Unwanted spacing in the two-column drop-down list

I want to create a two column list, filling items from left to right and then downwards. The problem is I get unwanted spacing when a multiple line item comes at right side. Notice the space at the left of 'Big Coffee'. Since 'Big Coffee' is in two l

Add JS to not include a% character

I have one JSON value which is writing into HTML and CSS from the following JS: $('#team2-keyPlayer2-rating').css('width', data[team1].keyPlayers.keyPlayer1.rating); $('#team1-keyPlayer1-rating').html(data[team1].keyPlayers.keyPlayer1.rating); The fi

How to fill in the drop-down menu in mvc

I have a dropdown list and i am trying to populate my dorpdown list with the data from the database, for this i am using mvc so how do i write a method in controller and how do i write the jquery for that: This is what i implemented in my view; @Html

active bootstrap dynamic class

I have this nav bar: <ul class="nav navbar-nav" id="nav"> <li class="active"><a href="#">Home</a></li> <li><a href="#about">About</a></li> <li>&l

Show / hide items with angles

I was trying to show and hide an element child, so when I hover over a <li> element, I set up a ng-show with value false for all the elements. If I try to make the value true to show, it shows me all the child elements. I just want to display for ea

What exactly is this jQuery / Regex extract?

I'm not very good with RegEx, and am trying to learn. I have inherited a project which contains the following line of code: function findCourseIdFromForm(where) { var matchRegex = /\[course-[0-9]*\]/; var replaceRegex = /\[|\]|[a-z]|\-/g; return $(".

Working with dates in PHP and Javascript

I have some dates stored in YYYY-MM-DD format in a MySQL database that I need to pass to JQuery for use in a JQuery UI Calendar. The problem I'm having is that `2014-01-12 in PHP is January 12 2014, but February 12, 2014 in Javascript. This is becaus

Setting the check box with jQuery

I have two input checkboxes, and I want to check/uncheck them with jQuery: <input type="checkbox" name="user1" value="1" id="u1" onclick="loadUserCalendar(1)"> <input type="checkbox" nam

Is it safe to put an ID (inserts into DB) in a hidden entry?

Here's the summary of my code: My website basically just loops the content of all the rows of a certain table; however, at times, I'll need to obtain an individual ID from a certain row. The hidden input works but I know that it will be a big burden

jquery animation problem in chrome and opera

so I have a div with the following css: #MyDiv { position: absolute; overflow: visible; top: 0px; right: 50%; width: 49%; height: 99%; min-width: 250px; min-height: 400px; max-width: 400px; max-height: 500px; background-color: #FFFFFF; border: 1px so

jQuery FormData POST - for downloading files

I am trying to submit a full form for server side processing using jQuery. The form contains various fields including a file upload option. I am trying to use FormData to do this as I don't care about browsers that don't support it at the moment. I h

JQuery does not run on $ (document) .change ()

I need to make some JQuery execute when the page/document has changed - in this case, when a div with a specific CSS class is displayed. I have the following JQuery code: <script> $(document).change(function () { if ($('.validation_errors').length)

InfoWindow external link trigger with Google Maps / JQuery

Started playing around with the Google Maps API V3. I have a list of places in HTML with some data-coordinates. The places populate on the map however, what I want to happen is when you click on the actual link (i.e. Place 1) outside of the map, it t

identify jquery button click php

I have an input button in : while ($row = $result->fetch()) { echo '<table class="cart-row" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">'; echo '<tbody>'; echo '<tr>'; echo '<td width="

How do I call the same code using multiple events?

I have the following code .. $("#input_name").blur(function(){ //more code }); It works fine, but now I need to invoke the same functionality as in the blur function above by clicking a button as well. Basically, I want to keep the blur as is, a

Checking the regular expression date with jQuery

How to check date format with regular expression in input text? Format: 20.04.1986I'd use Datejs or some other validation library as they've been tested and used for awhile, but if you just want some raw regex, here's what I came up with quickly. Thi

Packing tab order with a div (jQuery)

I have two forms on my page, and when focus is set to one of the forms, i want the user to only be able to tab through the current form. heres what the html looks like: <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).

Find out where the Jquery ajax query is redirected to

So- I've got this ajax request, see-. Blonde, about 6 feet tall, looks like this: $.ajax({ url: 'http://example.com/makeThing', dataType: 'html', type: 'POST', data: { something:someotherthing }, complete: function(request, status) { console.log("hea

Parent CSS (jQuery)

There is <dl> with padding-top <dl id="posters" style="padding-top: 150px;"> <dt class="active">text</dt> <dd class="active"><a href="#"><img width="150" he

Why can not I use TinyMCE?

My URL is: http://www.metroflatsmiami.com/listing/add.html Any help?Because http://www.metroflatsmiami.com/js/tinymce/tiny_mce.js doesn't exist.

JavaScript library or Raw coding?

I current use prototype library to handle ajax requests. I have been on stack overflow for a week or so, and have seen lot of jQuery questions. It seems like most of people choose to use that library to handle javascript part of the programming. Besi