Year range disabling using the Pickadate.js date picker

I'm trying to alter the years displayed in dropdown using the Pickadate.js but can't get it working. As of now the year dropdown list contains years that I don't want to see including the current year. Question is, how can I remove a range of years l

Link all available events to an element

can I bind all the available events to an element $('body').on('all available events', '.element', function(e) { if (e.type == 'click') { // do something... } else if (e.type == 'change') { // do something else... } }); I do not want to give them ind

CSS hover flips the image below

My website has a problem. When I hover to a the fourth image, the images below falls apart, only on Mozilla but works perfectly fine with Chrome. I know its a CSS problem, I tried the -moz-border-radius but does not work. Here is the link to the webs

Get the data in my json file?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around json and getting access to the data. Here's my json format, which I hope is logical for the type of data I'm using... {"round1": [ { "category" : "north", "match1": [ { "

Convert JSON to INTeger for MongoDB?

With .post of FORM data to express/node.js All of the values are currently stored and returned as STRings Am looking to have one of the data values (req.body.quantity) stored as an INT //POST'/add', function (req, res) { db.collection('demo

Check a specific box using JS

I am looking to check a specific check box by calling its name. The name is c[featured_ad] and I will share what I've attempted below. Thanks for your help. JavaScript: <script type="text/javascript"> window.onload = function() { $('input:

Jquery code does not work on ie8

One function is not working on IE8 but working on google chrome and firefox. XmlDom contain xml data $(XmlDom).find('Message').each(function(){ if($(this).attr('id')==id) { msg= $(this).find('messageText').text(); } }); plz help here is the sample da

IE does not execute my 'onunload' code

I need to execute some code before leaving the browser, I implemented this: window.onbeforeunload = function () { return 'Are you sure?'; }; window.onunload = function () { releaseLocking(); }; It works pretty well with Google Chrome. When closing GC

Make 2 ajax request for a bash treatment

I'm making an ajax request which is making bash treatment. Another action in my page uses an ajax request but this one is waiting the end of my first request for making what I'm asking. Do you have any idea for doesn't waiting the end of the first aj

How to give the color of the reserved space?

Hi below text is a placeholder that is from js ,its color is #ccc .I need the textarea color as black ,right now it is taking placeholder color . <textarea id="txt1" class="txt1 required" name="comment1"></textarea&g

if (: visible) slide upward with a delay

I'm trying to have a page slide down and then another page slide up. But, for some reason, I can't figure it out. If you look on here, you can see that if I click the About navigation link, the page slid

Sorting input text in multiple div using javascript / jquery?

There are three fields(first name, Last name & age) displayed in text boxes. Each field is displayed in separate div's. There are 4 records. On clicking a sort button above each field the div records should be sorted based on the data type of the fie

The JQuery UI widget does not have a 'uniqueId' method

I am trying to make jQuery UI widget work in my web application I got all the files from original demo, and basically did everything I could so the code and files were pretty much the same as in demo version. And all the time get this error: Uncaught

Do I need $ (document) .ready (function () {})?

I've been developing in javascript for a few months and I have been using $(document).ready(function(){ at the beginning of all my scripts. I've noticed other folks don't use this in their scripts but I can't seem to get mine working without it. I'd

Give a focus applet on mouseenter?

I'm new to JQuery. I have a page containing an applet, and I'd like to give the applet focus whenever the mouse is over it. $('#appletID').mouseenter( function(){ $('#appletID').focus(); console.log('Debug: entered applet.'); }); The code above seems

Is there a timer function in ASP.NET MVC3?

I'm looking for a way to call a function every N seconds in order to update data displayed on the page. Is there a built-in functionality to accomplish this task or do I have to do it by myself?There are the window.setTimeout and window.setInterval j

Replace Jquery string does not work

This is driving me mad: // Get the comment template var comment = $('#CommentTemplate').html(); // Delete all entered text $("textarea#NewComment").val(''); // Get comments returned ID var ThisCommentsID = data.substring(2, data.length); var d =

Web-based push notifications for an internal application only

I'm already tossing around a solution but as I haven't done something like this before I wanted to check what SO thought before implementation. Basically I need to modify an existing web based application that has approximately 20 users to add push n

jquery: rock brothers and sisters

I want to toggle the next sibling of a link in a list like this, <ul> <li><a href="#">1</a></li> <li><a href="#">2</a> <ul class="selected"> <li><a href="#&q