Trimming HTML template fields in PHP

I have a form setup like this: <form action="/clients/{{ $client->id }}/create-invoice" method="post"> <div class="form-group"> <label for="due_date" class="sr-only">Due Date</label

Need to remove the hyphen in the table

I have an array with some elements in it. var arr=["bet-vet","ban-van","baskat-vase"]; While displaying the array, the want the hyphen in between the words to be removed. When it is being displayed, the user should see Bet,ve

Prevent form submissions until response ajax

On form submission a function validate() is executed and functions checks user input validity. Validation criteria includes an ajax that checks if entered email is already registered or not. The problem is that before the ajax responds, it is execute

Cant disable Button using jquery in Django

I have i simple jquery function to disable a Button if the selected dropdown value is blank. But it wont work and i'm not sure why? Here's my HTML: <form action="{% url 'select_controller' id=i.ID %}" method="post"> {% csrf_token

Extracting Data Attributes from Items in the Console

I want to run a script in console to display only data inside elements from a html page: <tr class="pl-video yt-uix-tile " data-video-id="AAAAAAAA" data-title="BBBBBBBBBBBB" ... The data I want to extract is inside data-vi

Enter the form validation issues

I'm fairly new to developing for the Web and I'm currently working on a Sign Up form for a website so a website could take in new users. Making the form so far have been pretty painless with help from the big 'ol internet but I've run into a wall rec

jQuery: If php function has quit, then do something

I have a form that triggers a PHP function via the following jQuery: jQuery('#subnewtideform').submit(ajaxSubmit_subnewtideform); function ajaxSubmit_subnewtideform(){ var subnewtideform = jQuery(this).serialize(); jQuery.ajax({ type:"POST", url

Pass a php variable to jquery as argument

I have a question, how to pass val.idno after firm/editFirm/ so I need to do firm/editFirm/val.idno.Help me please guys.My jquery: $.each(obj, function(i,val) { $('#finalResult').text("Results"); items.push($('<li/>').text( val.name_firm +

The jquery animate method does not work

I am using the Foundation 4 framework for a simple page I am developing. I need to automatically scroll to a position on the page: $(document).ready(function() { console.log('Ready...'); // Does work $('html, body').animate({ // Doesn't work scrollTo

ng-bind-html does not work correctly

I want to show my data as html in angularjs. Here is apart of my codes : <div class="panel-body" ng-controller="hosgeldinizController"> <div id="divHosgeldiniz" name="hosgeldinizMessages" ng-repeat="ho

can not combine text and image in the JQuery dialog box

I am trying to add a picture and text to my JQuery Dialog box yet I am having problems, I'm new to JQuery but can't seem to find anything wrong with the code. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem is ? $(function() { $( ".dialog" ).click(fun

How to create a Github continuous calendar with Cal-Heatmap?

I've just started using cal-heatmap to create a Github-like calendar (e.g. a heat map for each day of the year in blocks). Ideally I'd like it to look something like so: Unfortunately, with my settings I keep getting something more like: Where the cu

jQuery how to dynamically add the index number to a table

i have created a table and i can add and remove rows using jQuery when a checkbox is checked. My question here is, how can i add an index number at the first column dynamically? my table: <div> <table class="config" id="status_tabl

How to change the image without updating the page

I have a website where the user can select different cards. I need a way where when a new card is selected then the page does not refresh. When I click the back button now it just goes back to previous selections. I need it to go back to the previous

Double quotations within parameters

Trying to programatically add links inside of a table. $("#p"+col).append("<a href='#' id='tablep"+col+"' class='ui-link-inherit' onClick='tableSelect('p"+col+"')'></a>"); Note how ...'tableSelect('p&quo

How to fill a drop-down menu with JavaScript values?

I added a button to the ribbon toolbar button in my extension to the Tridion CMS. On click of the button a popup page will display with two drop downs. By changing the values in the first drop down control I should populate the values for second drop

Open a new tab in Firefox

I have this code which opens all links in my page in a new window: <base target='_new' /> It works fine in Chrome but in IE(8) and Firefox not so. In Firefox it does open a new tab, but on a second link click it loads in the new tab but without putt

Reply JSON loop after success ajax

Sorry this is a duplicate from here asked in SO but I'm new to this so I would like to know how to do it? This is my ajax call: $("#btnprocess").click(function () { $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "Default.aspx/GetFilenames", dat

Jquery load () and colorbox () together

I am trying to load a part of the page using jQuery load function and display it using colorbox. I am currently using $(document).ready(function() { $(".rest-menuitem a").click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); var elementURL = $(this).a

How to import jQuery in the domain of absence

I found jQuery is really useful, especially for its convenient selectors. Because of its ease-of-use, I am more comfortable with this higher level JS library instead of the naive JS. Think of this case: I am visiting a webpage that has no jQuery impo

Call control Ajax

I want the ajax calls that are being made to be in a particular order, Let me explain further using some code. var feed_urls = [ 'URL_1', 'URL_2', 'URL_3', ... ... 'URL_N', ]; I am making ajax calls using jquery's getJSON method like so $.each(feed_u

Live search on the page (instant update)

I'd like to use a google instant like search for my website my url is all the content that is going to be searched is going to exist on that page it's not pulling it from a database or anything. Awhile back I was browsing r

How to format high diagrams?

I am using highchart (jquery chart library). I am indicating the axis with tooltip. now i need to display y axis value on top of respective bar. How can i do that My example graph Question: To display yaxis values on top of respective bar in highchar

jquery show / hide div on click?

I'm trying to use jquery to show and hide a div onclick, and, although I'm not getting any errors, it's not showing or hiding anything either. **EDIT - UPDATED ** $(document).ready(function() { $("#nav-inner a").click(function() { var type = $(t