JQuery mobile scrolling / page cut on a multi-page template

Having this strange issue where page/screen is being cut off. Seems to happen when you click into this screen below (which is shorter) then click back and go into another longer screen. The scrollbar doesn't appear so the page is cut off. Testing in

Function running several times jQuery

Below is a function attached to the keyup event, this function works as it should on the first keyup, but on each subsequent keyup it runs the function multiple times. So for example, on first keyup event the function runs 1 time, on the 2nd keyup ev

JQuery-mobile, left sidebar / toolbox

I am having difficulties creating a side-bar toolbox on my jQuery-mobile app. I want a render like this : http://www.paultrifa.com/envato/themeforest/side/red/preview/ with a fixed left navbar. I saw in the document that the header and footer have na

Adding the selection box with the input text in a row

I have a list, that looks like a table with a text from right side and input file on the left side. it looks like this: input | label input | label and so on... I want to add a row with one select box, input text and label, like this: selectBox | inp

Get the value of a clicked link

I have a bunch of dummy links in a jQuery Mobile accordian. By dummy links I mean the that href is just "#". The list is created dynamically by another function and a value is stored in the element by using the value attribute. A loop writes the

Mobile jQuery slider - make an entry be able to violate step

I have a jQuery Mobile Slider element. It's meant to be a percentage so it ranges from 0 to 100 for min/max. Because it is used on a phone, I have the step set to 5 which I feel is easier to hit things like 25% or 50%. But say someone wants 66%. I wa

how to speed up mobile jquery change for phonegap app

I am using jquerymobile 1.3.1 for my phonegap android app. The change page methord is slow (more than 1 sec) in android without page transition (defaultPageTransition=none). touchstart and tap events are firing on next page form elements.. any IDEA?T

Returns the JSON node on a click that matches the link text

The JS below returns a list of movie titles for me after parsing JSON. Each movie title node has more attributes and values not be displayed yet. When the user clicks the movie title in the list I want it to return the other values in that node match

Change the position of divs with jquery drag and drop

I'm trying to build a website where the user can drag some items (one item in on div) to other divs on the page. It' not a table or so, just divs somewhere on the page. With html5 drag&drop it works well, now I try to do this for mobile devices. I ca

The jQuery Mobile function does not return (OO)

I am trying a bit Object Oriented jQuery but I am not getting far. I created two methods; DoConnect -> AJAX request to check if a URL is available. callback(true) if connection succeed, callback(false) if it failed. Connect -> Called from whereever

changePage & ldquo; skip & rdquo; back to the old page

I've a big problem with a jQuery Mobile Application: I'm using custom functions (they are triggered by onClick) to switch the page with currentPage. It only happens on Android-Devices on sites in which has changed (due to ajax requests) with the inte

.live ('pageshow') does not work on Phonegap JQuery Mobile

I have following code that uses JQuery Mobile. Point here is that I want some code to be executed when 'pageshow' event is triggered. All code below works nicely on Chrome. I can see console logs. However when I run this as part of Phonegap applicati

PhoneGap Application - Images are blurry

I am having a problem with images in my PhoneGap application. The icon images appear blurry; How can I resolve this issue? This is my CSS #login input:first-child { background: rgba(255,255,255,0.0) url(../images/holo_dark/hdpi/5_content_email.png) n

Jquery Mobile: Select Box in the header

Is there anyway to add a select box inside the header? I have tested with this code <div data-role="header" data-position="inline" data-theme="b"> <h1>My Page</h1> <select> <option>Option 1</o

rtl listview / arrow-l jquery mobile

I am moving all of my site to rtl .. Now I need a little help with the arrow . how can I make it be to the left? It's not working for me now ... You can take a look at the site here Also I have made a float right to the firstview thumbnails. And now

jquery-mobile loaded in an Android WebView

I've not been able to get a webpage decorated by jquerymobile to load into an Android WebView. Consider the jquery mobile demo site: http://jquerymobile.com/demos/1.0a4.1/ final WebView browser; browser = (WebView) findViewById(R.id.browser_webview);