React-Native StackNavigator

Ok guys, so I have a question, I am new to react-native development and got a problem with a StackNavigator. When I press a button meant to navigate of the current screen, it gives me an error like this one: enter image description here This is the c

Value $ _POST not be set to $ .ajax post

I'm new to PHP and javascript and I've run into a problem where I need to edit values in an xml document that is read in. I have an HTML Select that has been dynamically created by PHP code. function outputTableRow() { echo "<tr>"; echo &q

AngularJS - Url format

I'm having trouble with AngularJs's url I need something like this: /api/menu/3 But Im getting this: /api/menu?menuId=3 I need this format beacuse I'm using Laravel. app.js: var app = angular.module('mainModule', ["ngRoute", "ngResource&quo

How to check if the Django object is None in javascript?

How do you check if a Django object is None in js? I currently have a variable person that stores a Django object or None. In my js I have: if ({{person}} != None) { execute_function({{person}}) } What seems to be the issue here?John Smiths answer ma

Smart search jQuery Show / hide content items

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-

TypeError: jQueryxxxxxx is not a function

When first opening the mobile app homepage it returns an error "TypeError: Jqueryxxxxxx is not a function" although it shows the API callback results "jQuery111309512500500950475_1459208158307({"code":1,"msg":"Ok&qu

How can I change the color of my body when using Bootstrap?

I'm trying out programming Bootstrap and when I was going to change the color of my body using simply: body { background-color: #eba; width: 100%; height: 100%; } It didn't work, so my question is how can I style anything when using Bootstrap? I've l

Fabric.js going directly from JSON to PNG

I need to create PNG thumbnails of saved stringified JSON from fabric.js I have a database I am saving the JSON data from the canvas to, but I need to create a PNG thumbnail gallery from this saved JSON data. Rather than creating a bunch of canvases

In Javascript is a literal string an object?

This question already has an answer here: What is the difference between string literals and String objects in JavaScript? 7 answers I'm reading about the difference between String literal and String objects. See What is the difference between string

php message displays a blank message and no output

I am trying to send a group of variables and using PDO to insert into my database, however when i run the page, i get an empty message box and nothing is happening on the page. This is how I am getting the user inputs. <div class="caption1" c

Google Maps V3: Update Markers

I have some issues with Google maps api v3. I managed to create a map where new markers are displayed when the user drag the map. However, it do not delete the past markers. I have read many tutorials and thread (especially this one: Google Maps V3:

Animate the centering of a div

How do I animate this movement so when I call the function later the item will animate? I usually use $(this).animate but not sure how to wrap this in it, since I'm calculating its position. Thanks. = function () { this.css("position

JavaScript - What is the best way to create chained features?

EDIT Here is an attempt to make my question simpler. return this.someFunc(); == return { XXX:this.someFunc() }; What do I have to put in for XXX to make this statement true? I'm trying to create a function that can be chained. Let me write some hypot

Why is this object suddenly undefined?

here is my JavaScript code: var Model = { get: function(id) { return[id]; }, data: {}, init: function() { var self = this; $.getJSON(urlToServer, function(data) { $.each(data, function(i, object) {[] = object; console.log

Pass a function as an argument in Javascript

I'm really struggling with this one - sure I'm missing something simple. Here's the code :- function webcamupdate(webcamurl) { alert("I am a function to update the webcam with the url "+webcamurl); } function countdown(callback) { alert(callback

Get the first and the last word in the element text

In JavaScript, how can I get the first and last words from an element's text? For example: <div class="content">this is a test</div>// output 'this' 'test' <p>This is another test</p>// output 'this' 'test' How can I do t

Can I submit a value and submit a form from the same hyperlink?

I am trying to create a list of links that would make up the elements of a form (will be used as a search feature). Basically, each link in the list represents a search category, so as users click on a link, their search results will be filtered. I w

jQuery - Adding elements to a table

I'm trying to add the ID's, which are the $hexcode values from the html span into an array. How do I do this with jQuery? Eventually, I'm going to need to grab these hexcode values and match them to a color index. <?php // display every color in the

Is it possible to create your own HTML element?

Is there a way to create your own HTML element? I want to make a specially designed check box. I imagine such a thing would be done in JavaScript. Something akin to document.createHTMLElement but the ability to design your own element (and tag).Yes,

Duplicate variables in JavaScript

Is there is any way/tool to detect the duplicated variables/methods names in the project JavaScript files?There is no such thing as duplicate names in Javascript. You will never get an error when re-declaring a name that already exists. To avoid over