Is it safe to remove! Significant flags of .hidden in bootstrap

I am working with a bootstrap theme in Elgg, and one of the issues I am running against is that both use .hidden CSS class. Bootstrap is rather overbearing setting display and visibility to none/hidden with !important flag, where as in Elgg .hidden i

How to change the click of the mouse to fly over the mouse?

Here is the jsfiddle link in which I got the code for the animated tooltips, but the problem is that on click only they are working, I want that to be animate when I hover the mouse on it.JSFiddle. Use mouse events mouseenter and mouseleave. $('.popo

Replace the element in the table

I want to change the location of the 2 and 5. Later I want to print again. How can I do? <body> <div id="test"></div> <input type="button" value="Click" onclick="test();"> <script> func

The drop-down menu will not close properly

I have two drop menus that I need to close when a user clicks outside of them, or on the other drop menu. I have tried several methods without success and only one works slightly. Currently, the "state" menu will open and close properly (the fir

How to animate a menu tab vertically?

Please see this fiddle $('#tab a').click(function() { $('#menu').slideToggle("slow") $('#tab').hide() }); $('#tab-inner a').click(function() { $('#menu').slideToggle("slow") $('#tab').show() }); I wa

Load a progress bar before loading the page

I have a basic login page that sends username and password to the database and if the validation is successful, home page is displayed. The trouble I am facing is that there's a lot of data that is being fetched from the database in this process for

Displaying a previously hidden bootstrap alert

This is a simple Bootstrap alert: <div id="alert_recover_ok" class="alert alert-success hidden"> <a class="close" data-dismiss="alert" href="#">✖</a> Please check your email for recovery

Quote generator for a website

While working with a client on a health clinic website she asked me if i can include in her website an inspirational quote and make it change automatically after 24 hours. she said she will provide me with 31 sentences and each sentence should stay 2

Delay the return function until the end of the Ajax request

I'm writing a simple utility to handle the numerous JSON calls I have to make in my app, but the problem with the readJson function below is that it completes before the inner function that gets the Ajax has got the data, so it returns undefined. Can

add a selection option on the body

I am trying to append select field on body, when any of options is selected. But this is being appended on selected option itself because i am appending it with options. I don't know how to append it on body now. How can i append select field on body

How to find if the content is available or not in div?

This is my sample code. If u click on next button it's displaying next content of that page. If u click one more time empty page is showing because content is not there. How to find wheather content is available or not inside div? <!DOCTYPE html> &l

Comparison of two json tables

I have this interval, that does an ajax request, currently every 5 seconds. I am having an issue with the if statement. my code ALWAYS enters it, and the two json values are the exact same, why is it seeing them as different? var newActivity = null,

Use jQuery to create a numbered list with styled numbers?

I need to create what looks like an ordered list with colored numbers in a Wordpress site. I know how to make this by hand in html. There are several ways, but let's say I create a numbered item via an unordered list such as <li><span>1. </

Get the verified value of 2 sets of radio buttons using jQuery

Im having a weird issue here. Its probably just something stupid but I dont see it. I have two sets of radiobuttons, group1 and group2, and I want to get their values in a function. I have 1 clickevent on all radiobuttons in that div and when I click

Jquery if textbox & gt; 0

So i'm terrible are js, and i'm trying to get a jquery script, to onblur check if the text box has content, and if it does then proceed with the script, this is what i have <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $(&

Fancybox entry inside & lt; a & gt;

This example shows what I am trying to do: I would like it to work so that when you click the input to delete the file, this works without loading fancybox. How can I stop fancybox from loading when you click the input? Thi

Scroll to the bottom of a page and unlimited scrolling

I'm trying to make a web page that works with unlimited scrolling. Now the problem is, it doesn't seem to work right now: window.scroll(function() { alert('Scrolling'); if ($(this)[0].scrollHeight - $(this).scrollTop() == $(this).outerHeight()) { ale

if statement, selecting a class or element

For example I do have a .className and an element tag. If the user did not clicks on that className or the element tag the alert will run. Please correct my code: var i = $("ul li"); if (!$(this).hasClass("className") || !$(this) == i)

jquery-mobile loaded in an Android WebView

I've not been able to get a webpage decorated by jquerymobile to load into an Android WebView. Consider the jquery mobile demo site: final WebView browser; browser = (WebView) findViewById(;

JQuery assigning a newly created link to a variable?

How do I assign this newly created link to the local variable? tblOutput += '<td>'; tblOutput += $('<a></a>') .click(function (e) { $.fancybox({ 'autoDimension': true, 'showCloseButton': true, 'type': 'iframe', 'href': 'WordManagerForm.a

How to select an entry OR a selection with jQuery

how can one select an input "or" a select element with jQuery? I have a form, and I want to get the first element of that form that is an input or a select. So, this $('#myForm').find('input:first') or $('#myForm').find('select:first'). Any idea

JQuery FullCalendar JSON date issue

I am integrating jQuery plugin FullCalendar, overall it has been really straightforward. I however have ran into a problem with adding events to the calendar. I am using ASP.NET MVC 1.0 and have found and followed this post. I am returning JSON to th

Jquery & mdash; Find the ID of an item in a DIV

Im trying to get the ID of the <div> element here so that i can use it to animate the opacity of the when i hover over the div with class 'module'. i have set the opacity of all the <div> elements with class 'moduleInfo' to 0. So basically wha