the print does not work in the browser chrome at the first time

I have some html contents and image and print the page on button click. When i print it first time the print preview page is empty and second time it is fine. Please help on why it is not print the page first time Image source is base-64 format. So,

Value $ _POST not be set to $ .ajax post

I'm new to PHP and javascript and I've run into a problem where I need to edit values in an xml document that is read in. I have an HTML Select that has been dynamically created by PHP code. function outputTableRow() { echo "<tr>"; echo &q

JSGrid - Load JSON data - & ldquo; Not found & rdquo;

I have a problem populating a jsgrid from with JSON data and I have scaled down the code to a very minimal implementation but it is still not working. I can see in the Chrome debugger that the REST call returns data on this format {data: [{ "Name&quo

Smart search jQuery Show / hide content items

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-

TypeError: jQueryxxxxxx is not a function

When first opening the mobile app homepage it returns an error "TypeError: Jqueryxxxxxx is not a function" although it shows the API callback results "jQuery111309512500500950475_1459208158307({"code":1,"msg":"Ok&qu

How can I change the color of my body when using Bootstrap?

I'm trying out programming Bootstrap and when I was going to change the color of my body using simply: body { background-color: #eba; width: 100%; height: 100%; } It didn't work, so my question is how can I style anything when using Bootstrap? I've l

ajax json error analysis

json : {"status" : 0, "err_msg": "", "list":[{"id":100, "username":"la", num:"0100000"}]} <script> $.ajax({ type : "POST", url : "myAPI", data: "

Fabric.js going directly from JSON to PNG

I need to create PNG thumbnails of saved stringified JSON from fabric.js I have a database I am saving the JSON data from the canvas to, but I need to create a PNG thumbnail gallery from this saved JSON data. Rather than creating a bunch of canvases

fade effect h1 using Jquery

I've googled various examples but I cant seem to get the desired effect to work On my home page I have a h1 heading. I'm trying to create a fade effect with JQuery . When the page loads, I would like the h1 heading to fade in slowly (maybe even go fr

JavaScript validation in form

I have tried to figure this out for ages. The JavaScript gets called but it doesn't invoke the error message. It always shows up as no error even though it should invoke an error message. All the fields shows up as green. I am pretty new at this so t

Convert the HTML table to JSON

I've created a sample application which converts html table into JSON. The problem is that the JSON is not having duplicate values also i want to remove the last two columns from the JSON. My JSON which has been generated is given below [ { "Person N

Button inside div that was done inside jquery no shot

I have jquery code: $("#forcedcancel").on("click", function(e){ e.preventDefault(); $("#forceDialog").remove(); // get the screen height and width var maskHeight = $(document).height(); var maskWidth = $(window).width(); // c

Fancybox Multiple Galleries Edition

I am trying to do the same thing as done in this Fancybox example here: When I do it it keeps opening up the second gallery for all links. Here's what I have: My JS: $(document).ready(function() { var images = { 1: [ { href

Returns the JSON node on a click that matches the link text

The JS below returns a list of movie titles for me after parsing JSON. Each movie title node has more attributes and values not be displayed yet. When the user clicks the movie title in the list I want it to return the other values in that node match

jquery focus blur pass parameter

I can't seem to access the variable defaultValue down in my .blur() function. I've tried various stuff but with no luck. So far I only get an empty object. What's wrong? jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#nameInput, #emailInput, #webInput').

Why is this object suddenly undefined?

here is my JavaScript code: var Model = { get: function(id) { return[id]; }, data: {}, init: function() { var self = this; $.getJSON(urlToServer, function(data) { $.each(data, function(i, object) {[] = object; console.log

Jquery ajax call to an aspx page method

I have two aspx page on my application. From the first one, lets say default.aspx, I have one button and one textbox. When I click the button I do an ajax call to the checkname.aspx as below function docheck() { var un = $('#username').val(); $.ajax(

jQuery - Adding elements to a table

I'm trying to add the ID's, which are the $hexcode values from the html span into an array. How do I do this with jQuery? Eventually, I'm going to need to grab these hexcode values and match them to a color index. <?php // display every color in the

RSS feed parsing with jfeed fails only for some fields

I'm using the latest version of jFeed with the latest jQuery. I know jFeed is rather outdated, and no longer supported, but firefox seems to be the only browser that is having an issue parsing an RSS feed using this setup. I've modified jFeed to pull

JQuery sequence

$(".item").each(function(){ var item_link = $(this).find("a").attr("href"); $(this).prepend('<div class="img_url"></div>'); var img_url = $('div.img_url', this); $.get(item_link, function(data) { var src