JS self-refreshing app / disappearing item EDITED

EDITED Managed to get most of it working, but have a problem towards the end. I have an html file with a few input fields and div elements to which I have to append a recipe when it is created. So I have two classes separated in modules - recipe and

Checking links in the menu

I have a code, where I have link in menu and submenu. I have tried to write script and check if this "li" has submenu, this link don't work, but if "li" don't have submenu this link must move to its href. $(document).on("click&quo

View object data in jquery to the controller

I tried run view and I have data in jquery data is like= columnName:"blaName " , columnValue:"blaValue " columnName:"blaName " , columnValue:"blaValue " columnName:"blaName " , columnValue:"blaValue &

ajax get json data from smart-ip geolocation

I want to get user's geolocation by smart-ip service. It is very simple: I open the http://smart-ip.net/geoip-json from browser, then I can get the data. Now I want to do it through ajax: $('.image-widget-data input[type="file"]').click(function

What are the current best practices for browser detection

I have a php routine that takes HTML, does some processing on it, and presents it back out. The problem is that depending on the browser there may or may not be an extra added to the output. If I can get the browser I can code for this issue. However

Select content on the left

Bit of a weird question. Is there any way to select (either via jQuery, JS or CSS) divs which are on the left within a container? I'm working on a site here http://goo.gl/2NlTH which has the divs set in masonry so there's not an odd, even or every X

activation of fancybox during a visit from google ads

Hi I would like to activate fancybox on my website every time someone comes to my site by clicking on google ads. Fancybox is usualy triggered by clicking on a link. Is it posible and what would be the best way to do that? Many thanks, Dino.If your A

have problems scrolling through elements using a while loop

I would like to loop through a collection of divs and randomly fade them out when a click event is triggered but at the moment I have to continually click to fade the other divs all out. I would rather click a div and have all its divs randomly fade

jQuery Switches the class with an ALL selector

I have a menu and I need to toggle the class which is easy enough but I'm stuck on one feature i need to have... I will explain my issue: I have this list menu <li>: [ALL][ITEM 1][ITEM 2][ITEM 3][ITEM 4][ITEM 5][ITEM 6] When I select any [ITEM] it t

jQuery select with partial name

I'd like the count the element on the page with the name : MyElement_1 MyElement_2 Then I'd like get element MyElement Thanks, var elements = $('[name^=MyElement]'); var length = elements.length; If you want some more advanced filtering, you can filt

How to pass a jQuery variable to a variable in View of MVC3?

Possible Duplicate: How to pass variable from jquery to code in c# In my View I have a variable named as shown below x: @{ int x;} I want to set a value to x from within my jQuery code. How can I do it ?by this: @{var x = 5;} <script type="text/ja

Try to .replace () without success

I have some lines of HTML code that are like this: <li><a href="#" class="lstItem">Testing jQuery [First Bracket]</a></li> <li><a href="#" class="lstItem">Loving jQuery [Second on

printing problem for invisible data

I have used onclick function. after click a button show data. but intially data has hidden using inline css property display:none. i want to print intially hidden data that are not shown in browserSimply define a CSS with media type print where the d

Hide the toolbar on the top of the iPhone keyboard

is there anyway in javascript or HTML to hide the toolbar from iPhone keyboard. I only have one form input and I don't want the user to see the next, previous or done. If anyone can help that would be great, I am using PhoneGapNot possible. If you lo

IF IE neglect / hide div

I have page like this <html> <head> <div id="container"> Hello, this is NON-IE content. </div> </head> </html> What I want is to Stop Internet Explorer [ IE ] from loading OR Neglecting <div id="contai

jquery tabs - load the url in the current tab?

I'm trying to figure out how to load the url each tab links to inside the tab area onclick, and have been trying to following the docs at http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Tabs#...open_links_in_the_current_tab_instead_of_leaving_the_page, but am clearly not

jQuery; combine user click and checked

I have two blocks of code which basically check for 1) a click event on a radio button e.g. $("input[id='frmSkill']").click(function(){ //do something }); And 2) a block of code to check if a radio button is :checked, if so, then perform some ac

View the text returned by json after the call

I have the following javascript: $.post("/Authenticated/DeletePage/" + PageId); showStatus("Page deleted...", 10000); I would like to instead pass showStatus() text that is returned by the $.post() call, rather than hardcoded text. How

Perform a search to filter in the Jquery list

Hey, I am trying to create a search field that will filter or show/hide(which ever is best) the list elements based on what the user typed in and clicked the search button. I have no idea how to do this. everything I tried does not work unfortunately

Windows 7 breadcrumbs in jQuery?

I could have swore I have seen this before, but has anyone the Windows 7 breadcrumb feature done in jQuery?Here is an article on jQuery breadcrumbs that are similar to the Vista/Windows 7 style. It's for ASP.NET MVC but includes the javascript that c

jFeed - the success function is not running (jQuery plugin)

I have the following Javascript code, where feed is a valid url to an rss feed. jQuery(function() { jQuery.getFeed({ url:feed, success: function(feed){ alert(feed); } }); });} when i run this the alert never shows up. using firebug i can see the conn