Java for loop i ++ as a string

Let's say we have a for loop for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { ... } What format is the i++ in? I have a String increment = "i++" which tells me how much to increment i by. But when I just directly try and put the increment string as an increment

OnTouchEvent for RecylerView AND its elements

Briefly to say, I have a RecyclerView (a ViewGroup) which should response to TouchEvent, while I also suppose that its item can response individually to TouchEvent. However, that seems to be impossible for me. For example, if I make both in onTouchEv

I need help to put functions on Java GUIs

I'm a student that's new to Java programming since we used C in our previous courses. I recently learned how to make GUIs using the builder design in Netbeans and Eclipse, however i still don't know how to put functions on each of the buttons and fie

Making the switch statement in the method loop

void menu(){ System.out.println("1. Take Quiz"); System.out.println("2. Quiz Results"); System.out.println("3. Performance Comment"); System.out.println("4. Exit"); System.out.print("Choose from the above:"

Draws an arc from a starting point, an end point, and a radius

I'm looking to get a point list of n points on an arc; I will know the start point, end point and radius. The user would be building an arc with 3 mouse clicks, the first two to define the start and the end and the third to would set the size of the

AndroidManifest.xml does not compile correctly

I am having an issue with the Android Manifest file. I am following an example online, and as usual, the code has errors in it. I have fix all the java related errors but the Android Manifest file has a couple that I am not to familiar with. Here is

Android Eclipse - The buttons only open one after the other

I'm having a rather strange issue that I just can't solve. I'm teaching myself Android Eclipse and I've created a very simple looking app with three buttons, 1)Facebook 2)LinkedIn and 3)Favourite Band. However, when I open the app on my phone, I can

Most common Java code / style guide

I've seen several questions on SO asking about the best coding conventions for Java, such as here and here, but questions tend to focus on the most official Java coding conventions, rather than what the most used Java coding convention is. I think th

Getting exception while Deserializing the object ( LinkedHashMap > ). (was java.lang.NullPointerException) (through reference chain: java.util.LinkedHashMap["da0a11ef-7ced-4840-b7f8-2e7f4e8f7816"

How do I configure a listener from another class?

public class ClassOne implements MessageReceivedListener { @Override public void onMessageReceived(Message m) { // TODO etc } } Inside ClassOne I can say foo.setOnMessageReceivedListener(this); If I had another class called ClassTwo, how can I set it

Analysis of co-occurrence of large-scale documents

I have about 1000 files. Each of which contains about 20,000 documents. I also have a list of about 1,000,000 words. I want to calculate how many time each word occurs with any other words. So, there is a sparse matrix of size 1M X 1M. To speed up co

Convert Zip to Store Compression

I have a zip file that is compressed. Is there a way to change the compression level of the file to store (no compression). I have written and tried the following code and it works, but I will be running this in an environment where memory a

International Resources

In my international resources, the code is : post_badge_format = You've earned the "{0}" badge for {1}. In my java code: String messageContent = MessageFormat.format(messageType, paramValues); The expected value of messageContent should like thi

DefaultHttpClient AsyncTask class time exceptions

This is my AsyncTask class: public class JSONParser extends AsyncTask { public interface MyCallbackInterface { public void onRequestComplete(JSONObject result); } private MyCallbackInterface mCallback; public JSONParser(MyCallbackInterface callback)

JPanel larger than the Scrollpane

I have implemented a dialog in which I add a number of checkboxes in a JPanel that also has a scroll bar. The number of check boxes isn't fixed for each run of my program but I know it before I create the dialog. Unfortunately when I have a large num

Parameter Swing Java Size JPanel

Could anyone point out where I am going wrong with this java swing gui code. I am trying to add two buttons to a JPanel and then add it into a frame after setting the size but it seems to not be responding to the setSize values passed to it public Te

Using the Swing Toolbox to Create a Java GUI

I'm about to start a project where I will be building a road network simulator. The program will in terms of the GUI, be in 2D so basically a top down view of roads with simple moving cars etc. I do have some experience with Swing , and I've used it

Hibernate Sets and Several Several Index Column Problems

all. I had the following code. @ManyToMany(targetEntity =, cascade = CascadeType.ALL, fetch = FetchType.EAGER) @JoinTable(name = "REP_DSGN_SEC_GRP_LNK", joinColumns = {@JoinColumn(name = "

JAVA: PBEKeySpec with byte array argument instead of ASCII

I would like to know if there is a way to use PBEKeySpec with a byte array argument. Please find a link to the documentation below: below is my solution: I got it googl

Current status of BufferedImage vs VolatileImage

What is the current best practices when it comes to implementing fast image drawing to a window? I'm talking about something very bare-bones, say a single JFrame with a 2-buffer buffer strategy. What is the (current) fastest way to do this? I've read

Test if it's JSONObject or JSONArray

I have a json stream which can be something like : {"intervention": { "id":"3", "subject":"dddd", "details":"dddd", "beginDate":"2012-03-08T00:00:00+01:00", "en

Auto-adjustable text size based on available room

Im trying to do the following: Given a max dimensions (for example 400x400). Make a text whose size varies to fill the space. For example if the desired text is "A" it will have a high textSize value, but if I put a long sentence its textSize sh


I have some basic questions about HTTPS POST using java. I don't have experience in writing SSL connections. I will be using JBoss to deploy. Will sharing my servlet name suffice for the HTTPS request to reach my servlet? How will I process a HTTPS r

Java Sync Survey

Here's some code I saw once. Can you see what's wrong with it? [updated] public class ResourceManager1 { private final String mutex = ""; Object resource = null; public Object getResource() { synchronized (mutex) { if (resource == null) { resour