Nested generic casting in Java

I am facing some issues while writing an abstract bean container class. I created an interface ImyAppsBean : public interface ImyAppsBean{} Now I want to implement a sort method in my abstract container class. I would like to assume, that the instanc

Spring framework bean error

I am trying to learn Spring in java. I am stuck at the beginning when i run the fist program. i am trying to call the draw method of the Triangle class . But i am seeing many errors. In the class eclipse is showing some warning - ( Th

Java bean to JSON with some fields selected

I have Java bean: public class User { private int id; private String name; private Address address; private List<String> favoriteBooks; private List<String> favoriteFilms; //getters and setter } I want convert instance of User class into JSON

Exception in CORBA when accessing a remote bean

On Windows Server with Glassfish 4.0 and JDK 1.7_55 I getting NoClassDefFoundError and ClassNotFoundException then invoking remote bean methods. StandardWrapperValve[action]: Servlet.service() for servlet action threw exception java.lang.ClassNotFoun

How to use the class of a jar file in a JSP page?

This question already has an answer here: ClassNotFoundException when using User Libraries in Eclipse build path 2 answers I am getting problem while I am trying to use a class from my jar file. It is working fine when I am using as a package. Extra

Organize the import in Eclipse

Making my first WSDL project from scratch, I've faced some discomfort using Eclipse. After generating Java beans skeleton, Eclipse placed paths to Java classes in generated files: package com.examples.www.wsdl.HelloService_wsdl; public class HelloWor

Spring 3 & mdash; NoSuchBeanDefinitionException

I have the following code in a custom tag. public void doTag() throws JspException, IOException { PageContext pageContext = (PageContext) getJspContext(); ApplicationContext applicationContext = WebApplicationContextUtils .getRequiredWebApplicationCo

Java Beans with request and session field

I want to create a web app which makes it possible to add friends into a list. For this reason I use JSF and Java Beans but now I have some serious problems. First of all I created a friend class: package at.fhjoanneum.ima11.listoffriendsjsf; import

if the condition in jsp does not work

I am using the following if condition but it does not work. When the jsp page is loaded the output will be shown without checking the condition. The code is expect to receive the values of a form put them in obj property and send them to Xclass when

JSF can not display the data in the table

I have this managed bean which takes two values from database's table import; import javax.enterprise.context.SessionScoped; // or import javax.faces.bean.SessionScoped; import javax.inject.Named; /* include SQL Packages */ impor

how to print javabean resultset data in jsp?

her is my test jsp code and javabean db function code: jsp: <% conn.init(); ResultSet rs = conn.selectProductById (request.getParameter("pid")); while ( { System.out.println(rs.getString("pid")); } } %> javabean: public

How to get lists of beans in action from JSP?

I am using Struts 2 and Eclipse to create an application. I have a bean class for Currency Exchange Rate (with properties "currency", "description", "rate"). I get a list of data using a DAO and show it in JSP using <s:ite

Spring: The autowired field is null

I need to wire external lib class to my bean,in order to use it as singleton. .xml config: <bean id="myBean" class=""> <property name="someLib" value="com.ExternalBean" /> </bean> java

object creation in the spring

If I am using spring frame work in my application does creating an object like this Test test = new Test() a bad way for creating an instance? Should I always use the bean config to get the objects/bean that I need? If yes, does that means I should h

Access Spring beans from filters and servlet tags

I can access Spring beans in my Servlets using WebApplicationContext springContext = WebApplicationContextUtils.getWebApplicationContext(getServletContext()); in the Servlet's init method. I was wondering is there an equivalent of the WebApplicationC

Monitor changes to a collection

Say you have the following java bean: public class MyBean { private List<String> names = new ArrayList<String>(); public void addName(String name) { names.add(name); fireNamesPropertyChange(name); } } How would you normally implement a propert