Use Html.DropDownList in javascript

I have a Razor page that allows users to add a variable amount of attendees to a meeting object. On the page, there is an "add attendee" button that inserts the textbox onto the page and increments the subscript so that the model binder can pick

Cross browser compatibility HTML5 & amp; CSS3

This may not be a question related to programming but I am still asking this since I am banging my head a lot on this issue. I am finding a lot of HTML5 & CSS3 features useful for my website designing. But as usual (like all developers) I am confused

form submit browser compatibility

I am fairly new in programming. I use following code to submit a form: <form action="" method="post" class="label" id="form1"> <span id="sprytextfield1"> <label>Ονομα* <br /> <in

How to adjust the Brightcove autostart video

Hi i am used brightcove video my html page light box pop up. click image successfully popup brightcove video. my query is click thumbnail image image popup and auto play brightcove video.thanks for your feature help. Script: $(".thumb3").on('cli

Single-line navigation overflow

I have a site where I have a single row of navigation items. When I reduce the page width items drop onto a second line. Having seen the BBC's very clever solution to this which creates a 'more' dropdown when the page is too narrow to hold all of the

Select2 in a complex form as an abstract class

I need to use the select2 object in my form. This is my form There are many select html objects. For instance If I would like to change the Customers select box into a Select2 object I have written this little snipp

Change image with a fade

I'm working on a site here: They've now decided they want the pictures to fade in when you click a thumbnail rather than just have the image switch. The current code is: <div id="mainimage"> <

Detect touch events in Chrome on Windows 8 with touchscreen

I built a touch/mouse friendly jQuery plugin. It works on phones(ios, android...) and desktops browsers. But i have some issues with Windows 8 Chrome installed on laptop with touch screen. Unfortunately i dont have such a device and cant do any tests

Jquery ajax default success feature with custom function

What I wanna do is have a default success function which all requests will go through and then a specific function with stuff for individual calls. Something like function handleResponse(data, func){ if(data.error){ display error information }else{ f

Using the Esc Button to Exit the jquery Contextual Dialog Box

I managed to create a partial view with jquery for a popup dialog to show a create form, now my next problem is how to use the Esc key on the keyboard to return the page before the pop-up. I tried creating a close link/button and well it worked but I

jquery-1.4.1.min.js does not work

The code below works prefect in visual studio 2010 but doesnt work on visual studio 2008, if there any others exception that i miss out? what else i should check for in order to know what am i missing? Noted* i can only received alert(starting) but n

How to stop updating the jQuery publishing page

I am getting data from an MySQL database through PHP. I am sending the and getting the data from PHP using jQuery. Here is the code. $.POST("SubmitCode.php", $("#questionCodeForm").serialize(),'json').done(function(data) {}); Now the p

Add a class to an element with ONLY a child element

I would liek to use jquery to find every single instance of a strong tag within a p tag, and add a class to the p tag like so: <p><strong>Bold Text</strong></p> will become <p class="hasStrong"><strong>Bold Te

Checking a cookie in a PHP script

Hey i still need a little bit of help with the rating system but i have a problem checking if the cookie exist this is <?php $rating = new ratings($_POST['widget_id']); isset($_POST['fetch']) ? $rating->get_ratings() : $rating->vote(); class rati

Show div on the image

I am trying to make a small store map with a pointer on it showing the location in the store. I have created this using jQuery and it works perfect in Chrome. Yet, in Firefox and internet explorer, the pointer is positioned behind the map and it is i

Ajax jQuery post to PHP script gives error 404

I'm trying to program an online experiment which posts some data using jQuery and ajax to a PHP script which saves the data to the text file, and I'm having some issues. The script works fine when the data I post is small (say 2kb) and will correctly

reverse json javascript

Is there an inexpensive way to reverse: { "10": "..." "11": "...", "12": "...", "13": "...", "14": "...", } so that I get: { "14": "..."

MySQL count included in the jSon object

I made a php/ajax/mysql/json script for my site, to show all the tags. If I GET the page id it will show me all the tags of that page. But! In my main page i'd like to show all tags, from all pages WITH a counter. For example if I tagged 4 pages with