Recurrence and if-else statement

I am new to programming. I am trying to use recursion and if-else statement only to print the 99 beers lyrics. Here is my code. How can I make it better to print the lyrics well. The method countdown prints the lyrics while countdownB should print th

Know the amount of serializable objects from the file

I am reading objects from a file using Serializable: public ArrayList<Object> deserialzePerson(String filename) { Object obj = null; ObjectInputStream ois; try { ois = new ObjectInputStream(new FileInputStream(filename)); for (int i = 0; i < 100;

HTTPS via an HTTP proxy

I have service which works like a proxy, you can get web pages through it. For example via telnet GET HTTP/1.1 Host: But if I want download https page I should do the following GET HTTP/1.1 Host: exa

[Android] How to load the SWF file on Android (API 23)

I want to load swf file in Android , but it seems that Android don't support swf. I google it,and most of developers suggest to use webview: WebSettings settings = webview.getSettings(); settings.setPluginsEnabled(true); webView.getSettings().setPlug

to import examples encog in eclipse

I am trying to import encog example into eclipse. encog is basically a java library to implement neural network and another machine learning algorithm but I am keep getting the error: Description Resource Path Location Type Project 'encog-examples' i

The png service of the Java servlet is not displayed

I want to upload a html canvas to a java servlet and return the canvas data as a png image. My problem is that the response from the servlet is not correct and therefor not rendered as an image. Saving the file on disk works fine though. What am I do

Access Class methods without prefix with class

In a program like: package testing; import MarcoLib.Mouse; import MarcoLib.Timings; public class Testing { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { Mouse.pressMouse(1); } } Is there a way to call Mouse.

Android: XML conversion android: Java program code background

This question already has an answer here: Programmatically create textview background from drawable in android 2 answers I have created a RelativeLayout in an XML that contains a TextView like this: <TextView android:id="@+id/textView5" andro

Loop in a binary tree represented as an adjacency list

I attained an interview where I was asked a question as below: You are given with parent -----> child relationships i.e. N1 ---> N2 where N1 is the parent of N2. This is nothing but representing a binary tree in adjacency list form. So I had to find

AsyncTask optimization concerning the internal list

People , I have an async task which downloads some news items using a webservice . Here is the psuedo for that . I have an operation that i perform in an asynctask . It downloads some news from a webservice . AsyncTask { AsyncTask(Context context){}

Create a WAR file with a version that uses ANT

I have a problem trying to build a WAR file with a version number. This is my jboss.home=D\:\java\jboss-as-7.1.1.Final version=2.0 And this is part of my ANT task <project name="AS2-jBoss7" basedir="../" default=&qu

JPA EntityManager and JavaFx

This question already has an answer here: Can't create a EntityManager in JavaFx 1 answer I tried to use EntityManager in a JavaFx application in NetBeans (my solution is connected to postgres), I proceeded as follows : 1) I created a Persistence Uni

How to get a return value from a Java class on UNIX

Please suggest a way to get the return String from my class in UNIX. This is my sample class: package com.mytest.package.main; public class DateExtractor { public static String getDate() { return "20120924"; } public static void main (String[] a

How can I get the .class value of a class array?

Let's say I have an object called thisObject, which may be an int, String, Object, etc., or an array of such classes. I would like the resulting class to be stored in a Class variable called thisObjectArrayClass. This won't compile, but will hopefull

Android - split when a line break in String? (Paragraphs)

I am currently retrieving some information from a text file (.txt) that contains some paragraphs. When I retrieve the String from the text file I want to split it so that I each paragraph is in a String object. Here is the text I get from the text fi

Creating tables in the Oracle database by JDBC

I have problem with creating tables by JDBC controller on Oracle database. When I create table by "creata table...." is ok. Table create and I see that table by SQL Developer. I have method to check if table with that name exist - and it works g

SSL java and keystore cert

How does my java program know where my keystore containing the certificate is? Or alternatively how do I tell my java program where to look for the keystore? After specifying the keystore in some way, how to specify the certificate to use for authent

Hide a windowed application launched by a Java application?

I am working on a Java application which has to launch a different application. If I launch the second application using Runtime.getRuntime().exec(), it becomes the active process and its window comes before my application's window. What I really wan

How to read MANIFEST.MF inside the WAR application?

I would like to read MANIFEST.MF of my WAR application. How can I find its file name?How can I find its file name? You already have it. Maybe you meant to find the absolute file location? You can use ServletContext#getRealPath() for this. String rela

How to provide business logic in the spring in a remote server?

Using Spring as Framework, if i need provide business logic's service to either JSP/Servlets(on Web Servers) or to Application desktop client or Mobile clients, the only way to accomplish the logic business(without EJB) in a remote server is through

Native JDK code for copying files

Is there a native JDK code to copy files(buffers, streams, or whatever)?If by "native" you mean "part of the Java standard API" (rather than platform-dependant code, which is usually called "native" in the Java world) and by

Calling the client web service over SSL using Apache Axis

I'm using Apache Axis 1.5.1 to code a web service client connecting to a service over SSL. My application is running in Tomcat with SSL configuration setup in JKS. However, when I connect to the server, the connection is failing because the cert from

How to pass a parameter to a servlet

How do I pass a parameter from a page's useBean in JSP to a servlet in Java? I have some data in a form that gets passed no problem with a submit button, but no way to send anything else. Please help? Here is my code: <input name = "deleteGameButt