OnMouseScroll increments a JS variable

I want to make a JS function. It will work like this : If I use my Mouse Wheel to Scroll Down so my variable will decrement. And if I use my Mouse Wheel to Scroll Up my variable will increment I want to put that in a Condition with a max and min numb

how to iterate each response element in $ .ajax

First thing, the simple response which I get back from $.ajax is this: http://pastebin.com/eEE72ySk I am using this code: $.ajax({ url: "/api/Flight/SearchFlight", type: "Post", data: $('form').serialize() + '&' + $.param({ 'TokenI

Add a Div class with Ajax Loop

I have an Ajax script that reads an XML file and appends each node inside a div with an ID "links." The script is working OK, but I'd like to display each result within a class "col-md-3". Here's the loop from the Ajax script: $(xml).f

jQuery AJAX POST runs twice

My AJAX call always executes twice. I'm using normal Javascript Event Handlers and the <input type="button">. I'm not quite sure where I'm going wrong, the server returns a JSON array which AJAX can receive successfully and parse. I'm quit

JQuery special character escape fails

I am trying to make a jQuery selector to select, by an arbitrary id, an html element. The ids may contains special characters that need to be escaped. An example is test_E///_AAAAA I am basically doing exactly what is going on in this working fiddle

The page is reloaded when the form is sent using jquery ajax

I am trying to submit a form using jquery ajax. My problem is when I submitting the form its submitting but my page is reloading. I tried using preventDefault(). But I still couldn't figure this out. This is the HTML for my form: <form action="&qu

Change the font size to fit a variable width container

I'm trying to fluidly scale the font size to fill its variable-width container using jQuery TextFill. Trouble is, I think this only works with fixed-width containers. I want to use this on a site with a responsive grid. Here's my test, which confirms

JQuery mobile scrolling / page cut on a multi-page template

Having this strange issue where page/screen is being cut off. Seems to happen when you click into this screen below (which is shorter) then click back and go into another longer screen. The scrollbar doesn't appear so the page is cut off. Testing in

accordion does not work after charging

I just encountered a problem with jquery accordion. What I am doing is loading new content from a php page "jobsload.php". After updating the page with new content, accordion doesnot work. I have tried the destroy property too but in vain. here

My jquery animation does not work after an ajax call

I'm trying to get my animation to work on after an ajax call has been made. It works fine when the user lands on the page. But if the user navigates back to the front page the animation will not run. I'm pretty new to Jquery, could you give me some h

js - appendChild method that ruins the entire page

I am making a simple web app. In one part of it, I have a dynamically generated list: which is achieved with: for(var i=0; i<goalsObj.length; i++){ var node = document.createElement("li"); node.setAttribute("class", "list"

How to add a load indicator while loading data

I would like to display loading indicator while data is loading. below is my current codes: $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "URL", data: dataString, cache: false, success: function(html) { $("#div").html(html); } }); What should

JPanelMenu Does Not Create the JPanelMenu-Menu Class

The JpanelMenu will not create the additional class and I can't figure out why. I placed linked to the site with this HEAD <script type="text/javascript" src="http://jpanelmenu.com/js/lib/jquery.jpanelmenu.min.js"></script>

My ajax call does not work in Chrome and Firefox

Hi My ajax call is not working in chrome and firefox but it is in Safari. I am not able to figure it out as it is working on all browsers locally. My site is recently had SSl certificate.Is that something causing problem? I am not sure. For reference

Chained selects with Jquery Ajax

I new to programming, and have just finished the jquery course on CodeAcademy.I'm currently trying to create a chained select using Jquery's AJAX function to call a php page which runs a query on my database and echoes it out to my main html page. Cu

JQuery .on () event for dynamic content injection

I'm loading in content from a separate file into an element, this works fine however I am trying to attach an event handler to this dynamic content so I can use the jQueryUI slider in the new dynamic div I have created. I have replaced this with an a

The jQuery.ajax converter is not called

I'm having trouble with jQuery.ajax converters - I can't get my converter to be called. I've got this jQuery AJAX code (simplified for the question) : $.ajax({ url: "http://myurl/myservice", dataType: "JSONP", cache: false, success: fu

Retrieve content from another div and apply in a new div

I have an application that's dynamically creates div boxes and through AJAX loads images that are placed inside the boxes. If a box already exists I don't want to load the images (through AJAX) again. Instead the content (ie. the images) should be gr

Jquery countdown for multiple events

Here is my problem. I am coding a website for a meeting hall. The client wants a countdown to the next meeting on the home page. I figured I would use The Jquery Countdown plugin on http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html as it has everything I need. B

Set element height via CSS or JavaScript / JQuery

This should be simple but nothing's working: Question How do you set the height of a webpage to be, lets say, exactly 4000 pixels-in such a way that scroll bars exist even when the page is blank? Background I'm new to JavaScript/JQuery but very exper

Make an array of data from $ (this) .serialize ()

I have a product page wherein if the user clicks on edit, an overlay form window is populated to make it editable. After the edit is completed and the user clicks submit I want to update the text() of each field of the product which was changed. So i