Angularjs: the http post does not work

I am designing the simple page which will take the start and end date from the user,validate it and post it. Below is my HTML code, <body> <div ng-app="appTable"> <div ng-controller="Allocation"> Select start date: &l

Unable to recognize the substring in the JQuery parent string

I have a parent string of which I want to replace certain entities: FIDDLE example here var parent_string = "Steven Paul Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was an American information technology entrepreneur and inventor who worked with

How to load a public key in PEM format for encryption?

Until now I used JSEncrypt which is able to load a public key from a PEM formatted string. And then use it with RSA in order to encrypt a string. For example : <textarea id="pubkey">-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNAD

Is the img.src attribute necessary?

Is it necessary to set the src tag in an img? If i don't set this Attribute, I don't see an Image. Although I set the attribute background-image. How can I create an Image without the src tag? function insertLinkHoverImage(datei,datei2,verlinkung) {

Check if an object with an index is in the table

$.each(constructions, function(i,v) { if ($.inArray(, map[ii].buildings) == -1) {//stuff} }; Where constructions is an array of objects, each with a unique name. map[ii].buildings is an array containing some of these objects. I want to iterate

How to extract a specific text with regex

Here is the code that I used to apply regex on the input string to extract 2 groups, namely percentage and color. var variable = "#clasemedia[ percentage <= 100] { polygon-fill: #B20026;} #clasemedia [ percentage <= 74] { polygon-fill: #DE181D;

How can I unzip the compressed file using AngularJs?

I want to unzip the zipped file while downloading the file using AngularJS. I am trying with the following code, For eg: <a download="My_File.PNG" target="_self" ng-href="Path of the zip file/">My_File.PN

`SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

Getting this error SyntaxError: Unexpected token < Whenever we add $locationProvider.html5Mode(true); For some reason it seems to start parsing resources as JS. See // App configuration app.config(['$routeProvider', '$locationProvider', function($rou

Chrome extension - Context menu on specific pages

I am wondering if it is possible to show the following context menu item only if it is on specific pages. I think it has something to do with documentUrlPatterns (Which can be seen here as of typing this) but I am not sure how to implement it with th

How to simplify this filter written in underscore.js?

Given is an object with a bunch of conditions: var conditions = { even: function (i) { return i % 2 == 0; }, greatherThan: function (i) { return i > 10; }, inValidRange: function (i) { return i > 20 && i < 100; } }; and an array numbers i

To add a dynamic paragraph in dynamic div

I had created a dynamic div and paragraph in dialog box to show confirmation while submitting the form. How to append the dynamic paragraph inside the dynamic div, Please help me on this. Thanks in Advance. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en&quo

Javascript alternative to document.write not innerHTML

I modified a little js script which compares a date to today and calculates the difference. (I'm a novice) However, it uses document.write, which I've been told is bad. I don't know why it's bad, people just say it's bad and never explain why. Anyway

Using JSON to parse xmlhttp.responseText to fill in text boxes

How can JSON be used to parse xmlhttp.responseText? I can't seem to get textboxes populated using the parsed data. I tried using .value and .innerHTML with the dot notation with b.first and b.second used with json_encode from the loadTextBox.php file

jQuery can not get a good formatted ID

I have a problem with this fonction: function test(value){ var id = "'" + value + "'"; $(id).remove(); } It gets an "Id", add simple quotes and then call the remove function. The "value" is a generated id by php. Fo

Can I trigger an eventClick from outside the calendar?

I'm creating a "summary" list of events on the page alongside the calendar. I want to trigger the eventClick handler of an event when I click on the entry in the summary. The markup for a summary entry is <dd id="E45">9:00am-10:0

How to disable the tooltip in the browser with jQuery?

Is there a way to disable browser tooltip from displaying when hovering over elements that have attribute 'title' populated? Note that I don't want to remove title content. Here is the code are requested: $(document).ready(function() { $('a.clickable

Pass the JSON object to the Web method

I wanted to shared something I learned today with you all. My question was: Can you pass a JSON object from JavaScript code to a .NET Page Method? For example: var task = { Title: $("#titlenew input", $(newTaskRow)).val(), StartDate: $("#st

Javascript Regex object and the dollar symbol

In the code below. I expected true but i am getting false instead. What am I missing? var text = "Sentence $confirmationlink$ fooo"; alert(placeHolderExists(text,'confirmationlink'); // alerts false function placeHolderExists(text,placeholdernam