view the image with fancybox

I'm trying display an image using fancybox, but not working. My code: <div id="example2" style="display:none;"> <a id="single_image" href="#"><img src="style/images/promocional-01.jpg" alt=&

Unable to recognize the substring in the JQuery parent string

I have a parent string of which I want to replace certain entities: FIDDLE example here var parent_string = "Steven Paul Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was an American information technology entrepreneur and inventor who worked with

can not load datepicker in ajax tab

i can't have a datepicker work inside tab loaded via ajax. here the script on my main page: <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" /> <title>Studio90DMS - Ricerca Generale</t

Check if an object with an index is in the table

$.each(constructions, function(i,v) { if ($.inArray(, map[ii].buildings) == -1) {//stuff} }; Where constructions is an array of objects, each with a unique name. map[ii].buildings is an array containing some of these objects. I want to iterate

a selector combined with the hasclass () function

This question already has an answer here: chaining classes for .hasClass(); 3 answers JQuery .hasClass for multiple values in an if statement 10 answers I am now practicing my JS skills and Jquery. var clickcheckboxcount=0; var clickedcheckboxname =

Touch swipe does not work in Windows 8 IE 10 phone

we have tried capturing the event using following code in our JQuery.. but swipe is not working. if (window.navigator.msPointerEnabled) { this.element.addEventListener("MSPointerDown", eventHandlerName, false); this.element.addEventListener(&quo

Error on jquery

I have this code but it seems that it has an error. the error says that Uncaught typeError object# has no method 'HasScrollBar ' is there something wrong with the code? the HasScrollbar method is declared on top of the function but it seems that it c

Bootstrap drop-down menu with responsive layout

I'm trying to make a website and I'm having a problem with a bootstrap class. The class dropdown is working fine when the page is fully opened, but when it goes to the collapse mode, the list of the dropdown menu is still open. What should I do to ke

get the parent ID of the parent div using jquery

I have the following code and I need to have the id of the post in jquery! please help me in this. foreach($posts->result() as $post){ echo "<div class='post' id='$post->id' >"; echo $post->content; echo "<div class='comme

Form in the JQuery menu

I have a form which has two hidden parameters that I want to pass to the function LoadView <form name="frm1" action="http://localhost/tddd27/index.php/AddProduct/LoadView"> <input type="text" name="ID" valu

Flip a dialog jquery Modal disable my Javascript

i try to flip a modal dialog of jquery with flippy plugin Here my code for create the dialog : $(document).ready(function(){ [...] $('<div class="modal-popup"><div>TEST</div></div>') .hide() // Hide the dialog for now so

To add a dynamic paragraph in dynamic div

I had created a dynamic div and paragraph in dialog box to show confirmation while submitting the form. How to append the dynamic paragraph inside the dynamic div, Please help me on this. Thanks in Advance. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en&quo

Mouse rollover issues and jquery problem

I have a problem with jquery effects on few blocks. Mouseenter and mouseleave work only on the first div block while on all others it doesn't. Here is the JS: $(document).ready(function() { $('#mainbox').mouseenter( function () { $('#infobox').fadeIn

.html () returns undefined

I'm new to JQuery and am having trouble getting the content of a div block. <div class="update_status"> Updated successfully </div> And when the following script runs: $(document).ready(function () { $(function () { var $status_div =

RoR using Chained selects the jQuery plugin

I'm trying to use a jQuery chained select. This is a sample of the HTML that is needed (not the code I'm using - but, will give you an idea how the jquery requires the HTML to look): <select id="mark"> <option value="">--&l

jquery flot labeling location x-axis

please refer to How can I put the x-axis to the top of the chart instead at the bottom of the chart?Like this:

How to resize an image depends on the resolution?

I have an img of 200px by 200px. I have a container for the img. The container size is 100%x100%. Basically the size of the container is depends on the window size. What I would like to achieve is if the screen size is gets smaller than 200px it shou

jquery div resizer as a stackoverflow a

I have a vertical only resizable div in my page. I'd like to put a handle "grip" like what there is in this page at the bottom of the textarea in the section "Your Answer". How can I do it?How about jQuery UI's resizable interaction? $

Internet Explorer works very slowly by running the JS code

There is a page that uses PHP to fetch search results from Google Search API and then it puts the results on the page some funny way in a circle. The code may look crappy but seems that it works more or less fine in Firefox. When you enter a search q

jQuery can not get a good formatted ID

I have a problem with this fonction: function test(value){ var id = "'" + value + "'"; $(id).remove(); } It gets an "Id", add simple quotes and then call the remove function. The "value" is a generated id by php. Fo

jQuery: dynamically apply the plugin

i'm having this markup: <div plug=tButton></div> and wrote a little plugin which makes a button ouf of the div like this: var cmd = $("[plug]"); cmd.tButton(); my question: when only having the div (and its plug-attribute), how can i

How to disable the tooltip in the browser with jQuery?

Is there a way to disable browser tooltip from displaying when hovering over elements that have attribute 'title' populated? Note that I don't want to remove title content. Here is the code are requested: $(document).ready(function() { $('a.clickable