Add spelling to div not happy?

Is it possible to run the browser's in built spell checker on divs which aren't contenteditable? The below code works for checking spelling, but the div must be contenteditable and the spell check is only executed once the div is put into focus. <div

I want a spelling checker plug in to the editable div html?

I have an editable div and applying it CKeditor. I want spell checker within. I have tried one plug in from : It gives following error Error parsing encrypted customer ID (Invalid data

Link all available events to an element

can I bind all the available events to an element $('body').on('all available events', '.element', function(e) { if (e.type == 'click') { // do something... } else if (e.type == 'change') { // do something else... } }); I do not want to give them ind

Table C # in javascript table

I have two method in my code behind one returns an int array and the other returns string array. I want to use these two array to populate the google chart data table. I do not have any experience with Json or AJAX however I found a relatively simple

Play 2 Framework + Loop for + Dynamic Javascript

In a view of a Play 2.4 application I would like to iterate over some data, and create Javascript code for each iteration. The Javascript generated seems ok, but impossible to trigger the event when I click on the button. @for(site <- sites) { <div

Delete objects with delete or assigning null in Javascript?

How shall I delete objects in Javascript to properly destroy them (call destructors if there are any?) and prevent memory leaks? I've seen two ways: delete obj; and obj = null; But even after reading this I have not understood what is really the diff

Jquery code does not work on ie8

One function is not working on IE8 but working on google chrome and firefox. XmlDom contain xml data $(XmlDom).find('Message').each(function(){ if($(this).attr('id')==id) { msg= $(this).find('messageText').text(); } }); plz help here is the sample da

FadeIn and FadeOut with Javascript and not Jquery

I have an image map and when the user hovers over the map I want to fade-in a small div with informations on the hovered content, then upon the mouse leaving the map fade-out with a two second delay.It's possible to do a fade effect by animating opac

IE does not execute my 'onunload' code

I need to execute some code before leaving the browser, I implemented this: window.onbeforeunload = function () { return 'Are you sure?'; }; window.onunload = function () { releaseLocking(); }; It works pretty well with Google Chrome. When closing GC

Sorting input text in multiple div using javascript / jquery?

There are three fields(first name, Last name & age) displayed in text boxes. Each field is displayed in separate div's. There are 4 records. On clicking a sort button above each field the div records should be sorted based on the data type of the fie

The JQuery UI widget does not have a 'uniqueId' method

I am trying to make jQuery UI widget work in my web application I got all the files from original demo, and basically did everything I could so the code and files were pretty much the same as in demo version. And all the time get this error: Uncaught

Live video stream from the C application to PHP

I have an application written in C that captures an image via webcam,does some processing on it,and then sends the resulting image through socket to a client application,also written in C,in another computer. I want to do something similar but using

Deleting child nodes from a div node

I have following codes to remove child nodes of a div node. Are both of these codes correct? while(innerWindowContentBox.hasChildNodes()) innerWindowContentBox.removeChild(innerWindowContentBox.childNodes[0]); Other is innerWindowContentBox.innerHTML

Does the javascript Date () function return local time?

For example: var date = new Date(); Would date be relative to the users local timezone?Yes, in fact it would be identical to the user's own computer time. It doesn't take the information from the server or anything, but from the user's own computer.

Possible to move the position of the scroll bar?

Is it possible to move the position of a scrollbar to diffrent part of the page? Or is there any other solution for this? <div style="overflow: scroll; overflow-y: hidden"> </div> i want the scrollbar to be in another component inste

Check the existence of the camera in ios phonegap

I want to check camera existence before showing the two source types when taking a picture in my phonegap application. For example, iPad 1 doesn't have an Camera, therefore I don't want to show the popup to select source type from Camera and My Photo

String manipulation, deleting a tag

I have the following loop which generates a little snippet of html: for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++) { test_html += 'some text here<hr />'; } this will create the html some text here<hr /> some text here<hr /> some text here<hr /> so

Replace Jquery string does not work

This is driving me mad: // Get the comment template var comment = $('#CommentTemplate').html(); // Delete all entered text $("textarea#NewComment").val(''); // Get comments returned ID var ThisCommentsID = data.substring(2, data.length); var d =

Cufon loaded asynchronously does not render in IE

I'm creating a site which uses Cufon and is particularly heavy in terms of page-weight due to a large amount of Javascript. Therefore I'm trying to load in the script asynchronously with head.js ( ) like so: head.js("http://ajax.mi

Web-based push notifications for an internal application only

I'm already tossing around a solution but as I haven't done something like this before I wanted to check what SO thought before implementation. Basically I need to modify an existing web based application that has approximately 20 users to add push n

Find the origin of javascript

Is it possible from a Javascript code to find out "where" it came from? I needed this to provide scripts that could run folder-agnostic, e.g.: http://web1/service-a/script.js http://web2/some-folder/service-b/script.js And they're linked in: htt

The Javascript equivalent of the Python () locales?

In Python one can get a dictionary of all local and global variables in the current scope with the built-in functions locals() and globals(). Is there some equivalent way of doing this in Javascript? For instance, I would like to do something like th