Jackson json to the mapping of java objects

If I pass a JSON like `{ "entity":{ "name":"xyz", "age":21 } }` Then , is it compulsory that my POJO should have both "name" and "age" instance variables. I mean, if I have only "name"

How ZXING Barcode Scanner not full screen only half screen

I want create application Scan Barcode using ZXING Barcode Scanner Like Blackberry Messenger This is my code "MainActivity.java" package com.example.ridwan.myapplication; import android.app.Activity; import android.content.Intent; import android

How to pass parameters to a subreport

This question already has an answer here: Passing parameters from main report to subreport in Jasper 3 answers I've created master report and I am adding a subreport which uses "Web Service DataSource" according the documentation. I am strugglin

Simple AES encryption in Java

This is my first project in Java and I decided to make a simple text encryptor using AES. The error I am getting is: The method init(int, Key) in the type Cipher is not applicable for the arguments (int, byte[]) Code: import java.nio.file.Files; impo

Table with consecutive numbers - Algorithm

I am trying to answer the following question: given a sorted array with some sequenced numbers and some non-sequenced numbers, write an algorithm that obtains a pair {start, end} for each group of consecutive numbers. Consecutive numbers have differe

Can there be a faster algorithm than a linear search?

I have heard that there is no faster algorithm faster than linear search (for an unsorted array), but, when I run this algorithm (linear): public static void search(int[] arr, int value){ for(int i = 0; i < arr.length; i++){ if(arr[i] == value) retur

Store random integers in a table

package selectionsortintro; public class SelectionSortIntro { public static void main(String[] args) { int nums[] = { 22, 30, 15, 1, 7, 87, 65, 24, 22, 0 }; // print out unsorted list for (int count = 0; count < nums.length; count++) { System.out.pri

summarize the values ​​and store them in a table

I have the following results after multiplying the 2d array with the array. 76,0,38,7,32,0,16,18,32,0,16,18,0,0,0,19,16,0,8,23,76,0,38,25 now I want to add the value 2 by 2 and store it in another array(results[]) so it goes like 76 + 0 = 76(results[

How to cut a container into a bufferedImage image?

Is there any implementation available in Java to get buffered images from a container Eg: consider a JScrollpane, I will set the buffered Image size as 100*100, if the size of the scroll pane is 1000*100, I should get 10 buffered images, each buffere

Import a package. * Or Import a package.class_name

This question already has an answer here: Why is using a wild card with a Java import statement bad? 12 answers Are there any performance advantages or disadvantages to using either? I notice in eclipse whenever I need to import something due to a cl

Mockito - Creating Nested Nested Objects

I'm learning Mockito. I am facing problem while creating mock for nested objects. See public interface BaseManager { public Query createQuery(String queryString); } and an implementation class for that public class BaseManagerImpl implements BaseMana

How to add values ​​to a text file

tonight I am working on homework dealing with Arrays! I thought this was going to be simple...and it probably is but I am lost. for my assignment, I am having a program read a text file that has a bunch of integer values that represent the amount of

Cut the numbers at the end of String

I want to trim the last occurring numeric characters from the String Eg: "abc123" => "abc" "abc12xyz34" => "abc12xyz" Written below snippet to extract it. Just want to explore if this can be done by regex priv

discontinued method of Thread class in Java

I have this bit of code: public void run() { System.out.println("ciao"); try{ throw new InterruptedException(); }catch(InterruptedException ie){ //catch will clear the interrupted status Thread.currentThread().interrupt();}//it will set back the

Ajax error while running jQuery getJSON

I'm running this getJSON async call in jQuery to get the data back into and then out of my Java code. For whatever reason I continually get the error: "Ajax Error: Error invoking generateSearchQuery([object Object])" I've debugged both the jQuer

java object comparison list

I am having List<Student> stud1 = new ArrayList<Student>(); and List<Student> stud2 = new ArrayList<Student>(); And Student class is having members like name, address. What i have to do is , I have to list the Student from stud1 (i

Generate a random value 1 / x

In java when i want to generate a gaussien value, i use directly Random r = new Random(); r.nextGaussian(); but now i want to generate a value with 1/x probability instead Gauss ! in my solution, i must create a randomly values but these values begin

Android layout issues with TextView and ImageView

I just started coding a new application for Android and stumble over a warning. This tag and its children can be replaced by one and a compound drawable Another problem I have is the image placed on the right side. How can I do this without having tr

Return the number in text format

Possible Duplicate: How can I convert an integer into its verbal representation? I am looking for some solution to return a number as text. By that I mean that 100 should be returned as 'one hundred' It is more or less just a tidious task to make suc

How to make JTable click on unselected drag instead of select

If you have JTable set with table.setSelectionMode(ListSelectionModel.MULTIPLE_INTERVAL_SELECTION) and then you click drag on a row that is not already selected, it starts selecting multiple rows. We don't want that behavior. We want it so if you cli

Run more than 2 threads inside a class

I've got a class which starts a new thread by calling public void omnom(){ t = new Thread(this, "My Thread"); t.start(); } The new thread then runs inside the run() method. So I have two threads working fine but how would I add a third? I'd like

Do you use Java annotations?

Possible Duplicates: How and where are Annotations used in Java? Java beans, annotations: What do they do? How do they help me? Over and over, I read about Java 5's annotations being an 'advanced feature' of the language. Until recently, I haven't mu