why PHP results in HTML are not defined when using JavaScript

I need to get the IP of the client. I am able to get it through PHP variable "$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']". I get this ip from server side php to html page through AJAX request but when I want to use this IP value in JavaScript it is showing that th

JSGrid - Load JSON data - & ldquo; Not found & rdquo;

I have a problem populating a jsgrid from with JSON data and I have scaled down the code to a very minimal implementation but it is still not working. I can see in the Chrome debugger that the REST call returns data on this format {data: [{ "Name&quo

Error 405: unauthorized method flask, ajax

Just trying to submit the form data to the MySQL DB using Ajax & Python- Flask, but the same error "method not allowed" appearing again and again.. kindly look at the codes and help me out... <div class="modal-content"> <d

Error with jQuery on the AngularJS application

I'm trying to function this code But when I use it on my Angular app, I found some errors, and it seems to be jQuery var element=$('.cds'); //the problem is right here (angular.element('.cds') is the same) console.log(element.html()); //prints undefi

For Python buckle

The following code I wrote in JavaScript, but I'm trying to convert it into something Python can understand, specifically the for loop. I tried reading up on how the for loop syntax in Python reads, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around it, si

Why javascript pushed the table and the table set unequal

This question already has an answer here: How to compare arrays in JavaScript? 42 answers I did the following. Very confused whether they are not equal. var arr1 = [] arr1.push(1) arr1.push(2) arr1.push(3) var arr2 = [1, 2, 3] var isSame = (arr1==arr

ng-repeat parse array to string

Is it possible to parse in ng-repeat a array value into a string? I'll explain what I mean. <tr ng-repeat="(key,property) in obj.properties"> <td>{{key}}</td> <td>{{property}}</td> </tr> This {{property}} is a

How to use XPath in WebBrowser Control?

In C# WinForms sample application, I have used WebBrowser control. I want to use JavaScript XPath to select single node. To do this, I use XPathJS But with the following code, the returned value of vResult is always NULL. bool completed = false; WebB

How can I resize a div by dragging an image?

I have a slight problem here and maybe I can find someone who has dealt with this problem in the past. How can I resize a div while dragging an image? I'm using jQuery ui resizable and draggable. Here's a live URL: http://railmedia.ro/test/ I am tryi

jQuery.find () does not work in the html variable

I have a very simple problem and keep finding answers to similar questions with more complexity. I am trying to replace image links in loaded html and decided that the best is to read the html into a string variable loadedHTML using .get(), like this

Build a json object using javascript

I am facing issues while constructing an object using javascript. I want this: { "p_id": "2", "p_name": "weblogic", "ip_list": [ { "ip_id": 2690 }, { "ip_id": 2692 }, { "ip_id"

Sails.js vs Meteor - What are the advantages of both?

I've been reading a lot on Nodejs and its frameworks and recently finished my first full javascript frontend (using Angularjs). I've decided that my next pet project will be a Nodejs adventure using one of these two frameworks: Sails.js Meteor I've r

Button inside div that was done inside jquery no shot

I have jquery code: $("#forcedcancel").on("click", function(e){ e.preventDefault(); $("#forceDialog").remove(); // get the screen height and width var maskHeight = $(document).height(); var maskWidth = $(window).width(); // c

Fancybox Multiple Galleries Edition

I am trying to do the same thing as done in this Fancybox example here: http://jsfiddle.net/jekAe/ When I do it it keeps opening up the second gallery for all links. Here's what I have: My JS: $(document).ready(function() { var images = { 1: [ { href

Disable div with the click event

I want to disable my div with image and click event that event does not call. I try do it with KO: <div title="Delete Series" class="deleteSeriesButton" data-bind="css: { disabled: true}" ></div> but this does not

How to get the 'getJSON' response header

I need to access the size of response message I am getting from another machine (cross-domain request) using $.getJSON, although I can see the request and response in chrome console, it does not work. Here is my request code: xhr=$.getJSON('http://19

Google Geocoder - Add coordinates to fields

I am trying to find some minamilistic google geocoding script. The ones I have found are very large and complicated, but this one is very simple. The only thing it doesnt do is actually put the co-ordinates in two input boxes like the others. Here is

jquery focus blur pass parameter

I can't seem to access the variable defaultValue down in my .blur() function. I've tried various stuff but with no luck. So far I only get an empty object. What's wrong? jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#nameInput, #emailInput, #webInput').

Ajax error while running jQuery getJSON

I'm running this getJSON async call in jQuery to get the data back into and then out of my Java code. For whatever reason I continually get the error: "Ajax Error: Error invoking generateSearchQuery([object Object])" I've debugged both the jQuer

Can not run CSSCount

I was trying to use this blog post. To get count of CSS locators. But of not avail, method is - public static int getCSSCount(String cssLocator) { String jsScript = "var cssMatches = eval_css(\"%s\", window.document);cssMatches.length;"

Build a flat table from CSV files

I have 500 CSV files in this format: IndicatorA_Name.csv 1900 1901 1902 ... Norway 3 2 Sweden 1 3 3 Denmark 5 2 3 ... IndicatorB_Name.csv 1900 1901 1902 ... Norway 1 3 4 Sweden 1 2 Iceland 1 6 3 ... Years in columns, countries in rows. Notice that co

What is the best practice for managing javascript and css files

How do You manage all of Your .js and .css files in asp.net project. Especially when they have a lot of dependency between each other? I've combined all script in one. But it's become weighty, and 90% of them were not used on particular pages. What I