How to open the ssl socket in an already open SSL session

I have HttpsURLConnection opened. How can i "connect" my ssl socket to this connection, means not to do another ssl handshake and don't change my ciphers. URL url = new URL (""); HttpsURLConnection connection =

Android | DexClassLoader, ClassNotFound Exception

So i'm trying to load a class that i wrote from my application, but im receiving ClassNotFound exception. class: public class myclass{ public String doSomething() { return "Hello from myclass"; } } I than creates a jar file using the following c

[Java] read & amp; process file

This question already has an answer here: How to split a string in Java 28 answers I need to write a method to read and write an ArrayList to a file. I already got the write method: public void saveToFile(String file, ArrayList<Student> arrayList) t

when to write a class as a generic class

I have class lets say Class Rectange{ int height; int side; } what all are the cases in which I can make this class as generic? How to identify that we want to write a generic class? Probably a practical example will be good. Update what are the use

Using the enhanced loop with a lower wildcard

I have this for loop: for (int j = 0; j < list.size(); j++) { System.out.print(list.get(j) + " "); } the signature of the method is: public static void addNumbers(List<? super Number> anoList) the list is declared as: static List<? s

Android ListView CHOICE_MODE_SINGLE will not be set

Here's an app that targets Android 4.1+. I want an active state on the listview. I am using code in other apps that I hae where this worked properly. Not sure what the difference is here (except for API version is higher). I have this Java: DrawerAda

asterisk letter fake java alignment

When I view list item with a text aligned to right in Arabic language, wrong formatting occurs. In all Arabic statements, it works fine. [arWord].25.3 but only when the text is * it looks like this. Result : .22.1.* CODE: arabicFormat = String.format

Get the size of a generic array

I've got a generic array like this: T[] array; array = (T[]) new Object[capacity]; and I want to get the size of it later on (it changes). I've tried array.size(), but it throws an error saying Error: Cannot invoke size() on the array type T[]. I've

On services, Daos and entre - a beginner's dilemma

I'm pretty new to layered architecture, + spring + hibernate after reading some guides on how the class hierarchy is supposed to be - i came up with this structure: public interface GenericDAO { public <T> T getItemById(long id, Class<T> c); p

Using instructions prepared using Java competition

I have an application that processes lots of data in files and puts this data into a database. It has been single threaded; so I create a database connection, create prepared statements on that connection, and then reuse these statements while proces

Converting radio button selections to data

In my Java "restaurant menu" GUI application for my class we have to allow users to select their food from a menu then order it. Right now you can select from a few different foods on radio buttons. I was wondering if there's a standard way to t

What is the problem with my code? NullPointerException

What is wrong with the below code? It will throw NullPointerException while execution time. public class Test { public String method1() { return null; } public Integer method2() { return null; } public static void main(String args[])throws Exception

How to finish TimerThread in Timer

When I read the source code of java.util.Timer , I found that java.util.Timer is implemented by a TimerThread and a TaskQueue It is said that java.util.Timer can be cancelled by java.util.Timer.cancel(), But when I call java.util.Timer.cancel() I fou

How to set the date as type date in Excel with apache poi?

I am using apache poi 3.8 to create an excel file. This excel file needs to contain some dates. I am trying to write a date to the excel file with as format the excel type "date". But i always get a type "custom". I need to use the the

android: how to choose random attributes

I have a simple program to draw simple shapes by canvas. private class MyViewCircle extends View { public MyViewCircle(Context context) { super(context); // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub } @Override protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas) { // TO

Base type vs. base class

Ok, so this question will probably get closed, but hell, its 4:30 in the morning and I can't sleep because I'm still frustrated with my Java midterm last night. The test was an on-line thing and you get to see how you did immediately. The test was po

Uncontrolled Cast Generics

In my code I have private E[] arrCirc; and in my constructor I have arrCirc = (E[]) new Object[capacity]; but when I try to compile it I get an warning: [unchecked] unchecked cast found : java.lang.Object required: E[] Error and I'm not sure why. pub

Polymorphism with Objectify

I am trying to use Objectify with a set of classes that inherit from an abstract base class: class Container { @Id Long id; @Embedded Set<MyAbstract> children = new HashSet<MyAbstract>(); } @Entity abstract class MyAbstract { @Id Long id; } @S

String conversion [] to a comma separated string.

I have a string array which i need to parse it to long variable. The string array contains values as ["9", "8"] etc. I want to convert this to "(9,8)" (I am using it in the "IN" clause of an SQL statement). What is

Is it a good idea to start a thread from its own constructor?

This question already has an answer here: Java: starting a new thread in a constructor 2 answers Can we call thread_object.start() from within a constructor of this same object? Is this approach a good idea ?You can do that, but it is considered as b

How can I create a static method in Objective-C?

In Java, I may have a class, for example, Utility and I have a static method called changeToCapitalLetter, so I can do something like this: Utility.changeToCapitalLetter(myString); How can I do the similar thing in Objective C? Thanks a lotIn Objecti

Replacing the basic arrow button class in Java

The BasicArrowButton is a class is part of the Java SE. The BasicArrowButton Displays a Single Arrow Head in a specified direction. I want to override the class, preserving the existing methods but having the Basic Arrow Button display a double arrow