How to access the MySQL database in the JBoss BPM suite process

I am newbie in JBoss BPM Suite. What i want to achieve, is to access my MySQL database through a business process. I have already added a datasource to my application server including the jdbc driver. What i tried to do was to connect to my db by a s

Continuous integration and deployment with jBPM

We are using jBPM EAP 6.4 version. We are developing the JBPM workflows and rules using business central console tool. We want to implement Continuous integration in our project. How can we implement the CI if we use Business central console for our

Hibernate, weblogic deployment error 12c

I am trying to deploy a .war on weblogic 12c and I get the following error: weblogic console error : An error occurred during activation of changes, please see the log for details. Error org.hibernate.HibernateException: Errors in named queries: getA

JBPM6 Service task to execute java code

I am new in JBPM6. My scenario is like this that i want to execute some java code using JBPM service task.From documentation i am not able to understand how to use domain specific process and Work Item Handler in this type of code. If someone have sa

How to import the jbpm-playground in jbpm Workbench?

I have started my server with 'Dorg.kie.demo=false', because I have firewall blocking. I have downloaded jbpm-playground and uf-playground examples separately. But how do I import that into jbpm - console workbench? I tried downloading them and placi

How to complete drop-down lists in a KIE workshop?

I'm new to JBPM and am trying to wrap my head around a new project, and recently noticed that while trying to define some user task forms I couldn't find a form option for a drop-down list At this point my knowledge of the technology is pretty small,

JBPM 6 configuration with maven

I am developing an application using Jbpm 6 rest api. I am trying to use following code to interact via REST with the remote runtime. // Create REST session RemoteRestSessionFactory restSessionFactory = new RemoteRestSessionFactory(deploymentId, depl

jBPM - Event data of the access signal?

I am new to jBPM and I seem to lose something fundamental. I cannot seem to find any descent tutorial on how to make an actual process work from a developer's point of view. Therefore, I follow the official jBPM 6.1 user guide. I have setup the proce

JBPM 6.1.0 deployment error

I have JBPM 6.0.1 up and running with mysql no problem. I have decided to upgrade to 6.1.0. When I run the installer (ant install.demo) with the latest release the deployment fails every time. Somehow the h2 driver is now interfering with the deploym

jBPM 6 in Eclipse

I have just started my working with jBPM6. I can make new jBPM Process with "a simply hello world process", but I don't know how to use it and i'm looking for some tutorial, in which I can see how to use jBPM in Eclipse, some example etc. Can an

Need to know Class of a byte array saved in a MySQL database

I am stuck at strange issue. I have a jbpm5.3 web panel and what i am trying to do it to create web services in servlets by manipulating mysql database. i have done all the things but stuck in one byte array. this web panel uses a table workiteminfo

Problems deploying kie-wb-distribution-wars-6.0.1.Final-tomcat7

I have some problems deployng kie-wb-distribution-wars-6.0.1.Final-tomcat7. I followed Michael Anstis' guide (README) but the application give mi some problems. I attach the log. mag 13, 2014 9:46:31 AM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener i

JBPM rest calls with JSON

We want to start a process in JBPM6 using the rest API. We need to pass an object as a process variable. We know how to do it JAXB and the execute call. But we want to do it with JSON and /runtime/{deploymentId}/process/{processDefId}/start Is it pos

JBPM User Management gwt-console-server

I want to integrate the jbpm 5.4 into my application which is based on spring mvc 3. This integration performed using REST API. I have already user table which stores the username and password in the table. This is table is the part of my user manage

Dynamic workflow with web page user interface similar to jBPM

My customer wants the ability to create dynamic workflows from a web page, using a jBPM-like user interface. Obviously jBPM is not meant to be used by a non-developer, and the jBPM UI is not meant to be run from a web client. Of course, this means we

MySQL JBPM Error HornetQ Human-task-service

I changed my database to mysql, when I run the the demo process I get this error: [main] ERROR service.hornetq.HornetQTaskClientConnector.connect - Unable to connect to server using configuration org-hornetq-core-remoting-impl-netty-NettyConnectorFac

Good workflow module available in Grails

I'm in search of good work flow plugin available for grails 2.0+ which is well documented and maintained. My application is called Training management System which for creating and maintaining training's. on creation of training my workflow will star

How can I install jbpm form (plugin) for eclipse ?? [JBPM 5.2]

Kris shows a demo in jbpm where eclipse has a option to create jBPM2 forms. I have installed jbpm plugin for eclipse and its working fine,but i am not seeing jbpm form in my eclipseThe form generation is part of the latest features we're adding for j

Are there workflow engines that do not use BPMN and BPEL?

Our business is planning on building a rather large business application with about 2000 or so users. Many objects in the system require a mildly complex series of approvals, notifications, etc. For various reasons, our company has decided to reject

Need help with the workflow in Alfresco

Hello SO community, I haven't had any luck getting help in the Alfresco forums, and I'm hoping for more here. We are building an application based on Alfresco and jBPM and I have defined a workflow, but I have either defined it wrong or am missing so

How would you develop a workflow application in Java?

I want to develop an application that allows its users to define workflows and then executes them. My environment is JBoss so naturally I'm considering jBPM. I can NOT use the jBPM graphic workflow design tools since my workflows are very specific an