Dynamically adds the tabindex attribute to a class mark

I am new to angularjs. I am using a textangular to show a html document. I want to highlight some words from that html and also want to focus that word.So, I am using tabindex and class = mark to highlight and focus. So, Here At first I am adding <sp

Jquery .click () for topics that do not work

So, I have a problem. In one of my projects, I want to include a slideToggle function for a panel, on the click of a heading. I basically want this. https://jsfiddle.net/abrch86f/ The problem is, when I click on the heading, (an h3), nothing happens,

Bootstrap 3 Datepicker

I am trying to use Bootstrap 3 Datepicker in Visual Studio but it does not respond. When i am clicking on <input type='text' class="form-control" /> calendar do not appear. What i missed? @{ ViewBag.Title = "Index"; } <h2>I

Navy sticky nav: changing the active state of content items

I have a single page site with a fixed (sticky) sidebar navigation menu on the left and a main div with content. The main div is split into 5 sections, with numerous elements within each id. I am trying to achieve a couple of interdependent/ dynamic

make div invisible and visible on the click button using jquery

i have one button and on the click of that button, i have one div to show and hide. i have achieved it using jquery. but problem is when page loads, div is already shown. and i want that, if i click on button then only div should be visible. this is

Pass the JQuery variable to PHP via AJAX

Am passing a variable to JQuery via the data-pid in a href link in payments.php and using AJAX to pass this variable to pmntPopup.php, however the variable is not being passed on payments.php <td class="listingTextLeft"> <a href="&

using the value of an element to find another one in jquery

I have a selectbox in a project. It is part of a form. With the menu a product is selected. On the same line is an input where the price of the product must come. Somewhere hidden in the page I have a div which is ID'd with the name of the product. T

work with a lot of checks check box

I have a lot of checkboxes present in the webpage. So, basically structure is like this:: Checkbox Yes CheckboxNo Textbox So , I have about hundredes of the above sets whcih contains two checkboxes showing yes or no with a textbox for it's explanatio

How to empty an ajax loaded form?

How can we empty a ajax loaded form using pure JavaScript or jQuery. I have tried document.forms[0].reset(); and $('#new-staff-form')[0].reset(); both didn't work it returns undefined. Update <div class="box col-md-12 new-staff"> <form

Highcharts, Json format

So i'm attempting to use highcharts with the pie chart drilldown option. Working with static data this is working perfectly. However, as I would like to use the Pie chart as a form of reporting, Ideally It needs to run with dynamic data. The top leve

jquery: Replace the onclick event

I have the following code: $('#tableA').find("#expand_" + row_id).prop("onclick", null); $('#tableA').find("#expand_" + row_id).prop("onclick", 'expandAndShow('+row_id+')'); $('#tableA').find("#expand_" +

Get Teamweek projects in jQuery

I'm trying to get the planning from Teamweek in my js app. (API) function get_teamweek_planning() { var api_url = 'https://teamweek.com/api/v2/', api_key = '1234567', object_type = 'projects'; $.ajax( { url: api_url + api_key + '/projects.json', type

Unbind jQuery events declared in scope

I've got some object that creates some event attached to document. They are common events like mousemove, mousedown etc. Then I want to make $(document).unbind('mousemove') and its ok but it may crash some events created by end user of plugin or caus

Once I delete an attribute I can not add it

I am trying to make a select all checkbox but when I deselect it and select it again it just doesn't select the boxes anymore. While it does work at the first time. This is my code: HTML: <div id="Everything"> <input type="checkbox

jQuery Validate passes with only 1 field pass validation

Not entirely sure and cannot find a setting to allow 1 of x number of validations to pass validation on an entire form. I've had to use the .rules("add" function as my fields have array keys in the name attribute. jQuery Validate works as expect

Block text fields if others contain text?

is there a way (preferrably with jQuery) to block text inputs if others contain text? I can see ways to block input fields all the time, but not dynamically as others contain text. <input name="inputone" id="i_one" type="text&q

jQuery: TARGET ONLY Safari

I'm using this bit of jQuery code to target Safari: if ($.browser.safari) { $('#div1').css({'margin-top': '-22px'}); $('#div2').css({'margin-top': '-17px'}); } Oddly, it also targets Chrome (at least Mac version). What jQuery code can I use that woul

CSS Styling navigation buttons

I am trying to replicate the Navigation Buttons which exist within the ASP.NET Site: http://forums.asp.net/user/editprofile.aspx# (you have to log-in to see the tabs) As you can see for an onClick Event the background of the Tab changes to white and

jQuery UI autocomplete wont return display json (PHP)

The jQuery: $("[type=text]").autocomplete({ source: "json.php", minLength: 0 }).addClass("ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-left"); Works fine if I change the source: to a JS array. I know that the php is working because

jquery load partial view asp.net mvc

i have some header tabs on a basic index.aspx page that uses a masterpage. the header tabs are correctly rendered on the index page from a viewusercontrol (<% Html.RenderPartial("pvHeaderTabs")%>). the problem is i am trying to load other

How to create the drag-and-drop effect from this site?

If you drag and release quickly from the horizontal menu, the menu will auto slide for a distance. It seems to slide more the faster you drag and release. Source ->appear.dk How do i achieve this effect? Has it got to do with some complex formulaes?T