Using table settings with SQL Server JDBC

Could anyone provide some guidance on how to use Table Value Parameters (TVP) with SQL Server JDBC? I am using the 6.0 version of the SQL Server driver provided by Microsoft, and I have reviewed the official documentation as well as the more helpful

can not execute the 'delete' query in Java

I am unable to execute 'delete' query in java. The query executes fine in command prompt. Following is the code. String deleteQuery = "delete from id_table where id ='1666'; int result = Connection.createStatement().executeUpdate(deleteQuery); I do n

Correct way to handle exceptions in Java

I have a singleton connector object that helps in connecting to a mysql database. public class Connector{ private Connector(){ } public static Connector getInstance(){ if(unique == null) unique = new Connector(); return unique; } public void connect(

Authentic JDBC Authentication

In my Java EE application I implemented autentication/autorization via a JDBC Realm (first time I apply this solution). Following code does not have any problem on successful login, the problem is when I type wrong credentials: it logs in anyway and

Managing CLOB Java with JBoss and Tomcat

Working with clobs in webapps using tomcat and mysql seems to be very easy. For the following example we assume we have the table 'mytable' with a clob 'myclob' and a key 'id' This is an example to how to put a byte array inside a clob: Connection co

Prevent this statement from SQL injection

I am trying to write a very simply query using the PreparedStatement class. I read here:Fail to convert to internal representation JDBC that you cannot parameterize column names, only values. Since my query is very simple, the only 'value' I can para

Control Program Expiry Date

This question already has an answer here: Number of days between two dates in Joda-Time 6 answers I need some help guys, i want to make a program that will be used to control the expiration date of some products, it will need to compare the system da

Postgres trigger syntax

Using SQLFiddle, PostgreSQL 9.3.1. I am learning to define triggers in PostgreSQL, and after doing some research I've found out the following: Triggers in Postgres are different from MYSQL. Where in Postgres you must create a function that RETURNS TR

JDBC PSD Transactions Cause Blocking

Question: Updated: Why does inserting a row into table A with a foreign key constraint to table B and then updating the row in table B that the inserted row in table A references in a transaction cause a deadlock? Scenario: reservation.time_slot_id h

add mistletoe values ​​to the database table

I am trying to update a table in the database where i m accepting fees from the students and maintaining the record of the amount received, total amount received, and the mode of payment etc. my code is as follows: private void pay_saveActionPerforme

How to add JPA to the existing eclipse project?

I have an existing eclipse project (JAVA application), now I created a table in xampp - phpMyAdmin. In the project I need to implement all the queries and database in two ways: 1) JDBC 2) JPA and to choose one of them using the Spring mechanism. So I

Creating tables in the Oracle database by JDBC

I have problem with creating tables by JDBC controller on Oracle database. When I create table by "creata table...." is ok. Table create and I see that table by SQL Developer. I have method to check if table with that name exist - and it works g

How to execute an SQL statement with a variable like WHERE?

I have some Java code like int userid = take user input; And then execute following sql statement, Class.forName(dbdriver); conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, username, password); st = conn.createStatement(); st.executeUpdate("select * from pers

Generic viewer for paged SELECT sql queries

I am creating a web page where user can select datasource and execute select statements and see the paginated results in table. Now for pagination i am wrapping queries to get total row count and rownum to fetch a particular block of rows. As we add

Share a pool of JDBC connections between multiple classes

I have some c3p0 pool encapsulated in a class that I use to execute SQL statements. It's initialized this way: public PooledQueryExecutor(String url, Properties connectionProperties) throws DALException { try { dataSource = new ComboPooledDataSource(

Derby INSERT SELECT null pointer exception

I'm writing a Java application that's working with Apache Derby via JDBC. I'm having problems with the code in the following snippet: byte md5[] = md5sum(file); PreparedStatement s = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO input_files (job_ID, hash) SELECT


When I ran my web application under Eclipse IDE everything worked fine. But when I exported my project into war-file and deployed in tomcat I've got following message: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: I've tried putting

How to use a JDBC driver from an arbitrary location

I need to test a JDBC connection to a database. The java code to do that should be as simple as: DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc connection URL", "username", "password"); The driver manager will lookup the appropriate the d