Trying to change the imr src of a table on click using react

Im trying to change the img src getting the src from and array based on the direction of arrow that is clicked in react.js. So for example I have an array when a user clicks on the right arrow it will change the img src forward and if she clicks back

the print does not work in the browser chrome at the first time

I have some html contents and image and print the page on button click. When i print it first time the print preview page is empty and second time it is fine. Please help on why it is not print the page first time Image source is base-64 format. So,

How to explicitly disable the angular buttons

Hi I have a set of buttons as below, let Btns: Array<any> = [{ type: "submit", BtnType: "prev", label: "Previous", class: "btn-outline", icon: "kd-back", disabled: false }, { type: "submit"

`gulp-replace` replaces only some of the targets, but not all

gulp-replace isn't replacing everything that it should. I'm trying to replace <li>'s and it's only removing some of them. When I add a list item it is successfully removed but the ones in original document are not. This is even true if I copy/paste

Django submit the form without updating the page

I'm using Django-Angular and trying to post a form and obtain data in back-end..I'm able to achieve this but found that the page is reloading while saving the form. How can we achieve the same without page render? def home(request): if 'appl

ajax json error analysis

json : {"status" : 0, "err_msg": "", "list":[{"id":100, "username":"la", num:"0100000"}]} <script> $.ajax({ type : "POST", url : "myAPI", data: "

The AngularJS controller is not a function, is undefined

Hi I am brand new to angular. I'm just trying to add some hardcoded data to a table, and I'm getting 2 errors when I try to do it. 1. Uncaught ReferenceError: LookUpCtrl is not defined 2. Error: [ng:areq] Argument 'lookup.controller' is not a functio

I have a problem with the session variable in the remote server

I am a starter in PHP language. I was trying to develop a small application. For that (lets say, page 1) I was posting some data to a PHP file from the page 1 through an Ajax call.Then I want to access the same value from that PHP file in another HTM

Google jQuery user interface links do not work offline

im new to jquery, i have searched for the reason my jquery is not working after adding the <script src=""></script> I have searched this forum and the web but can,t seem

Automatic HTML / javascript popup instead of onclick?

So I got this input right now and it works as it should. But I want to create another page with the same popup, but this one should run automaticly instead of onclick. Any tips on how to get it working? <input type="submit" id="checkin&q

jQuery Datatable Modal - Add information

I'm trying to do the following. When you click on any one line, open a modal with the information of line and a ComboBox with information from another table and insert it into a new table in database. My question is, can do this via a modal? How? Tha

How can I add jQuery to my webpage using Javascript?

My AngularJS SPA web page performs WebAPI calls to a server. When a user goes to a report page then I need to load jQuery so that it can be used. Very few users need the report page so I do not want to load jQuery at the start. Can someone tell me a

JavaScript validation in form

I have tried to figure this out for ages. The JavaScript gets called but it doesn't invoke the error message. It always shows up as no error even though it should invoke an error message. All the fields shows up as green. I am pretty new at this so t

Convert the HTML table to JSON

I've created a sample application which converts html table into JSON. The problem is that the JSON is not having duplicate values also i want to remove the last two columns from the JSON. My JSON which has been generated is given below [ { "Person N

How to load a new page in the browser from an iframe?

I have a form inside of an iframe. When I click a button on the form, I want the content of the outer containing page (NOT the content of the iframe) to be replace with the specified url. If the form were not inside of an iframe this works ... <input

Returns the JSON node on a click that matches the link text

The JS below returns a list of movie titles for me after parsing JSON. Each movie title node has more attributes and values not be displayed yet. When the user clicks the movie title in the list I want it to return the other values in that node match

Twitter Bootstrap Checkbox JavaScript

I am making checkboxes/radio/toggle groups for Bootstrap, but I failed with checkboxes - can you help me to make them work? HTML: <form id="edit-accounts" class="form-horizontal" method="post"> <fieldset> <div

how to extract a chord part and ignore the number in jquery?

I have a string like foobar1, foobaz2, barbar23, nobar100 I want only foobar, foobaz, barbar, nobar and ignoring the number part.If you want to strip out things that are digits, a regex can do that for you: var s = "foobar1"; s = s.replace(/\d/g

use PHP in external JS

I have a big validation JS script. I want to put this script to be external JS. Everything works fine with this, but in the JS i use cookie to handle the my user form junctions. And besides, i use PHP in this JS. If the JS in the html, then works. Bu

better thumbnails from larger image files

I'm showing images from other websites as thumbnails. To do this I display them in a smaller img tag so the browser does the size decrease. The problem is that the quality of these images (which I have no control of) is diminished. Also they look muc