Android Refresh RecyclerView Inside Custom Adapter

I have a recycler view using a custom adapter. I have a button on the custom adapter to delete a row from the database when clicked. This works fine but I now want the view to update from the server and present the user with the row they deleted gone

Android API 21 Async GET application does not work

I've implemented an Android app, and have not had any issues so far. But getting an async GET request to work has taken me about 3 days, and still no progress. I tried using the Android documentations and wrote some code.. no result And then I tried

How to declare ArrayList? (Expected identifier)

I am busy building a basic chat app in Android using a tutorial I found online. I copied the code that they use in the example and have had no problems up to this point. Now I am getting the following error: C:\Users\Brian\AndroidStudioProjects\ChatA

I / O time when playing HDFS in Hadoop

I would like to measure the time taken for map and reduce when performing I/O (reading from HDFS) in Hadoop. I am using Yarn. Hadoop 2.6.0. What are the options for that?If you need exact measurments - you could use btrace, add it as a javaagent to y

convert list to map

I have below list, i want to convert list to map. SurveyAllocationUsers user1 = new SurveyAllocationUsers(); user1.setSurveyorId("1"); user1.setSurveyorTypeCode("LSR"); SurveyAllocationUsers user2 = new SurveyAllocationUsers(); user2.s

What is the JPA CriteriaBuilder way to filter on Sub Classes?

JPA 2.0 provided a means to filter by subclass using the JPQL expressions TYPE, for example : SELECT e FROM entity e WHERE TYPE(e) = :entityType where parameter entityType would be the value of the discriminator column. What is the recommended way fo

Try the catch block with an if statement

So I got some problems implementing a try catch block in my program. It's quite simple, all I want is to throw an exception whenever the user enters a 0 or less into my dialog window. Here is my code: try{ if (this.sides <= 0); } catch (NegativeSides

guessing game number java

I'm writing a java code that asks the user to guess the computer's random number, which I have fine, however, what I would like to do is have a message that corresponds to the number of guesses it took the user. For example if the user guessed the ra

java.lang.T: can not find this type

I was hovering over the method asList() in class java.util.Arrays when I suddenly hovered over the following(as shown in the screenshot) The javadoc showed the type java.util.T extends java.lang.Object but I couldn't find the class definition of T in

object help class diagram save to jpeg

I've just created a class diagram of my code and I'd like to export it to an external jpeg or other img format to put in a report. However, I can't see how to do this. Can anyone tell me where ? I've tried right click on it -> export but there are no

Cloudera Hadoop 500 Error

I am using Cent os-6 and using cloudera cdh4.7. When I try to browse the file system from the browser using the proxt I am getting the following error that is given below: HTTP ERROR 500 Problem accessing /nn_browsedfsconten

How to remove certain characters from Strings in Java

So i am trying to make a plugin for the Bukkit API for Minecraft and i am having this problem with Strings were i can not remove a certain part of the String, If you could help it would be much appreciated. So the problem is occurs when i use the lin

Different results analyzing the same JSON

I'm having a hard time figuring out what's causing my problem. So, I'm trying to get two groups of strings from a JSON and show them on a listview. When I test the app for the first time, it's great. Everything works as expected. But when I close, an

Compiling / Running Java Files in Terminal

I'm attempting to run a file that calls multiple files, but I'm getting some errors. Inside the current directory called day4Measurement, I have 13 files:,,, BuggyMeasurement03.jav

How to connect to php parser in the NetBar platform

I am writing a code completion plugin for a PHP library in Java / Netbeans Platform. I need to find a way to obtain a reference to one of the PHP modules so I can interpret part of the source, anyone experience with this kind of problem? How do I obt

Checking values ​​in a boolean array (Java)

I am having som slight difficulties with the following problem. I have initialized a boolean array called numberArray with 31 indexes. The user is supposed to enter 5 digits between 1 and 30, and each time a digit is entered, the program is supposed

getFont () method

I just wanted to ask a question about the getFont() method, which is in java.awt.Font. I don't understand why the getStyle() is undefined for type string, although it actually should work with strings. In API it says it takes an integer as argument.

Java NTLM V2 SSO servlet filter

I need to use NTLM V2 SSO for a web application deployed on Tomcat 6 (Redhat Linux). I know of the JCifs library but it's NTLM filter supports only NTLM V1 and not V2. They recommend JESPA as an alternative but I would rather have an open source solu

Eclipse 3.6 crashes frequently during Content Assist

Has anyone ever solved this issue? The auto complete stalls so frequently and for so long, I quit using it altogether. I've only seen one other post for this and the answer did not help. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.I've had success with

Finding a String Pattern Using an Index

Can someone tell me why this is an infinte loop? private void splitBody() { bodyparts=new Vector(); String body = "<br />testtestest<br />fefefefefefefefefef<br />qqqqqqqqqqqq"; int previousIndex=0; while(body.indexOf("<

Adding n hours to a date in Java?

How do I add n hours to a Date object? I found another example using days on StackOverflow, but still don't understand how to do it with hours.Check Calendar class. It has add method (and some others) to allow time manipulation. Something like this s

Java, sockets, BufferedReader, and readline hang & hellip; :(

I'm not a Java programmer at all. I try to avoid it at all costs actually, but it is required that I use it for a class (in the school sense). The teacher requires that we use Socket(), BufferedReader(), PrintWriter() and various other things includi

Is there a default implementation of JList?

Is there a way to make a lazy loading with Swing JList ?In a way, yes. You can create a custom ListModel which uses the getElementAt(int index) method to load the correct value if it hasn't already been loaded. See the example in the Javadocs for JLi

Is there a tool for generating Web pages based on Java beans?

Is there a tool that will take you java beans (pojos) and automatically make them a form for a webpage? To be more clear I have a bunch of Jaxb objects that I want to be able to display in a form without having to code a bunch of html. Is there a too

Java annotations for design templates?

Is there a project that maintains annotations for patterns? For example, when I write a builder, I want to mark it with @Builder. Annotating in this way immediately provides a clear idea of what the code implements. Also, the Javadoc of the @Builder