Number of weeks of the week between dates

Example calendar: June Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Week 1 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Week 2 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 Week 3 July And 2 dates: Start Date: 12 June End Date : 2 July How do I get the week number by passing a date? Ex: weekNum(new Date

Plot objects together in JS (es6)

I have two objects in JS: positions: { top: { top: 10, left: 10 }, bottom: { top: 10, left: 10 }, left: { top: 10, left: 10 }, right: { top: 10, left: 10 }, }, positionAdjustments: { top: { top: 0, left: 0 }, bottom: { top: 5, left: 5 }, left: { top:

How to know what causes the playback of a html video?

There is a HTML video tag. I want to know when it starts playing: Is it caused by autoplay? Is it caused by calling play() in JavaScript? Is it caused by user click on the play button? I want to deal with play event caused only by user actions (The t

How to make a loop between dates in dmy format

Here is my 2 date var startdate = '11-12-2016'; var stopdate = '13-12-2016'; I want to loop between these two dates. So, i did like this var startMedicine = new Date(startdate); var stopMedicine = new Date(stopdate); while(startMedicine <= stopMedici

Angular ng-style on the body label for different backgrounds?

I am new to angular and ngroute and am trying to use ng-style to have a different image background for each page of a website. Currently it sets the background of all the site's pages, even when I have different controller scope image urls. My html i

Get undefined when trying to pass data between component

First of all I am new in React. I have two components TagUtils and Urls. I am trying to pass router paramter from Urls to TagUtils. Here is my codes: Urls.jsx // some codes.... export default class Urls extends React.Component { render() { return ( <

Compare the elements of two tables

I have two javascript array and I need to compare them. For example, suppose I have these two arrays: var array1 = ["1", "2", "3", "4"]; var array2 = ["4", "1", "3", "2"]; The

Consultation concerning dates in jQuery-mobile

i need to add 10 days to my date picker. my code for date picker <label for="bday" style="text-align:right">Pick Date</label> <input type="date" name="bday" id="bday"> How to insert to va

Filling height using css

This is an age old question, although I wasn't able to find a solution that suited me. Given a DIV inside a table cell (TD), I want to fill the DIV's height to fit the TD +-----------+ | TD | |+---------+| || DIV || |+---------+| | | +-----------+ On

Access children's children in javascript

How do i access child nodes of a child node in javascript? I need to target the img inside of each li and get its width and height. I want to do this without using jquery. Just pure javascript. <ul id="imagesUL"> <li> <h3>title

How to make tr conditionally in knockout.js foreach binding

I would like to render dynamically rows and columns using knockout. The idea is that I would like to populate each row with some cells and dynamically add more rows if needed. lets assume that totall number of cells equals 4*number of rows, then I tr

How to create nested directories in Phonegap

I have tried this, but it didn't satisfy my request at all. I write a new one: var file_system; var fs_root; window.requestFileSystem(LocalFileSystem.PERSISTENT, 1024*1024, onInitFs, request_FS_fail); function onInitFs(fs) { file_system= fs; fs_root=

The text does not change in jQuery

I seem to be doing something wrong in the following code: When you click next, the text within the span .hiddentext should be displayed in the span .showtext on top and correspond to the right Race (Rn). For exam

Wrap all AJAX calls jQuery

I populate many parts of my website using $("#theDivToPopulate").load("/some/api/call.php", callBackToBindClickEventsToNewDiv); Where /some/api/call.php returns a built list, div, or some other HTML structure to place directly into my

jquery / javascript - Simple split () problem

if ($(".productpage .description").html() != null) { var textToHide = $('.productpage .description').html().split('<br class="breakHere">')[1]; var visibleText = $('.productpage .description').html().split('<br class="bre

save XMLHttpRequest.responseText in a variable

I'm writing a small script in JS to save the data using a php website like this: function getPopulation(id) { var xhr_object = null; if(window.XMLHttpRequest) // Firefox xhr_object = new XMLHttpRequest(); else if(window.ActiveXObject) // Internet Exp

Pickup date, add one day and return

I want to pick up date from screen, add 1 day and put back to screen. <input type='text'value='20101231' id='from_date'> <script> function date_move(direction){ var from_date = document.getElementById('from_date').value; var YYYY = from_date.s

JavaScript Add hh: mm + hh: mm to get new hh: mm

I have two javascript vars (they're coming from text boxes, so they're probably being evaluated as strings) in this format: 02:30 and 4:45 they represent hours and minutes. I want to add them together to get 07:15 but I can't figure it out.Split on t

how to implement 'break page' in epub reader

Any idea how to implement 'page break' in epub reader? .epub is nothing but HTML pages, and epub reader renders those html pages. but i wonder how some epub readers like Adobe Digital Edition implemented page break. There,when we jump to any page, yo