Skip JSON to the MVC controller?

I have a JSON object with nested arrays which I would like to send to a controller. This is my jQuery.ajax call: $.ajax({ url: "@Url.Action("ExportJson")", type: "POST", data: JSON.stringify(myObj), contentType:"applicat

How to replace $ (document) .ready () with $ (document) .on ()

I'm pretty new to JQuery. I'm using this JQuery function to show a tooltip on elements. I edited the code this way, according to my needs (with the help of this community): $(document).ready(function() { $('.toolTipField').each(function() { $(this).t

HTML5 in the jQuery placeholder

I want to have a bold tag in my input placeholder like the following: |--------------------| | BOLD normal | |--------------------| I found answers on Google but they're not useful. Like overlaying a div over the input with position:relative. Is ther

Add the element once

I have a responsive e-commerce template with a navigation bar that, when the window is resized below a certain break-point, stacks vertically. The menu items that have children are appended an "expander". When clicked, this expands the correspon

I can not change the error message jquery validation plugin

I want to change the error message, and that it does not work $('form').validate(); messages: { "form[name]": "test", } }); how fix? I think the problem was not in the script only, but also in html.vot just can not understand what I'm

Make the background image div sensitive with bootstrap 3

How make div with background image responsive with bootstrap 3 ?? Is it possible with img-responsive class in bootstrap 3 ?? My div is empty like below: <div class="row"> <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-12 col-lg-12">

Transform the HTML table into JSON

I have a huge HTML Table (about 500,000 rows) that I need to transform into a JSON file. The table looks something like this: <table> <tr> <th>Id</th> <th>Timestamp</th> <th>Artist_Name</th> <th>Tweet_

How to hide input names added when the value is empty

Hi all, I have a small script that appends a list of input values along with their names into a textarea. What I'd like to do is hide the field name when the value is 0 or empty. Here's the script: <script> function showValues() { var fields = $(&qu

How to automatically refresh a web page div

I am parsing xml of rss feed and displaying it. I want to refresh a div which shows recent news. I am using update panel and asp timer to do this(please refer the below code) but for each refresh entire page is getting refreshed. Can anyone let me kn

Jquery receives the cookie setting

I'm creating a menu that is nested within <a href="#"> <div class="container"> </div> <div class="title"> </div> <div class="Chapter"> </div> </a> my PHP foreachloop :

Resizing a TD Table After Rotating an Image with JqueryRotate

I have a Filemaker photography database and I'm trying to generate a contact sheet for 35mm negatives. I use a script to dynamically create a simple html table that is rendered in a Web Viewer. I use JQueryRotate to rotate by 90 degrees only those im

jQuery: setting an element attribute to .text ()

I have a span tag that looks like the following: <span class="myClass">Lorem ipsum</span> I would like to add an attribute to it that references the innerText value (for a javascript function call), and I would like it to look like t

$ .on () bubbles after stopPropagation ();

I'm trying to use .on() to tell me what i clicked on inside of a region. To capture the exact element I clicked on, I'm calling event.stopPropagation() to keep it from bubbling but my output is always #containerDiv and its contents. How can I see exa

online edition with jqgrid. I am stuck

here is my grid: $("#list2").jqGrid({ url:baseURL + 'contactManager/contactActivity/getActivity/' + contactsID + '/1', datatype: "json", colNames:['Type','Scheduled', 'Created', 'Comp','Description','Assigned To'], colModel:[ {name:'ty

Using jQuery to animate text insertion in Div

Is it possible with jQuery to use animate, to fill a div with content smoothly, i.e. animate the height of the div growling larger as I insert content? For example (HTML): <div id="my-div"></div> Then (JavaScript): $("#my-div&qu

Jquery: Increases the input value of the current form with 1

I'm just trying to get a number from a hidden form input and plus 1 to that number and then put that value to the incremented number. Here is my code jQuery('#add_slider_image').live('click', function() { var slideId = jQuery('#count-level').attr('va

How to store CSV with JavaScript?

I'm going to write currency converter with JavaScript. Currency will be updated daily in CSV files. I want to figure out how to get values from CSV and the best (efficient) way to store them in application. Thank you!A simple way is to do: <script ty

how to handle JavaScript redirection correctly?

When a user goes to the base domain or, the page has to be redirected to!/news.html I mean something like this: if (window.location.href("") || window.locati