How can I run jersey 2.26 with JDK 1.7?

I'm using JDK1.7 for my application. I upgrade jersey 2.26 and now I am getting the error : 严重: Servlet [Jersey Web Application] in web application [/spcsis-1.0] threw load() exception java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/glassfish/jersey/serv

How to fight against addiction problems in maven

I have this error for maven-jetty-plugin. I think that this problem happens because of transit dependencies from plugin, which conflict with new libraries. This error appeared after I changed jersey1 to jersey2 and changed all dependencies from com.s

How to test a Jersey REST web service?

I have written a Restful Web service and have to test it using JUnit4. I have already written a Client using Jersey Client. But want to know if I can test my service only with junit4. Can someone help me with sample at least. My rest service has auth

Swagger jersey REST API does not work

I followed the step to add Swagger to my already built Jersey REST API project in TOMCAT Added: swagger-annotations-1.3.10.jar swagger-core_2.10-1.3.10.jar swagger-jaxrs_2.10-1.3.10.jar swagger-jersey2-jaxrs_2.10-1.3.10.jar Added in web.xml contextCl

@PUT Jersey Error 405: Unauthorized Method

I am getting Error 405: Method not allowed package com.example.wordcount; import; import; import; import; import; import

Jersey: Differentiate Session Timeout and No Authorization

I'm using Jersey (1.18.1) with RolesAllowedResourceFilterFactory enabled. Suppose that I have the following resource: @RolesAllowed("SuperUser") @Path("/resource") class Resource{ //some code here } On access to this resource when the

Basic addiction injection with management layer jersey

I am working on a project with RESTful services. I have modules as web layer, business layer and so. I added basic api layer (using jersey) and I get basic response for get request. Now I must connect it to business layer. I was googling but I am not

RESTful @FormParam 400 Invalid request

I have HTML form data and being passed to RESTful POST method. I have noticed that if @FormParam is declared as @POST public void commitProjects( @FormParam("projectId") int projectId) and if projectId is null or empty then when POST method is e

How to configure JerseyTest with spring-security?

I have a working spring-security configuration which wraps my jersey-based REST endpoints and allows method-level access. Sample project with everything needed to reproduce the problem quickly: // Serve

How to generate a WADL file using Jersey 1.7

I created a hello world REST service and now I d like to generate the WADL file. I looked around and saw that I can do so by calling : http://localhost:8090/application.wadl However I dont get anything in my case. I am using Jersey 1.7 with Eclipse I

Tomcat Startup Error in Restful Web Service Using Jersey

I got tomcat startup exception this SEVERE: Servlet /WebServiceModule threw load() exception java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.ServletContainer After getting exception tomcat startup and work fine but it doesn't w

Writing ArrayList to a file in a Web service

I want to write an ArrayList file data.txt my code: try{ File destination = new File("data.txt"); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(destination)); os.writeObject(userList); os.close(); } catch.... This do's not

Jersey, how to POST a list of JSON objects?

I am building a RESTful web-service in Java using Jersey 1.11, and have problems implementing a method which consumes a list of JSON-ised entities. The single instance method works fine. The error I get is: Status 400 - Bad Request. The request sent

Home page in REST with Java (JAX-RS) using Jersey

I am implementing a Restful Web Service using Jersey. I want to show index.jsp as welcome page. <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" &q

Hibernate using DAO

I am implementing a Restful Web Service using Jersey. I have a package using hibernate to map the data to DB. I am new to hibernate using DAO : I have a method in GenericDao class : public abstract class GenericDAO<T> extends DAOFactory { private fi

Jersey REST service as a spring component

I hava a rest service inside my app and i would like it to use spring beans. Spring i am using is version 2.5. Part of web.xml: <servlet> <servlet-name>jersey-servlet</servlet-name> <servlet-class>com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servl

How can I activate POJO mapping in Jersey using Grizzly2?

Following the instructions here I have this code: private static URI getBaseURI() { return UriBuilder.fromUri("http://localhost/").port(9998).build(); } public static final URI BASE_URI = getBaseURI(); protected static HttpServer startServer() t

Multithreading a jsp?

I'm new to jersey, jsp's and web application development in general so hopefully this isn't a silly question. I've got a jsp and currently when the user hits a button on it, it starts a HTTP request which takes about 5-10 minutes to return. Once it f

Extract the REST resource as a list & lt; T & gt; with Jersey

I'm trying to write a generic function in Jersey which can be used to fetch a List of objects of the same type through REST. I based it on the informations found in this forum: link @Override public <T> List<T> fetchResourceAsList(String url)

Using Jackson as a Jersey Client Serializer

Is it possible to use Jackson as the serializer/marshaller for JSON data instead of JAXB when using Jersey Client API? If so how to configure it?OK, I found it out, it turns out to be quite simple after all: ClientConfig cc = new DefaultClientConfig(