Subscribe a value to the loading of the page

I have two ajax calls. One to load release cycles in first dropdown and another to load scenarios in second dropdown. The scenarios in the second dropdown correspond to the value selected in first dropdown. I am unable to load both on page load. I ha

How to divorce div one at a time

I have three divs within a scrollable wrapper. I'd like to make each div fade out when scrolled out of the "wrapper", one at a time. Right now I have all three divs fading out at the same time when I scroll. I spent quite some time trying to fig

How to get a tag name in XSLT?

This question already has an answer here: Getting element's name in XPATH 2 answers I made a simple example of xslt. I want to show tag name in h2. How to show the tag name using xslt? Here is my code: Link I used this <!--h1><xsl:value-of select

Issue with hide () and show () jquery

Can anybody help me with this issue? I'd like to hide inputs that don't have any text in it. But nthing happens. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Teste1: <input type="text" value="conteudo1" id="btn1" > Teste2: <in

Switching between div elements using Javascript

My website has 3 services, I want to be able to click on service 1 and see menu 1, click on service 2 and see menu 2, click on service 3 and see menu 3. I have the following code but it is not working as expected. When I click on service 2 and servic

Circliful Plugin does not work in ng repeat

I'm trying to use circliful(a jquery plugin to create a bunch of graphs within an ng repeat. However it isn't working . Will circliful not work when used within an ng

Can not call angular ng-click since jQuery

Im trying to call ng-click from jQuery but cant get it work. Can someone tell me how to do it properly? HTML: <a ng-click="changeData()">Testing</a> <a ng-click="changeData()">Testing 2</a> <a ng-click="

Execute a function when the element is rendered

I have a javascript function, for example: function SuperTD(id,str,tooltip) { return '<td id="' +id+ '" title="' +tooltip+ '">' +str+ '</td>'; } The SuperTD called and concatenated with many elements, and I don't want to ch

Get date from datepicker and display it in a div

I'm trying to get the date from the datepicker in jQuery UI and then display the date selected by the user somewhere on the page. The selected date already displays inside the input field of the datepicker, which is great, but i also want to display

Add a hyperlink to the first of a div

I have following code to show post details in single page. I would like to move link to following post-info div using jQuery by span class first-tag. How can I achieve? <a href="#"> <span class="first-tag">gaming</span&g

Stop showing the page

I want to do something like this: $(document).on("pagebeforeshow", "#myPage", function(event){ if(condition){ //I need to do something here to stop loading "myPage" ??? $.mobile.changePage("example.jsp"); } else { /

Check if the version of JQuery is greater than 1.8.3?

I'm trying to check if the current jquery version is greater than 1.8.3 but parseInt($.fn.jquery) only outputs one digit.Not sure it's the most efficient but seems to work... Take the version string, split it into tokens and test each token, like bel

Edit text in the dynamically created text box

I have a bunch of textboxes that are created dynamically one per click. They all have the same name "discount[]", same id "discount" and have the same class "tinput". Is there anyway that I can use to change the text in all o

why not load the images for the first on my ipad

i have a gallery slider in my project. i have tested on my computer and all works fine, but when i tested on my ipad the images for the gallery slider dont load when i open my project. total images in the slider are 62 and have a total of 1.2mb My Co

jQuery - Animate on a hover

I know this is likely to be closed as a duplicate, but still I didn't manage to find an answer to my problem in all the similar questions. I want to animate() an element on my page (through jQuery, you had guessed) on mouse hover. What I did was: $('

Flicker content / infinite scroll / loop jump

I am looking for help / a point in the right direction / or a solution for a flicker/jump, when scrolling on a looping/infinite website, which can be seen in this fiddle. What seems to be causing the jump is: "$(window).scrollTop(half_way - child_hei

Create an ajax function Javascript / Generic jquery

I'm new to javascript, jquery, and ajax and need help making my code more efficient. I have the following javascript/jquery function that works fine: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $("#promo1").cha

jQuery delegate with button loaded via JavaScript

I've searched through stackoverflow as well as the rest of the web without finding a clear answer for what I am trying to do. I have the following HTML code: <a id="orderPadReviewSubmitBtn" href="#" class="portlet-lightGrey-but

The Jquery script freeze script but working

i'm trying to make a live search for my mobile website, I don't want to query the database every time a user type a letter so I created a ordered list with all the names that can be searched for and i'm looping through it with jquery, problem is that

Is AJAX enough? Should I learn a PHP framework?

I started learning programming 4 months ago. So far I already know some javascript(and jquery), php, ajax html and CSS. Yesterday I saw for the first time in one of the stack forums a question about PHP frameworks (zend, codeigniter...etc). I hope th

Get the jQuery object from the HTML string

I have an AJAX request that grabs the source of Wikipedia pages: $.ajax({ url: "TrollWikipedia.ashx", data: { url: "", }, type: "GET", success: function (html) { var page = $(html); alert(page.

match the site exactly the width and height of the browser

I need to have my site fit exactly to the user's browser, this means any browser and any size of monitor. i need to have no scroll bars both vertical and horizontal I want to do this in javascript/jquery I have this code: screen.width screen.height i

WCF non deserializable JSON - Web service settings are null

I am having the same issues as per this question: WCF not deserializing JSON input I am at a loss and desperate for a solution. I have scoured the net for answers, but I have found only this question that matches my exact problem. My datacontract par

Include JavaScript file in partial views

I am wondering what the best practice is for including javascript files inside partial views. Once rendered this will end up as a js include tag in the middle of my page's html. From my point of view this isn't a nice way of doing this. They belong i

Jquery dialog with rounded corners

I am having trouble implementing this, I have tried several variations of the corner() function from jquery.corner.js. Can someone please paste a sample of what the code would look like, and where it should reside, in the page which is calling the di

Using the jQuery accordion with strange markup

I have this HTML structure and want to convert it to an accordion. <div class="accor"> <div class="section"> <h3>Sub section</h3> <p>Sub section text</p> </div> <div class="section"