Cron task scheduling does not work in ubuntu

1) i have a script in the path /home/killer/Desktop/alok/scripts/test1 #script to copy file 1 in test dir a=`ls -t|cut -c 1,4|head -1` b=`expr $a + 1` cp "$a" "$b" 2) i scheduled a task to copy a file named 1 in the same locati

Build a job planner in C #

I would like to build a job scheduler. So this job scheduler allows the user to configure: Job start time. (datetime value) Job frequency: minutes, hours, days, months, years (any integer value) I have 2 options on how to build this scheduler: Use th

How to stop or pause a scheduled job in Liferay 6.1

I have a portlet that launches a scheduled job. But when I try to pause or stop it, the job continues executing. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong when creating the scheduled job or when I'm trying to stop/pause it. Here is how I launch the j

Oozie coordinated work

I have a requirement to run multiple mapreduce jobs based on different set of files that hit the same table. I was exploring Oozie but I am not aware of Oozie completely. My requirement is like 1. To run jobs based on time bound (and/or) File bound.

Planning multiple instances of a single Java process

We have a Java process, which we want to perform load testing on. This process makes a REST call to an external vendor. We want to monitor the performance over the weekend. It should be tested with around 1000 instances of the process running. What a

How to use the current time in a Java program?

Say, for example, I want to run the following program double x = 15.6 System.out.println(x); But I wanted to repeat the program until a certain time has elapsed, such as the following: do{ double x = 15.6 System.out.println(x); }while (current time i

Time Slicing between five C # threads

Here's a description of what the program should do. The program should create a file and five threads to write in that file... The first thread should write from 1 to 5 into that file. The second thread should write from 1 to 10. The third thread sho

Map Reduce the location definition

I am on my way for becoming a cloudera Hadoop administrator. Since my start, I am hearing a lot about computing slots per machine in a Hadoop Cluster like defining number of Map Slots and Reduce slots. I have searched internet for a log time for gett

Open Source job scheduler with REST API

Are there any open source Job Scheduler with REST API for commercial use which will support features like: Tree like Job dependency Hold & Release Rerun failed steps Parallelism Help would be appreciated :) NOTE: we are looking for open source altern

Cray XE6 parallel tasks / parallel tasks per node

In a job submission script (Cray XE6) what is the difference between 'number of parallel tasks' (-n) and 'number of parallel tasks per node' (-N)?Im inexperienced in this but some googling gave: It looks like a MPI parameter in an example: # Launch t

Windows equals #! / Usr / bin / php

I am trying to execute a php file from sos-berlin jobscheduler. My OS is windows 7. I am following the documentation #!/usr/bin/php <?php echo "hello"; ?> Bu

Are dynos restarted when an application is deployed?

I've got some background jobs that run for a long time (hours). If I deploy my app while those background jobs are running, will the dynos those jobs are attached to get restarted (thus killing the jobs)? More specifically, those background jobs deal

Implementation of a first similar algorithm

Problem: I have 3 machines, each machine have a limit of 30 ms time, each machine have 3 zones that a task can't be executed there. The tasks have a P (priority) and W (weight, which is the time to complete the task in this setup), tasks must be firs

Adding dynamic cron jobs to GAE

In GAE we can add cron job manually by editing the cron.xml file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <cronentries> <cron> <url>/cron/addCount/1</url> <description>Add count + 1 every 1 minutes<

Job Scheduling in SAS Data Integration Studio

i want to schedule a job in SAS-DIS. i tried the process using sas management console,bt an error is popping up saying scheluing server not found. can anyone help me how to setup a scheduling server? or is it a software to be installed? ThanksI think

How to automate the import feature in Magento?

We are using Magento as our eCommerce platform. We have Oracle apps in which we store our Customer,Price, Product etc. details. Our requirement is that , we have so many customer groups & each customer is having different prices for products. So for

How can I dynamically create a work schedule in a trigger?

I am creating a library system. When a book is reserved, i want it to automatically change the status back to "Available" in 3 days if the reserved user does not borrow it. I can create a trigger to fire when the status is changed to "Reser

PBS programming

some short and probably stupid questions about PBS: 1- I submit jobs using qsub job_file is it possible to submit a (sub)job inside a job file? 2- I have the following script: qsub job_a qsub job_b For launching job_b, it would be great to have befor