PrimeFaces: export the graphic as a picture

I'm trying to export my PF chart as picture following the showcase: enter link description here <h:form id="form1"> <p:chart type="line" value="#{chartView.lineModel1}" style="width:500px;height:300px" widg

How to call the bean method on each page request

In my work we develop an JSF 2 application. And I need to create a listener bean with one method which have to be executed on every page request. How to accomplish this task?The answer of your question can be found here. This method is crucial: publi

Validate inputText not in the form tag

I am creating a form that posts data to a external url (authorizeNet DPM). I need jsf to validate the inputText prior to allowing the submission to happen. How do I get the validation rules to work in this case? <form action="EXTERNAL_URL" me

DataTable Line The selection does not work

I have a datatable <p:dataTable id="db" value="#{notificationBox.notificationsList}" var="notificationForm" rows="15" emptyMessage="${msgs.getMessage('table.empty.message')}" paginator="true"

change the default format dataExporter in Primefaces

I want to use to generate a pdf dataexporter, use the method preprocessor to insert some content. By giving the type letter size page assimilates well as formats of texts. Then make a page break to put the chart on a new page, right there is the prob

Passing the backing bean as a parameter to a Facelet includes

I have a Facelet that might be used in different applications. I don't to copy it, but reuse it. I need to pass the backing bean that will manage the view as a parameter, as some logic may vary according to the application where it is used in. I don'

Add a method to enter the value of the hidden field

Based on the value of the inputHidden field, certain functionality should be performed on the javascript side. <h:inputHidden id="onlyCaseSensitive" value="#{testBean.isPageAllowed()}"/> Afer the javascript is executed, the appli

JSF 2 Explicit Navigation Navigation

We are in the process of moving to JSF 2 from JSF 1.x and I am was really looking forward to using many of the new features. I have been searching around and can't seem to find either a reason and/or a solution to a problem I am having with explicit

The date value received by the validation method has changed

I am almost finished with a page that builds out it fields dynamically and sets validation of data types using regular expressions, but ran into an issue on Friday when I started tying the fields to actual data types instead of just Strings. The prob

Deleting form fields after JSF invalidation

Ok i have the following problem: In my web app i have the CRUD all one page via dialogs controls of Primefaces. In the new dialog i have some validators. For example: when a user does not fill the necessary fields for form submission obviously the fo

Where are the API Primefaces 3.2 Client Side documents?

I downloaded Primefaces 3.2 but I cant find the javadocs for the client side API. They say it has rich client side api so I'd could take a look at it also. Thanks.Everything about PrimeFaces is here

Do not get the text box values ​​in the managed bean

I am not able to get username and password values that I am entering on the xhtml page in my ManagedBean. This is why i am getting NullPointerException in goodBye method when I am checking username and password Login.xhtml <?xml version="1.0"

View the loading status

In my sample application using JSF2.0 + Richfaces3.3.3. I want to show loading status for all a4j action. It means, when i click button, then show loading status in modal panel. Otherwise, When i click button, show loading status and at the same time

How to dynamically modify the columns of a data table?

I am using JSF 2.0 and PrimeFaces 2.2. I have a data table whose columns need to be updated according to the selection from drop down menu. I do not want to create multiple data tables as there are many values in drop down according to which column v

Maven dependencies for JSF 2 and IceFaces 2

i have a Spring JSF 2 project which is using IceFaces 2, and i made the project use JSF and IceFaces libraries from properties>project facets, and added jsf capabilities to the project, then used a user library JSF 2.1 Mojara, then added icefaces cap

File download from JSF with a rendered response

I have some dynamically generated files which I want my JSF 2.0 app to download for the user. I've been able to get this working using the code found in the solution here : Forcing a save as dialogue from any web browser from JSF application and a co

Icesfaces vs Myfaces vs Primefaces

I am starting out a new project that involves the use of JSF 2.0. From my initial reading, the Mojarra and Apache Implementation of the project covers the basic components that you will need. But I know that user's would seek gui with better presenta

Structure of the JSF 2.0 project

We are creating a new project using jsf2.0, richfaces 4.0, jjdk 6 and tomcat 7.0 I want to know the standard way of creating project. I mean folder structure. Any sample application or book or link will be a great help to me.I participated once in a

Eclipse custom Java compiler

I am using eclipse to create my jsf project. I created my own components, and I don't want the other programmers to be able to use jsf regular components like h:inputtext etc. How can I do it in eclipse, that if the user adds specific tags like h:inp