Weirdpe.js strange animation when filtering

When I am setting up this filter and using it, the functionality works except for one thing. There is a weird animation during the filter process. In my codepen the code works great. Copied and pasted with the same JS version and the same build versi

How to bind Datepicker with the angular model ng

I have a form with a few fields in HTML. Below is the related lines for the date fields where I use a datepicker. <input tabindex="3" class="date-picker" name = "startDate" type="text" id="startDate" ng

Get a binding name in KnockoutJS binding

I have following: <div data-bind="liveEditor: PropertyNameINeed"></div> How do I get the name "PropertyNameINeed" with jQuery? Is there better solution than that one?

Serialize the entry with the html value using an ajax query

I used jquery.ajax post to send the data to the server using c# but it handles an error here's my code $(function(){ $('#frmSubmit').on('submit', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); var frm = $(this); $.ajax({ url: frm.attr('action'), type: frm.attr('me

trigger once by clicking on a document

I have this script $(document).on("click", "#ocs", function(){ alert("ASdasd"); }); but on a unknown reasons, it trigger the click twice. I can surely use $("#ocs").unbind().click(function(){ alert("ASdasd"

jQuery.inArray returns -1 regardless of its value

I'm attempting to compare two arrays using the jQuery's .inArray. This seems straightforward but each value that is compared comes back as -1 (not in the array). Below is my code finalClick(); function finalClick(){ roles=["President", "Dog

How to get the value of the cell by clicking a button

I have a problem that I can't solve how much I try. By clicking on the Edit Customer button I wan't to get the value from the CustomerNr cell. My problem is that I don't know how to get the row index by clicking on a button and then pass it to my fun

Change the checkboxes with ajax with other entries

Currently I have been using ajax to post to a few methods in my code igniter installation. I now have a form that has a checkbox array with other inputs and am having problems passing the value into post. Currently it returns the last value of the th

text in the input field that can not be deleted

I've an input field such as <input type="text" value="static text"> </input> Is it possible that static text cannot be deleted or selected? This is required so that user can input text after the 'static text'.I suggest you

Monopoly choose a random card and pop board

Click function click() { createCards(); pickCard(); } Pick Card function pickCard() { var x = Math.floor(Math.random() * ((15 - 0) + 1) + 0); var title = cards.chance[x].title; console.log(x + ". " + title); //pop the array we just picked //adju

How to get the text of the div?

I am populating the content of a div having display - none using AJAX. The code is as follows - $(".event").mouseover(function () { var id = $(this).attr("id"); $(".hidden-div").html(""); $.post("get-festival-d

Show content ajax in fancybox on fly

i am working on ajax and i want to show the content after success in in a fancy box. i already did it through jquery ui dialoge but the problem with it is of overlay which i am unable to do. so decided to use finish. function showCustomer() { // fire

niceScroll does not work on page load

I'm using niceScroll jQuery plugin for my content. My content id #node-10 and here is CSS: #node-10{ height: 200px; width: 370px; } #node-10 p{ padding-top:0; margin-top:-3px; padding-left:0; padding-bottom:0; } And JS: var nice = $("html").nice

For Autosave using CKEditor

i try to save my form with CKEditor and add autosave function mean all input will autosave : <script> //hide preview box $('document').ready(function() { $('#preview').hide(); //Default setting }); //save in db function CKupdate(){ for ( instance in

CSS support div position

I need some help with the positioning of divs that appear on each #box's hover event. The hidden divs should appear over the box that was hovered in a way that: Each #tooltip div covers the box that was hovered plus the box next to it The tooltips of

Calling jQuery.remove () on a DOM done from a string

html = '<h1>foo</h1><p>bar</p>'; virtual_dom = $(html); console.log(virtual_dom); // logs a data structure recognizable as a DOM with the h1 and p from the string Does jQuery provide a way to remove paragraphs from virtual_dom, suc

Auto-slip does not work after clicking on controls

In the boxslider, the autosliding works fine the first time. But when we click on the controls (left and right arrow), then auto sliding is not working. Here is my code: <ul id="slider-assocoates"> <li><a href="#" target

Find if an element contains a jquery selector

Let say I have, <a id="a123"></a> Now I need to check whether $("a") selector contains $("#a123") element.If you want to find whether a has this a123 id then you can do it using is method which returns true if it

Validation of the drop-off date Jquery

I am using the jQuery Validation plugin to validate a signup form for my site. One of the required things a user must do is enter their birthday, they have to be 18 to use the site. I am having the birthday entered through three dropdown menus. I wan

jQuery Click on the entry and the function?

I have this HTML <div class="someclass"> <input id="special" type="submit" value="Post"/> </div> And I'm confused as to how I can run jQuery to click and run a function ? i.e. this works <div cl

An appropriate way to include a jQuery library

I am working on a module for Drupal 7. I am using some of the jQuery UI modules which are included. my natural way to include these is to use drupal_add_js() and drupal_add_css() with the relevant files. However this feels a little wrong. Is there an

jQuery: moves the element by relative value

(meaning an elements left-value): what's the easiest way to move an element - eg. 10px to the left (from its current position)? thxIt might be that jQuery is overkill and setting margin-left: -10px will do the trick. You can get an element's offset()