Customize QrCode Color

I have been using a Jquery Plugin for creating QRcode. I want to customize it by changing it's forecolor and background color. Is there any way I could do it?You can try this jQuery.qrcode plugin. It offers fill for the forecolor, and background for

emphasize and unveil an element of div with js

I am trying to make to container where when i click on an element of div1 and that div1 focus and div1 height increase and when the element of div1 is unfocus or nonfocus then div1 height return in previous style. Here I make an snippet but it is not

Jquery - Populate DropDown box with the contents of the table

This supposed to be really easy but for some reason I cannot find an answer for it online.. I have an array that I receive after AJAX request and I want to populate its content a simple dropdown box. So let's say that's my array: var workers = ["Stev

Moving a div and changing text in jQuery

I'm having a problem with moving a div and changing it's text while doing a fadeOut/fadeIn. I have tried numerous options, even with creating a new div but nothing seems to work. append/appendTo won't work and for the past 5h I'm completely stuck her

jquery ajax to submit with twitter bootstrap modal

i'm developing a chat and i want that the clients click on the button "Click here and start ur chat" and will open the form and after submit form "Start Chat"... But i can't submit using ajax, i checked the console log, nothing appears

shortcut menu after a selection

i just wanted to ask how to auto dropdown the textbox based on the number selected. For example, i have a dropdown values of 2,3,4,5,etc, when I click the 2, it would dropdown two textboxes, three if the value is 3, thank you, very much appreciated.

mvc javascript with DropDownList

So my view receives a model. And I want to, in case the ID property of the model is -1, make the DDL select the default value "[Select]" that is in there. DDL: @Html.DropDownListFor(cModel => cModel.QueueMonitorConfigTypeName, Enum.GetValues(

Put nth-child in a var

You can put a variable inside nth-child like so: var myVar = $(elem); $("div:nth-child(" + myVar + ")"); But how can you put the value of nth-child inside a var? I don't think that nth-child is the appropriate term, but I don't know wh

Google+ missing Sharrre countdown

I setup a basic Javascript app on IIS7 about a month back. I made use of the Sharrre jquery plugin to add some social media buttons to it. For a couple of months they looked as expected: EDIT This below screenshot is not from my site, as I dont have

jQuery includes divs hidden in 'everyone'

I need to find a way to include hidden divs in the each statement below. I can't seem to find the answer. It's not just for children of a hidden element so i'm not able to write it based on display:none $("div").each(function(){ if ($(this).hasS

Show online errors with simple_form in an Ajax Bootstrap

I've found similar StackOverflow questions here and here but still can't get this to work. I'm using Rails 3.2.8, SimpleForm 2.0.4, and Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.1 (via the bootstrap-sass gem The user should be able to add a contact from a moda

iframe does not update after loading the 'AJAX' download tip

I am using the iframe technique to upload a file contained in a form. It's working perfectly, I even send myself an email with the file. The only problem is that I want to get infos from the iframe, such as file size. However, I can't update the ifra

jquery to add a class to menu items?

I have the following menu items: <ul> <li class="static"> <a class="static menu-item" href="/mySites/AboutUs">About Us</a> </li> <li class="static"> <a class="static-menu-

JQuery for Terms & amp; Conditions Dongle

I want to write some JQuery so that when I click the header 'Terms & Conditions' the actual terms themselves pop out from underneath the header or just reveal. If you click on the header again, the terms hide. Anybody know how to do this?You need a b

JQuery: merge several JSON results

Situation: User want to import Youtube playlist in a JQuery site using Youtube's JSON API. Problem: Youtube only gives back first 50 entries, but playlists can be 100+ entries long (length is given by 'totalItems' in JSON response). All the entries n

jQuery Validation in ASP.NET

i have a strange situation may its a easy fix or something i may be missing but here is the question. i have a form with master page and my validation works great without any problem but the problems starts when i try to hook my click event t

to call a function from javascript

I need to find a way to call a function in my aspx page from javascript. I have a Jquery function that makes the .drop class .droppable, and whenever I drop a .draggable onto a drop target, my Jquery code successfully fires a java alert statem