Delete construction history in Jenkins

I'm attempting to delete the build history from Jenkins using the instructions in this answer: How do I clear my Jenkins/Hudson build history? However, I'm getting the following error message: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of metho

Use git in the Jenkins pipeline with the docker agent

When I try to run the pipeline below, it fails with this error: Cloning into '/go/src/'... fatal: unable to look up current user in the passwd file: no such user package exit status 128 As far

Android / Espresso Inent error on current tests

I am getting the error below in Jenkins and on certain teammates computers when running Espresso tests. I have searched this error and see a lot of it has to do with either timing out or some animation. All devices have Animations off. For example: I

How to pass the PhantomJS path to the Selenium grid

I'm getting an error when trying to set up a phantomjs node on Selenium Grid ( I've set up the following custom json configuration: { "capabilities": [ { "browserName": "

Pass a property by Maven from Jenkins to pom.xml

I was searching over the web for a solution to my problem and I almost tried everything I found but I still didn't get the right one. Here is my problem shortly : In my pom.xml file I have a user property in properties section like this : <properties

Running NPM from Jenkins

I'm having some trouble running "npm" from Jenkins as a shell script. I added the NodeJS plugin for Jenkins and specified the latest version which I believe is 5.x. On my job configuration screen, I can successfully run "node --version"

Can I test a DSL Job script?

Ideally I'd like to be able to invoke the script with some kind of unit test before I have it execute on a Jenkins. Is there any way to test a Job DSL script other than having jenkins run it?Besides the examples in job-dsl-gradle-example, you can als

Writing to a json file in the workspace using Jenkins

I've a jenkins job with few parameters setup and I've a JSON file in the workspace which has to be updated with the parameters that I pass through jenkins. Example: I have the following parameters which I'll take input from user who triggers the job:

Jenkins file encoding for npm

I am getting the specials replacement character in the console output of my Jenkins jobs that use npm. ��� 2 warnings I've tried the usual fixes such as setting the default encoding to UTF8, using the Ansii color plugin and setting my browser encodin

Jenkins will close

A strange thing happen sometime, Jenkins start displaying " Jenkins is going to shut down" even when nobody turned this message on and restarting Jenkins. Screenshot: This message is displayed when someone with enough administration rights has c

failed to run python scripts with jenkins

I am trying to run a Python job. I have created the following folder: C:\Users\herod\jenkins_ws\workspace\window_testing and added the script "" to it. The script is very simple: if __name__ == "__main__": print "hellow

Deploying Jenkins for the .net application

I am new to Jenkins and have a question about deployment through Jenkins. I have .net application that has been added to Jenkins, it builds successfully, but now I am wondering what would be best practice for deploying .net application in general. Es

Automatically check Java files to code for compliance

I'm working in Java development. I have recently come into a situation where I have to comply to coding standards: member and method ordering, naming conventions, modifier sequence. I am thinking about methods to either automate checking for complian

Workflow of continuous integration & amp; SVN

OK this may be a long one. I'm trying to standardize and professionalize the setup we have at my workplace for doing live updates to our software. currently, everything is manual; so we have an opportunity to start from scratch. i have installed jenk

Jenkins with Subversion is better to export?

when building a project with Jenkins and Subversion, is it better to use the checkout command or to use export? I know checkout, will give you a working copy and and you can use the commit and update commands of Subversion (later if needed) and you a

Jenkins with cucumber-html-reports after construction

I'm trying to publish Cucumber json report with the cucumber-html-reports (configuration) plugin. I have version 0.0.19 installed. Since my Jenkins' context is /jenkins-ci/ I need to add the parameter Plugin Url Path as described in the page instruct

Unable to test the Jenkins plugin

I am actually trying to develop a Jenkins plugin using maven but I am unable to test it. I created my project with the command mvn -cpu hpi:create. I called the project jenkins-plugin-tutorial. I packaged it with mvn package or mvn install and run th

How can I run the Yard server on the production server?

How I can run Yard server on production server? Maybe use some task? Load from capistrano, using passenger and nginx, Jenkins(Hudson).I found the simplest option to be just symlinking the generated docs folder from /public in my rails app. You just n

Experience with Hudson - Building Matrix Project

Did anyone try that feature and has some feedback? Or Does anyone know some useful samples to look up?I have tried this feature some months ago, but I don't use it anymore (just because I don't need it, not because it is not a good feature). Basicall