Remove style attributes from the string

I'm trying to remove all style attributes from a string (and not an object), in javascript or jQuery. Example var html = "<p style="color:red">my text</p>"; And i want to obtain this <p>my text</p> Is it possibl

Why will not this div appear after clicking on another div?

So I'm pretty experienced with programming, but I am just getting new to Javascript. I am making a new element when I click a div, but it won't work. I have tried many methods, and this one seems like the simplest. Can you help me figure out what is

The click function of the check box does not work

I am trying to implement a very simple thing using AngularJS, Jquery and MVC, which I have implemented in my early project. There is a table with checkbox. The table header contains a checkbox and when I click in checkbox all checkboxes inside the ta

Unpack all paragraph tags inside the jquery div

Here i have the sample html where i want to unwrap all paragraph tags inside the div.Currently html looks like this. <div class="divclass"> Hi this is some text. <p>testing test</p> <p></p> <p><a href="

Dynamic ng-click does not call the function

I wish to make a dynamic table in AngularJS, but the problem is ng-click does not call the function. Here is the fiddle : fiddle Here is the code : General template : <div class="box"> <dynamic-table></dynamic-table> </div&g

jQuery / AJAX - send additional data with file download

I am uploading files to the server using jQuery: $.ajax({ url : '', dataType : 'json', cache : false, contentType : false, processData : false, data : formData, // formData is $('#file').prop('files')[0]; type : 'post', success

jquery changes class when it is sortable

//JavaScript $(function() { $( "#sortable1, #sortable2" ).sortable({ connectWith: ".connectedSortable" }).disableSelection(); }); /*CSS*/ #sortable1, #sortable2 { border: 1px solid #eee; width: 142px; min-height: 20px; list-style-type:

Split AJAX POST variables

I have written a script to post AJAX variables whenever a checkbox is clicked. When multiple checkboxes are selected the variables are stored in an array and seperated by a pipe. I need each variable to be passed separately into my php function so I

hover over the mouse with several td rowspan

I have a table with multiple td rowspan. On mouse hover the entire alphabet row should come in red colour. For example, if we keep the mouse on any alphabet value the entire alphabet section should appear red. Same case for numbers also. Had some jQu

image map: shows another image of mouseover zones

Let's say I want to create an interactive group photo with two mouseover-effects: a) show a tooltip above and b) highlight the person / show an alternate image. What I want to do is quite similar to this (look at Map #2) - I want the group photo to b

Can not print the output in specific div?

First of all I am not very good in designing but with some help I am able to acheive this code My main issue is that when a user opens a div it becomes the target div, so if I have five divs open at the same time it doesn't matter which I type in bec

toLocaleDateString () does not return the format dd / mm / yyyy

Hi I have used toLocaleDateString() to display a date from a rss feed,t its not showing dd/mm/yyyy format in all browser, safari and mozila its showing differently but chrome it is showing correctly.This has already been answered before: According to

Pass PHP variables with html code to JQuery

I'm appending a newly published comment to the comment list, which contains PHP variables with html code. I'm doing this through JQuery, and wondering what is the best way to do it. Would we typically use an ajax call? Thanks. code is as follows: <te

Adding li elements with For Loop in JS

I'm having the biggest brainfart ever right now... I need to append i amount of slides (which can be blank), but they have to have a specific classes for the internal divs, and a specific ID consisting of i in the slides name. <ul class="bjqs"

Backbone views are not rendered without predefined El

What I am trying to do is create views which can be removable without removing the parent element. I've found that when I set the el property directly on the View, when I .remove() it, the parent element is also removed. I've tried creating a view wi

Drag to change page - different domain

I've seen a lot of posts on mobile slide buttons already, but those are always about loading divs on the same page or another page on the same domain. I'm trying to do almost the same thing but to a different domain. This is what I have http://jsfidd

to find the class a better way - jquery

I know my selector will have a class of level-1, level-2, level-3 I want to set the level based on this but my way feels a bit clunky? Is there a neater way to do this if ( $level.hasClass('level-2')) { $levelValue= "level2"; } if( $level.hasCla

analyze natural language

To start: I know this system will have flaws! NOTE: Im adding a few other languages because I don't find this problem specific to php..A JavaScript or jquery solution would work...I could change the language ...Its the method i am after! What: I am t

jQuery target parent

I have the following html structure: <ul> <li id = "1"><a href = "">1</a></li> <li id = "2"><a href = "" class = "active">2</a></li> <li id = "

A state between two classes

I have two CSS classes (c1 and c2), and I'm switching between them with CSS3 transitions. Now, I want a div to stay (not animate) in a state between c1 and c2, for example 60% c1 and 40% c2. (If I play a transition with 1second duration between c1 an

Add the attribute 'selected' using the value of the option

I have a select box with 10 options. Each time you select an option it sets in the localstorage the value you selected with id "select1". For example: If you select the first option you get in the localstorage: Key: Emailclient - Value: Option1.

to get BR separated text via DOM in JS / JQuery?

I am writing a greasemonkey script that is parsing a page with the following general structure: <table> <tr><td><center> <b><a href="show.php?who=IDNumber">(Account Name)</a></b> (#IDNumber) <br

How do I write json results to a div using jquery?

This is probably a really easy question, but I can't find anything that works. I'm trying to take a json result and just write it into the inner html of a div to see what it looks like. I have something like this: $.getJSON("someurlthatgivesmejson&qu