How can I make a separate class for a fireball in my code?

My code currently works, with that said I would like to make a separate class for the fire ball. I don't know how to do this and i cant find any examples I am just looking for help on deriving a separate class so that my main code is not so large. He

The Java thread executor never stops?

I've following code that puts some data into a blocking queue, and submits thread tasks to Java executor service based on a fixed thread pool. When I attempt to shutdown the executor though it doesn't shut down, any idea please? import java.util.conc

Java - Writing video and audio at the same time to FFmpeg

Hello fellow developers, I'm currently developing a tool which can render videos by executing FFmpeg using a Java Process and feeding video frames to it. I currently use the following FFmpeg command: ffmpeg -y -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb24 -s %WIDTH%x%H

An exception occurred while connecting Java to Oracle 10g

My code is as below. java.sql.DriverManager.registerDriver(new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver()); java.sql.Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe", "ims", "_ims"); The exception occur

ajax does not work by returning a string value

I have written following jquery code in one of my Java project. $(document).ready(function(){ $('#searchBid').click(function(){ alert("reached ajax"); $.ajax({ url: "/fetchbookingnumber", data: {id:$('#conBid').val()}, timeout: 10000,

Java println method from another class

I'm having a bit of a problem with a method from another class The method i want to is: /** * Prints out information about the owner */ public void printOwnerInfo() { System.out.println("Information about the owner of the forest");

Java return return missing

This question already has an answer here: "Missing return statement" within if / for / while 10 answers I have the following code class dog{ String name; int barksLeft; int bark(int howManyTimes){ while(howManyTimes >3){ System.out.println(&q

I am not able to parse the Java string long

protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { // TODO Auto-generated method stub Transactions trans=new Transactions(); System.out.println(request.getParameter("assetid"));

Java - Index an interface?

This is probably a really stupid question, so please forgive me. But this morning, I've come across a piece of Java syntax that I am completely unfamiliar with. The syntax is as follows: public MyInterface[] getThings() { return new MyInterface[0]; }

relative file path does not work in Java

After reading that is it possible to create a relative filepath name using "../" I tried it out. I have a relative path for a file set like this: String dir = ".." + File.separator + "web" + File.separator + "main";

How to use like clause in MySQL 5.0 Statement

I have a problem using 'like' clause in MySQL 5.0 I have written a stored procedure in MySQL 5.0 and calling the Stored Procedure from my Java Program the stored procedure below in the select statement i want to take the value of parameter department

Java method convention

There was a basic question I always had in mind. Maybe its too trivial to ask - but I decided to get an opinion anyways. Heres a sample code: class seventeenth{ public static void appendtolist(List<Integer> i){ i.add(new Random().nextInt(1000)); i.a

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Does Not Start with NewRelic Agent

I'm running an Adobe Coldfusion 9 server with IIS on a Windows Server 2003 box, but when I installed the New Relic agent per the instructions now the ColdFusion service refuses to start. The coldfusion-out.log contains the following: Feb 18, 2013 23:

How to properly remove Java packages under SVN control?

I hava a Java project and am using Eclipse (Indigo) with the Subversive SVN plugin. I have successfully setup a remote SVN server that I'm using for the project repo. I recently decided that I no longer needed a package that had a few unused classes

how to display the text label on buttonField blackberry

Im new to blackberry development. Im trying to put text over a Button but its not working at all. There should be an easy solution but i'm unable to find it. Here's the code im using public class ProgramListView extends VerticalFieldManager{ private

How to convert an image to hexstring using JAVA (1.5)?

I've been struggling with this for some time, and since I'm originally not a programmer, I'd appreciate any help.Here's the situation: 1. I have an image file on the file system, as well as converted to byteArrayOutputStream and to a ByteArray.(curre

Pass a servlet value to html

This question already has an answer here: Generate an HTML Response in a Java Servlet 2 answers I have a servlet that processes some content from the web and generates a String value. I need to display this String value in a html page within a table

How to assign a value to the byte array

byte abc[]=""; This is giving an error. Please, tell me correct the method.If you're trying to assign hard-coded values, you can use: byte[] bytes = { (byte) 204, 29, (byte) 207, (byte) 217 }; Note the cast because Java bytes are s

Automatic casting

I have to write program that gets a number n from the user, and then calculates the sum: s = 1/1 + 1/2 + ... + 1/n. I wrote this code: import java.util.Scanner; public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner unos = new Scanner(S

Java contextual trigger in Linux

I have an application in which you can do a right mouse button press and drag (as well as a left press and drag for different operations). However, when running this on linux, it seems that popup menus are triggered by a mousePressed and not a mouseR

Java EE without application server

Since EJB 3 we have embeddable EJB containers, JPA implementations can be used without an application server, there is Weld for contexts and dependency injection and so on. Since on many systems is only Tomcat available, I wonder, if Java EE could be

ArrayList to Table in JSP

I have an ArrayList and i am trying to display it in a table ..... ArrayList rows = .... ..... <table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="4" border="3"> <tr> <TH> Heading1 </TH> <TH> Heading2 </TH>

Adding LDAP Entries Using JNDI

I am trying to add an entry to an LDAP server using JNDI. I could successfully read the entries from the LDAP server. But when I try to add a new entry I am getting the errors. I checked various ways but I failed. private String getUserAttribs (Strin