rowexpansion premiumfaces?

I have a nested datatable with row expension so far so god, but I want to keep all rows collapsed (open) how to achieve this on primefaces? thanks in advance. Sorry, I didn't tell what version of primefaces am I using, version 3.5.According to the Pr

@ Zero injection value in @FacesComponent

I have the impression that CDI is not working with classes that have a @javax.faces.component.FacesComponent. Is this true? Here's my example, that doesn't work. The MyInjectableClass is used at other points in the code where injection is not a probl

f: validateLongRange. Validation of huge numbers

I am using JSF 2 and primefaces 3.5. I have an inputText which must be a number between Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE. <p:inputText id="startRange" value="#{attributeBean.attribute.startRange}"> <f:convertNumber /> <

DataTable Line The selection does not work

I have a datatable <p:dataTable id="db" value="#{notificationBox.notificationsList}" var="notificationForm" rows="15" emptyMessage="${msgs.getMessage('table.empty.message')}" paginator="true"

How to make JSF handle undefined values?

Before I was using JSF, the following code was working in JSP files: <c:if test="${not (empty request.error)}"> Error: ${request.getAttribute("error")} </c:if> Now, when I am using JSF, I am getting this error: /login.xhtml

request.getSession () is null

I will appreciate if someone help me with the following problem. I have a jasper report which i fill in a PrintingBean and its all good. The moment I clicked on a print preview button (opening the applet) my app throws a null pointer exception at: if

JSF logout, using SSL in Glassfish 3

I havent found a real solution for this problem, even when it is really common... I have this context: JSF application running on Glassfish Server v3.1, JDK6. All in my personal computer with WinVista (This last should not be important). Using SSL an

Dynamically create xhtml from db data in ICEFaces

we are migrating our application from an existing custom web application framework to JSF/IceFaces. we store window description in database: what kind of fields are on the window, what are their labels, etc. Can I have my xhtml pieces generated dynam

How to redirect a Java ResponseWriter?

For debug reasons, I want to see the ouput of my ResponseWriter directly in standard output. Because the response will be processed by JavaScript I am not able to see the output there. Is there an easy solution to redirect the ResponseWriter to stand

How to disable the mouse left click?

I want to disable mouse left click. I use the following script but not work. <h:form> <a4j:commandButton value="TestButton" onclick="alert('button cliked')"/> </h:form> JavaScript is : <script type="text/javas

Thread safety in JSF

Assume that we have Spring bean UserController with singleton scope. All my further reasoning is based on my assumption that "singleton" scope is almost similar to application scope i.e. we have only one instance for all users. If this is wrong

Managing a colon in an element ID in a CSS selector

This question already has an answer here: How to use JSF generated HTML element ID with colon ":" in CSS selectors? 2 answers JSF is setting the ID of an input field to search_form:expression. I need to specify some styling on that element, but