How do I store local values ​​after refreshing?

This is my ctrl: app.controller('ctrl', function ($window, $scope) { $scope.initData = [ { firstName: "John", lastName: "Doe", }, { firstName: "Jane", lastName: "Doe", }, { firstName: "John", lastName: &qu

Apply and remove a large CSS style section

I would like to change the page style based on user preferences. The page will load with a given style, but if the user clicks a button, the page layout should change. If he clicks again, the style should change back to the original style. The change

When linking to #, stay in the current position on the page

This question already has an answer here: How do I stop a web page from scrolling to the top when a link is clicked that triggers JavaScript? 14 answers I have an 'a' link on my website that has a jQuery function attached to it inside my page. This l

See using a dark chisel css and jquery

I'm doing a site with a "hidden" image. I hide the image using a dark overlay, but now I want the cursor to see through the dark overlay. An almost working example is here: What I want to know is, how I make the li

On the click of all show radio buttons

I have written the code: On click of all the radiobutton then only show the div even if single radio is unchecked hide the div. works on single id but if all added doesn't work. html <li class="list-group"> <input type="radio"

How to get the url parameter in js angular

Here's my url localhost/project/#/showprofile/18 I want to display the parameter 18 in my view In the app.js i have .when('/showprofile/:UserID', { title: 'Show User Profile', templateUrl: 'views/layout/showprofile.php', controller: 'authCtrl', }) He

How to get an answer to ajax success on another PHP page?

I have php page. On that page, there is dropdown to select cities.These cities are appearing from databases. Next to that drop down.i have button to add more cities.On click of that button,a pop up(colorbox) appears in which i have form to add new ci

[solved] JavaScript: pulse button disappears when scrolling

I am working on a web site that has got a pulsing button (#scrollarrow) at the bottom of the page. When I start to scroll the page, this button disappears. I obtain this effect with the following jQuery code: $(document).ready(function(){ $(window).s

jQuery equivalent to $ _SERVER [PHP_SELF]

What is the jQuery equivalent of $_SERVER[PHP_SELF]? I need it so I can insert it into a jQuery function The jQuery is being called from inside the header For example I'm trying make a request. This can come from multiple domains hence the need to se

How do I keep Google Maps Zoom Level?

I have a asp website and it contains a street address field which will auto complete from Google maps.Near the textbox field there is a image button.A pop up window will show google maps with marker of the place in street address field when we click

How to display images and load more if needed?

I'm trying to make a script for PHP that loads 5 lines of images where 3 images on all lines are loaded and showed, however on the last one only 2 images are loaded and a image with "load more" appears. When You push it it loads the rest of imag

Using the jQuery file download plugin in a nested form

I have a create product page that has a nested create photo inside of it. Photos belong to product and product has many photos. I am using the jQuery file upload plugin but it requires you to hit save after uploading. This is a problem because it's i

How do I get the html tag when transmitting multiple files?

I have this form on my view: On my controller I have the following method: [HttpPost] public ActionResult UploadFile(HttpPostedFileBase file) { // ... } How can I receive the id of the input tag that was clicked to upload the file? (id=1 or id= 2? Th

Why does not Javascript work?

Here is the HTML file I am using. I have no idea why the JS doesn't run. The console does not print any errors. Ideas? <!doctype HTML> <html> <head> <title>ProjectShare</title> <!-- <script src = "

How to order tiles on a dashboard?

This question may be a little long-winded and the images make it pretty large but stick with me :) I am tasked with creating a dashboard interface in our ASP.NET MVC 3 web application. First I will list the features that are required for this project

Editable context for & lt; div & gt; section

I want to write html where one section is like this: <div id="...." style="background-image:url(---.jpg);"> <p>...</p> </div> I am thinking of creating an image folder in the host-directory and give user option

Hide and view tabs Jquery UI

I am using jquery UI tabs and working pretty well and now I want to hide and show tabs with a click of button as shown below. On each tab I have a button and when I click it it should hide the present tab and the rest tabs and should show me the next

Delete an item from html ()?

How can I remove certain element inside html()? For instance, I have this html links, <ul> <li><a href="#" class="string-comment">Comment</a></li> <li><a href="#" class="string-dele

How to disable a particular item in a drop-down item

How do you disable some items of a drop down element using jQuery or JavaScript?The same way you would disable any other HTML element, use $(/* option selector */).prop('disabled', true); See it in action.

Using Back and Down Browser Buttons for Web Applications

How do I use the back and forward browser buttons to navigate my javascript/jQuery web application? I know I can do window.location.href = 'this_url#placeholder' and then perform the appropriate action. But when I do that, the browser scrolls to the

How can I filter the returned data from jQuery.ajax?

When using the jQuery.ajax method, I am struggling to filter the data that is returned to get exactly what I need. I know this is easy using .load and probably the other jQuery ajax methods but I need to use .ajax specifically. For example I know tha

Passing an associative array via AJAX to PHP

I'm trying to pass this to a PHP script through AJAX: var answers={}; for (x=0; x< allAnswers.length; x++) { answers.x=new Array(); answers.x['id']==allAnswers[x]['id']; answers.x['val']=$("#field_" + x).val(); } var data={};