Initially hide toggle div

I am trying to initially hide MyDiv. Then it is revealed on the click with toggle functions. However, I cannot initially hide it. <button onclick="myFunction()">Click Me</button> This is my DIV element. <script>function myFunct

Read a text file in a table with OS X Javascript

I'm really struggling to find documentation on how to read a text file into an array using OS X Automation with Javascript. Here's what I have so far: var app = Application.currentApplication(); app.includeStandardAdditions = true; var myFile = "/Use

Promises: go to the next error function

This question already has an answer here: Chained promises not passing on rejection 3 answers How would you make a call to the next error function with promise chaining? I thought a return inside the error function would automatically call the next e

How to adjust the Brightcove autostart video

Hi i am used brightcove video my html page light box pop up. click image successfully popup brightcove video. my query is click thumbnail image image popup and auto play brightcove video.thanks for your feature help. Script: $(".thumb3").on('cli

Retry the request with the interceptor $ $

I'm sure there is an easy way to do what I want, I just cant wrap my head around it. How can I get the http interceptor in angular to retry a request if it fails? I imagine I would have to build some sort of promise in the request right? Then in the

Detect touch events in Chrome on Windows 8 with touchscreen

I built a touch/mouse friendly jQuery plugin. It works on phones(ios, android...) and desktops browsers. But i have some issues with Windows 8 Chrome installed on laptop with touch screen. Unfortunately i dont have such a device and cant do any tests

Phonegap (3.0.0) The camera failed on the first try

For testing purposes I copied the full example found on the phonegap camera API and I put an alert on onPhotoDataSuccess to test when the function is fired. On the first photo taken the alert will not show. However after the first attempt the alert w

JavaScript: dynamically create a table

I'm trying to dynamically create an array from another one in JavaScript. I have a string which is a mathematical literal expression like this '2a + 3b + 4a + 5c': I just want to split it into an array with only the literal part of the number (Ex. 'a

Two identical chains that are not equal

Hi I'm having trouble comparing two strings that should really be the same but when I evaluate it in alert(f==g) it evaluates to false. var oTrackCarriers = { "9045": [ ["A"], ["B"], ["C"] ], "9046": [ [&q

JavaScript reminder style - Going to the promises

I'm trying to work out how I can do my JavaScript callbacks in a different style. My current style of callback, passes the callback into the function, and the function calls the callback. For example: Function call doSomething(function(data){ console

How to prevent a web-based game from being hacked?

I need to build a web based (html/js) game where the user earns/scores points. At the end of the game, the user enters their details on a form and it, along with their score, are submitted to the server (via ajax post) to be stored in a database. The

Center a layout on higher resolutions

I'm working on a site which has some big images etc to show. On my screen, at 1024 x 768 resolution, it fits the screen completely, going from left to right. However on my client's screen, who has a bigger resolution, he sees the right part of the sc

Checking a cookie in a PHP script

Hey i still need a little bit of help with the rating system but i have a problem checking if the cookie exist this is <?php $rating = new ratings($_POST['widget_id']); isset($_POST['fetch']) ? $rating->get_ratings() : $rating->vote(); class rati

Make a button in a JavaScript file

When I made a chrome extension I made a JavaScript file (.js) & html file, and in the html file I called the .js file through this line : <script src='history.js'></script> But I want to make a button in the JavaScript file not in the html

Webanalytics tags

I'm wondering why web analytics softwares use a 1x1 gif element to send a beacon, rather than simply including a <script src=''></script> element to send the beacon and thus avoid having to actually r

execute code, then go to the interactive node

Is there a way to execute some code (in a file or from a string, doesn't really matter) before dropping into interactive mode in node.js? For example, if I create a script __preamble__.js which contains: console.log("preamble executed! poor guy!"

Addition of dynamic script must be ordered?

I'm adding some <script> tags dynamically to the head element after page load. I understand the scripts are loaded asynchronously, but can I expect them to be parsed in the order they are added? I'm seeing the expected behaviour in Firefox, but not