Multer gives req.file undefined

I am trying to upload a file using multer. Here's the code: HTML <form action="/" method="post" encrypt="multipart/form-data" > <input name="upl" type="file" ></br> <input type="t

Assign False and '' to javascript variables of C #

I pass model with default values (Id = 0, CityId = null, IsPublished = false) from controller to view: public class MyModel { public int Id { get; set; } public int? CityId { get; set; } public bool IsPublished { get; set; } } And in view I assign va

JQuery fills out the form but has not been recognized

I am using Flask as the backend. And I wrote a simple form with WTForm, say, field = StringField('input:', validators=[Required()]) And I write a JQuery to fill it automatically $('#theidofthefield').val('fillingin'); And I click the submit button in

Jquery Tooltip animation

i have to choose style from dropdown menu and tooltip should animate selected way. but my tooltip always acts same. Is there any problem in show: or i cant get right value of style. Should i use change() function ? <sc

Dynamic checkbox onchange & amp; javascript

This might be an easy one for you, but I'm stuck, so I hope you can help me. I'm creating checkboxes through a loop and want to specify a text somewhere in the website if a checkbox is clicked. I'v seen solutions where a make a script for each checkb

Symfony2 form validation in Ajax

On certain pages I use forms within bootstrap modals. I submit the form with Ajax and it gets validated in the controller. The most users will fill in the form correctly but if a validation fails the form is re-rendered and got send back to the user.

Floating List Items with Unwanted Vertical Gap

Context: I have a six left floating list items (2 rows x 3 columns). Each list item contains a few divs. Problem: The vertical height of the list items vary. When the vertical height of list items of the same row are not equal, it distorts the floati

Find jQuery flip-flop state

How can I find the toggle state within a function? Does the function have a built in feature which will tell me i.e. toggle=on or toggle=offi guess there is no pre-defined functions but you have to use this var state = $(this).is(":hidden"); ale

jQuery adds text inside an existing paragraph tag

I am trying to add additional text to the end of a paragraph using jQuery. My thought was to produce a structure like this: Judging by my answers I will clarify. I need to create this structure first. And this is the part that I find difficult, not t

How to hide input names added when the value is empty

Hi all, I have a small script that appends a list of input values along with their names into a textarea. What I'd like to do is hide the field name when the value is 0 or empty. Here's the script: <script> function showValues() { var fields = $(&qu

js Make a smooth parchment

I seriously have a question about the scroll event. I tried to solve it all night but I couldnt. I am trying stick a navigation on the top. The stick effect will process when $(window).scrollTop() pass the point right before the navigation. The probl

JQuery / CSS Transform content

This question already has an answer here: jQuery animate div size 3 answers Let's say I have two forms. When the user finishes with the first form, they can click continue and move onto the second form. Currently I'm just using fadein and fadeout to

Conditional formatting on a table

I'm trying to add conditional formatting to the following; <tr> <td><h3>Company</h3></td> <td><h3>Price</h3></td> <td><h3>Change</h3></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Examp

The attribute is not defined by the function

I have the following function from that I am setting an attribute of select tag which have sortBy id but its not working from this function i have given alert in this function after setting attribute but its giving null value. Please Help Me. functio

jQuery changes key to text field

I am looking for a cross-browser (can be based on jquery) way to change the keypress done by a user. Capturing it is no problem. Changing behaviour in a cross-browser compatible manner, seems to be a problem. Essentially I need to map some extra keys

Does $ (& # 39; body & # 39;) 'use Sizzle Engine?

I understand that $("#id") is faster because it maps to a native javascript method. Is the same true of $("body")?No it does not use Sizzle, there's a special shortcut for $("body") in place, you can see the code here: // The

How to get an UpdatePanel in fancybox

I'm using fancybox to display the contents of a div when clicking a link. This works using the code below: <a id="popupTrigger" href="#popup">popup trigger</a> <div style="display:none"> <div id="pop

JQuery tabs do not work in a thickbox

I´m working on a project, where i got a site with "case studies" and the details are show within a thickbox. Now, this content is split into 3 jQuery tabs, that work just fine in a blank page, but inside this thickbox, they don´t. <link rel=&

Javascript key-codes for Alt, Ctrl and Shift

$("#text").bind('keypress', function(e) { var code = (e.KeyCode ? e.keyCode : e.which); alert(code); } It works fine for everything except Alt, Ctrl, or Shift. But in all tutorials that i found it should echos 17, 18, 19 Why?use .keydown() or .k

How to use jquery to manipulate the query string

I have a select dropdown with id's mapped to values. On the onChange event I want to redirect to the same url but with 'id=value' appended to the querystring. How do I check that this 'id' option isn't already in the querystring (I don't want multipl

Question of the jQuery selector

here's my markup: <div class=container> <ul> <li class=record> <div class=item></div> <---- I am here </li> </ul> </div> the container is always present, but the UL is optional. what i want to do is get t