MySQL: How to join the first row

I have 3 tables, Master with other two TableA and TableB, and Master has both one to many relationship with the other two tables. What I want is to get all master records associated with only the latest record from both TableA and TableB, so I use le

Select something in a nested selection

In my database, I have a table salaries which stores all past or current salaries from the employees, and a table employees which stores my employees. I am trying to select all employees that got a promotion: select first_name, last_name from salarie

Keep the results with GROUP BY

I connect four tables, but if I do a GROUP BY with a propertie of the fourth table, I get different results. This is the Query:There are basically two options: JOIN back to original table using nested query. SELECT TA.col1, AggrFunc(col2) AS col2, (S

pandas complicated joining operation

I would like to implement a specific join operation with the following requirements: I have a data frame in the following format, where the index is datetime and I have columns from 0 to N (9 in this example) df1: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2001-01-01 2 53

Python path.exists and path.join

Python 2.7: Struggling a little with path.exists import os import platform OS = platform.system() CPU_ARCH = platform.machine() if os.path.exists( os.path.join("/dir/to/place/" , CPU_ARCH) ): print "WORKED" # Linux LD_LIBRARY_PATH = &q

Case report in JOIN

I have this query: Select b.building_pk, bil.building_fk, bil.BillingAccountStatus_fk, b.ACTL_TNT_CT From [DB].[Schema].Building b (nolock) left Join [DB].[Schema].Billing bil (nolock) on bil.building_fk = b.building_pk join ##GlobalTempTable1 tt (no

Have two id user tables and the link between them

I have the first table 'users' | id | name ------------------ | 1 | james | 2 | johnny | 3 | Carl | 4 | Lea And my second table contain the linked users linked_users | id | linked_id -------------------- | 1 | 2 | 1 | 4 | 2 | 3 I need to get two fiel

select sections that have no student enrolled

I want to select all sections which do not have any students enrolled These are the three tables: ENROLLMENTS student_id, section_id SECTIONS course_id, section_id COURSES course_id, description The output table should look like this: course_id | des

Join two HQL query tables

How can i join two tables using HQL? At first, here is my SQL create query for two tables: CREATE TABLE `subject` ( `id` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) CREATE TABLE `employee` ( `id` INT(11

What kind of JOIN to use? mysql

I have a query where all products sold are being selected. What I want to do is reverse the query and get all product not sold within a period of time. This is the query for all the products sold within a period of time. SELECT product.product_id, pr

Please help me with this query

I have two tables in MySQL: emp_detail ---------------------------------------------------------------------- emp_number(int)| emp_id(int) | emp_name(varchar) | joined_date (date) ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Validate the uniqueness of the two identifiers in a join table

I have a list model which has_and_belongs_to_many postings and vice versa. I have a join table: create_table :postings_lists do |t| t.integer :posting_id t.integer :list_id end Users have many lists. I already validate the list uniqueness for the use

How to join a single line in the table attached with postgres?

I have the following schema: CREATE TABLE author ( id integer , name varchar(255) ); CREATE TABLE book ( id integer , author_id integer , title varchar(255) , rating integer ); And I want each author with its last book: SELECT,, aut

Symfony Doctrine joins a one-to-many relationship

I want to join two tables together to get retrieve all the entities in one search. I have a one to many relationship: Jedi and Member. One member group can have many Jedi's. I want to make a form to search by one entity and displays all of the inform

Problems with Foreach with Join

I'm new to using foreach with PHP, so this is probably something obvious as to why this script isn't working. I'm trying to show a list of teammates to the logged in user. The goal here is that I'm trying to get a list of user names into <li> tags,

SQL query to select one of the multiple rows of a table

I have a table which contains more than one row for a particular value . Here is the table structure: NAME,NUMBER,STATUS,DESC,START_DATE,END_DATE A,3,X,DetailsOfX,13-10-15,13-10-15 A,2,Y,DetailsOfY,13-10-15,13-10-15 A,2,Z,DetailsOfZ,13-10-15,13-10-15

MySQL internal binding problem

I'm having a bit of a problem with a MySQL query in my PHP. I'm assuming it's down to a simple syntax issue and am hoping somebody here can help me out. The query is: SELECT * FROM `Threads` INNER JOIN `Categories` WHERE `Threads`.`Category_ID` = `Ca

How to optimize when Mysql uses count (distinct) and attached

I have two table,their structure are below : CREATE TABLE `metaservice`.`user` ( `id` bigint(18) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `userId` bigint(18) NOT NULL, `name` varchar(40) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), UNIQUE KEY `userId` (`userId`) USING BTREE, K

MySQL parent details if it is a child account

I have a table with data like the following id name created parent ------------------------------------------------ 1 Alpha 11385209583 0 2 Bravo 11385209619 0 3 Bravo-A 11385209701 2 4 Bravo-B 11385209777 2 such that Bravo-A and Bravo-B are children

A query to display pairs based on certain conditions in a join

Write a query to display distinct pair of patients who are treated by the same doctor. The following tables are present: doctor: d_id d_name patient: p_id p_name treatment: d_id p_id disease medicine The query: Select p1.p_name, p2.p_name from patien

SQL nested queries

Query 1: select PremiumYTDCurrent=Sum((AASI.Inv_Premium)*R.[Percent]), R.STAFF, L.Description, L.LINE_OF_BUSINESS from AAS_Invoice AASI,Invoice I,Revenue_Tracking R, Policy P, Line_Of_Business L where I.Invoice_No=convert(Char,Convert(int,AASI.Inv_En

Join several (4) tables in MYSQL

I have four tables I want to join and get data from. The tables look something like... Employees (EmployeeID, GroupID[fk], EmployeeName, PhoneNum) Positions (PositionID, PositionName) EmployeePositions (EployeePositionID, EmployeeID[fk], PositionID[f